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Most Machiavellic Empire: Fine-tuned in less than 2 centuries

And this empire doesn’t give a shit of world opinions and nations’ recriminations

The US market for all kinds of drugs is the most lucrative for drug warlords. Most of those warlords are created and  tacitly supported by the US institutions, including mercenaries. Those who step outside the bound of control are eliminated.

That these wars for drugs and “on drugs” leave behind thousands of prematurely dead youth is Not the concern of this empire.

This evil empire has been printing worthless dollars since early 70’s, and it doesn’t care. As long as the world finance and transactions must pass by the US banking system, the US can keep accumulating its tremendous sovereign debt indefinitely, by dozens of $trillions.

In fact, all nations are subjected to foreign debt and are unable to pay-off any significant portion, except the interest. Add all these sovereign debt of all the nations and they don’t come close to the US knees in debt.

Most of laundered money are controlled by the US banking system, as well as the off-shore safe heavens.

No need to accumulate sophisticated financial levels of anonymity and mystery: Within an hour, the US banking system, where all transactions pass, can uncover the mystery and play the game of cat and mouse.

All nations contribute to the World Bank and International Monetary fund that are totally in control by the USA. And the US claims without shame that it is lending nations under its control from its own money, money from people’s pockets

No serious US high official, known for crimes against humanity,  has ever been put on trial. The only ones occasionally put on trial are the minor officials for local politics, which no one outside the US care about. The seriously damaging officials to the political system are eliminated, cases closed promptly and don’t receive any cover stories.

The Democrats and Republicans have weaved a system of sharing nominal power through a weird and complicated election law: They kind of co-jointly rule, a shadow government under the umbrella of multinationals.

Many intellectuals (semi-professionals) voluntarily spread the US capitalist system and defend the sweatshop factories spreading around the world.

They claim that globalization cannot be labelled good or bad, simply because it is an ineluctable reality. A totally crappy conclusion that is disseminate to fool us into submission.

Or “communication and technology are “Neutral” because they refuse to admit that everything is political.

Or your only alternative in challenging globalization is to learn to navigate the strong wind of globalization in order to reach safe ports. Only superpower China managed to navigate in this wind for some duration. Colonial Europe had to submit to US dictate. Any challenger has to consider serious sanctions and be crushed. And covered up by UN resolutions.

Miles upon miles of labyrinths of stockpiled weapons and ammunitions, many dating back from WWII, are outdated. And more outdated weapons are continuously stocked in warehouses that no rats or roaches ever managed to backtrack, with scent or other animal means.

$Trillions worth of weapons of all kinds, including ballistic missiles, are stored and no documents for accounting are retrievable.

Sooner or later, if push comes to shove, and any administration insists on a tiny accounting of the military, the residents around these humongous warehouse will be evacuated under lame excuses in order to blow up these stockpiles. No material evidence, no documents… Case of accounting closed, and the same cycle will resume for decades

Syria was respected by the US for having managed to stay debt free for 3 decades. Colonial Europe hated Syria for its financial autonomy. This financial independence was too much to bear, and Syria was to pay the heavy price and be broken and chattered.

What other empire disbanded an entire army overnight with a simple letter? Since then, Iraq has suffered 2 decades of chaos,  instability, and handicapped born babies.

The US wants to forget Vietnam, where the US army went hunting Vietcong and anyone on the way, burning and defoliating entire regions. Obama claims that Vietnam loves the US and is the friendliest of allies in the Far East.

Only the USA is involved in almost all currently wars and pre-emptive wars being waged around the world, directly or indirectly




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