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Types of Macho behaviors: What about types of Wacho’s?

Apparently, macho behavior is a matter of generational change.  It is society of males that try hard to impose patriarchal traditions and the privileged males in the world of professionalism.

The image of males being the hunters, attaching the photos of their wife’s side by side with their hunting trophies, and flaunting how much they earn… is typical man-made custom, but not inherently a male behavior.  There are several kinds of machismo and their counterparts “wachismo” (my own coined term).

1. Macho-Bull would say: “She is back to be kissable: She lost 30 kilos.  Losing weight sends the message that she is being very gentle.”  Macho bulls want to preserve the “right” of cracking rude jokes against women.

For example: “I pay my players higher checks than my mistresses, still, my mistresses lick my penis”.

Or “Why marry a stupid girl?  A mother has to be smart enough to raise my kids.  Stupid girls we get fun out of them.

Ex-French President Jacques Chirac joked: “A toast to our women, to our horses…and to all those who ride them.” The typical macho-bull loves the integral Max Pecas.

The counter wacho-bull would retort: “Sex position have changed:  We are the ones riding men and horses.  Rough men are reduced to riding mules“.

2. Macho-reactionary are nostalgic of an ancient period when the custom was for women to say: “Let him talk. His subjects of conversation are more important than yours.”  Macho-reactionary  would states: “It is very plausible that women were used as domestic pets: Domestic happiness was pretty handy.”

Or: “In this feminist society, natural predator men are practically castrated

Macho-reactionary  prefers the series “Mad Men”

Counterpart wacho would say: “One of my professor secured me a training job.He invited me to lunch and I accepted.  He then invited me to dinner and i declined.  The prof. started harassing me with phone calls calling me “une allumeuse“.  I dared not report him for fear of ruining my professional career.  I questioned myself: “Did I unconsciously lead the prof to think that I am an easy prey?”

3. Macho-power status focus on his testosterone as the material evidence of his power.  He must wear a big Rolex, purchase large yacht, vast villa…

He never got over the puerile game of “Who got the biggest?”  Macho-power status are recruited from the circles of political, financial, and economic spheres: He has this secret wish of constituting a personal harem like Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s bunga.

For example, the alpha male said: “France has this huge urge (sexual) and wishes to be taken.”

The Macho-power status prefers the movie series of  James Bond and the Audi Ad: “He has the money, he has the power, he has an Audi: He will get the girl

The counterpart wacho would say:”The financial circle is pretty much a macho environment: Too much money is circulating, and money signifies power.  When I ask for a promotion, my superiors tell me “Do not be so ambitious; you have the time; care more for your kids.  I suggest you conceive a fourth child.”

“Males are feminist till the age of 35.  The male society encourages husbands with kids to accede to higher positions so that males earn more than their working wives.  After the age of 35, most males don’t mind inequitable promotions.”

For example, a self-made independent business woman was told: “You don’t need this lucrative contract: Isn’t your husband a surgeon?”

4. Macho-mondaine is constantly exquisitely courteous: He behaves as if he was still living during the French monarchy of Louis XV. For example, he would say: “Traditions, like women, are created to be respected and mishandled.”

Or about a female politician: “She is not simply very attractive: She is also a Star.  An unattractive female politician cannot become President.”

President Jacques Chirac used to kiss the hands of powerful ladies: The lips of this rascal left imprints on hands, meaning: “I want you!”.  Galant males would never let their lips touch hands, it is the gesture that count.

The favorite book for Macho-mondaine is “The dangerous liaisons” by Choderlos de Laclos.  Yes, Valmont is a rascal, but always behaving with “class”!

The counterpart wacho would say: “I heard this male politician describe me as “all bones and no flesh“. I didn’t think this remark was of the violent kind, it was simply not funny.  I cannot figure out how to describe this physically ugly person.”

5. Macho-Gangsta loves to play the pimp: “”Girls are essentially made to shaking their booty, pole dancing…Make sure to swallow my dick well: You want a big car…Don’t you?” Macho-Gangsta fetich work is “Scarface”

6. The most worrisome aspect is the new macho-type among adolescent: They are dealing with the duality of “Is my girlfriend a mother or a call-girl?”.  The wacho adolescents of 15 of age ask about the best sexual techniques to satisfying their boy-friends. “Society is becoming hypersexual, fraught with strong injunctions:  A girl has to behave a feminine, seduce. Otherwise, she does not Exist.”

Thus, learning how to be presentable (sexy) at interviews is the best suggestion you can get!

Women are represented in 15% of the greatest French enterprises in administration councils:  The French government has set a quota of 40% by 2017.

Women are the main victims in precarious jobs:  For example, over 30% of women compared with 6% for men occupy temp-work jobs.

Over 82% of temp-work are women.

A woman dies every three days from husband maltreatment.

Only 10% of rape victims officially complain.

Women spend 5 hours per day on house works, while men barely put in 2 hours

What about the latest flap of the chairman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Strauss-Khan?  This rascal has been at it for decades and abusing his power status.  I conjecture that the FBI has been keeping tabs on Strauss-Khan and waiting for the proper timing to get him.

It is very probable that the FBI and the US government preempted the case with the Guinea immigrant woman, but Strauss-Khan got what he deserved, since France was too lenient with his macho habits.

An eye witness said: “I saw Strauss-Khan during a convention making a 20 year-old trainee cry:  He insistently was proposing to her to joining his bathtub in the hotel

Do you know that you need to lower your pitch voice one tone?

Barytone voices are far more credible and taken seriously.

Suggestions in soprano are totally ignored!




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