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For once, burning extremist religious hate books makes sense: Damascus

The religious clerics in Syria ordered the burning of the books and manuals of ISIS and Al Nusra found in re-conquered regions, and the countless fatwa that their clerics have been issuing since 2011, particularly the books of Ibn Taymiya, and Al Jawziyat and Wahhab.

Since 1980, Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom has been printing faked Koran and Hadith and distributing them for free in Islamic countries.

In 1979, over 300 extremist Wahhabis have taken over the Kaaba in Mecca for 15 days and proclaimed their leader a Caliph. The Kingdom was teetering on the verge of collapse. A French special team came to tame this revolt.

And Saudi Kingdom that was opening up its society to modern culture was pressured to revert to its former desert-tribal type of customs and traditions and allowed the Wahhabi clerics to guide the values of its messages and teaching to society.

This revolt is very suspicious since the USA demanded that Saudi Kingdom open up its purse to dispatch extremist Muslims to Afghanistan in order to liberate it from the Soviet troops.

Consequently, for 5 decades now, Saudi Kingdom has been creating religious schools (Madrassat) and mosques all over Islamic countries, by the thousands, and appointing its own kinds of preachers.

الأوقاف السورية تحرق كتب ابن تيمية وابن عبد الوهاب

أعلنت وزارة الأوقاف السورية أن دمشق والغوطة الشرقية أصبحت خالية من كافة الكتب الوهابية والفتاوى التي صدرت عن تنظيمي “داعش” و”جبهة النصرة” الإرهابيين.

العالم – سوريا

أعلن مدير مكتب وزير الأوقاف السوري، الدكتور نبيل سليمان، أن دمشق والغوطة الشرقية أصبحت خالية من كافة الكتب الوهابية والفتاوى التي صدرت عن تنظيمي “داعش” و”النصرة” الإرهابيين، وذلك بعد تنفيذ الجولات الميدانية في كل الأماكن والمناطق التي تم تحريرها من قبل وحدات الجيش السوري.

مشيرا إلى أنه تم البحث في كافة المساجد في الغوطة الشرقية التي كان تنظيما “داعش” و”النصرة” الإرهابيان يقومان باستخدامها كمقرات لنشر الفكر الوهابي من خلال نشر فكر ابن تيمية الوهابي، وسواه ممن يدعون للفكر التكفيري.

ولفت الدكتور سليمان إلى العثور في مناطق الغوطة الشرقية التي حررها الجيش السوري منذ أشهر على العديد من المكاتب والمكتبات والمساجد التي تحوي عددا كبيرا من كتب ابن تيمية، حيث قامت وزارة الأوقاف بمصادرتها وحرقها، خوفا من تسرب هذه الكتب وما تحمله من فكر تكفيري وظلامي، إلى المناطق الآمنة في دمشق وغيرها، مؤكدا بأنه منذ عام 2012 تمت مصادرة كافة الكتب التكفيرية لابن تيمية وكتب ابن القيم الجوزية، وكتب قطب، ومنع تداولها في كافة الأراضي السورية.

وكان وزير الأوقاف السوري قد أصدر تعميما يؤكد فيه على تعميم سابق صدر في عام 2012 تم توجيهه إلى مديري وزارة الأوقاف والمفتين والخطباء وأئمة المساجد ومديري المعاهد والثانويات الشرعية ومدراء المعاهد بالطلب منهم التدقيق والتشديد في كافة مكتبات المساجد والمعاهد والمدارس الشرعية، بحثا عن وجود كتب أو كتيبات وهابية أو فتاوى ابن تيمية ومؤلفاته، ومصادرتها فورا، ومنع تداولها في أي مؤسسة دينية،

والتأكيد على خطباء المساجد والمفتين بعدم طرح أي أفكار، أو إصدار أية فتاوى تستند إلى الوهابية، أو إلى فتاوى ابن تيمية الضالة التكفيرية، وأكد التعميم على رفع الصفة الدينية على كل من يخالف هذا القرار وإحالته إلى القضاء.

وتتعرض سوريا منذ نحو 8 سنوات لحرب ضد “جماعات العنف التكفيري” التي تمارس القتل، وتنشر التكفير في آن معا، حيث شكلت “القاعدة” مجموعات إرهابية مسلحة تحت مسميات عدة، تحمل في طياتها أهدافا مختلفة، أهمها الوصول إلى السلطة لبناء الدولة وفق رؤيتها التكفيرية.

وعمد تنظيما “داعش” و”النصرة” الإرهابيان اللذان سيطرا خلال السنوات الماضية على أكثر من نصف مساحة سوريا، إلى إلغاء مناهج التعليم والتربية، واستبدالها بمناهج وهابية ضمن سياسة واستراتيجية مدروسة تركز على الأطفال لتنشئتهم على الفكر التكفيري، وبالتالي خلق أجيال بأكملها تعتقد بمعتقداتهم وتدين بتعاليمهم، ويستند معظم هذه المناهج على أفكار وفتاوى ابن تيمية وأفكار وتعاليم محمد بن عبد الوهاب.

ويعد ابن تيمية الذي عاش في القرن الثالث عشر الميلادي من أخطر أئمة الفتنة الذين نشروا الفكر المتطرف والإرهابي في الأمة الإسلامية من تكفير المسلمين وغير المسلمين، واستحلال دمائهم وحرماتهم لمجرد الاختلاف على أبسط المسائل في أداء العبادات.

وتتناقل الجماعات الإرهابية والمتطرفة مؤلفاته وفتاويه، وصولا إلى تنظيمي “داعش” و”النصرة” الإرهابيين، اللذين سفكا باسم هذا الفكر وبالاعتماد على فتاويه دماء مئات الآلاف من الأبرياء، مستخدمين أبشع طرق التعذيب والقتل وقطع الرؤوس وحرق الأحياء.

Saudi Kingdom: The evil empire and the West’s real enemy

Active at every level of the terror chain: planners to financiers, cadres to foot soldiers, ideologists to cheerleaders

Iran is seriously mistrusted by Israel and America. North Korea protects its nuclear secrets and is ruled by an erratic, vicious man.

Vladimir Putin’s territorial ambitions alarm democratic nations.

The newest peril, Isis, the wild child of Islamists, has shocked the whole world.

But top of this list should be Saudi Arabia – degenerate, malignant, pitiless, powerful and as dangerous as any of those listed above.

The state systematically transmits its sick form of Wahhabi Islam across the globe, instigates and funds hatreds, while crushing human freedoms and aspiration. But the West genuflects to its rulers. Last week Saudi Arabia was appointed chair of the UN Human Rights Council, a choice welcomed by Washington.

Mark Toner, a spokesperson for the State Department, said: “We talk about human rights concerns with them. As to this leadership role, we hope that it is an occasion for them to look into human rights around the world and also within their own borders.”

By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.  27 September 2015
Marj Henningsen shared this link

The jaw simply drops. Saudi Arabia executes one person every two days.

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is soon to be beheaded then crucified for taking part in pro-democracy protests during the Arab Spring (He was executed and generated countless violent reactions). He was a teenager then.

Raif Badawi, a blogger who dared to call for democracy, was sentenced to 10 years and 1,000 lashes. Last week, 769 faithful Muslim believers were killed in Mecca where they had gone on the Hajj. Initially, the rulers said it was “God’s will” and then they blamed the dead. Mecca was once a place of simplicity and spirituality.

Today the avaricious Saudis have bulldozed historical sites and turned it into the Las Vegas of Islam – with hotels, skyscrapers and malls to spend, spend, spend.

The poor can no longer afford to go there. Numbers should be controlled to ensure safety – but that would be ruinous for profits.

Ziauddin Sardar’s poignant book Mecca: The Sacred City, describes the desecration of Islam’s holiest site.

Even more seriously, the pernicious Saudi influence is spreading fast and freely. King Salman has offered to build 200 mosques in Germany for recently arrived refugees, many of whom are Muslims.

This King offered no money for resettlement or basic needs, but Wahhabi mosques, the Trojan horses of the secret Saudi crusade. Several Islamic schools are also sites of Wahhabism, now a global brand. It makes hearts and minds small and suspicious, turns Muslim against Muslim, and undermines modernists.

In the 14 years that have followed 9/11, the Saudis have become more aggressive, more determined to win the culture wars.

They pour money into Islamist organisations and operations, promote punishing doctrines that subjugate women and children, and damn liberal values and democracy. They are pursuing a cruel bombing campaign in Yemen that has left thousands of civilians dead and many more in dire straits.

In pictures: Hajj stampede

So, what does our ruling establishment do to stop the invisible hand of this Satan? Zilch.

The Royal Family, successive governments, parliamentarians, a good number of institutions and people with clout collectively suck up to the Saudi ruling clan. I have not seen any incisive TV investigation of this regime.

We know it is up to no good, but evidence is suppressed.

Some writers have tried to break this conspiracy of obsequiousness. Craig Unger’s book, House of Bush, House of Saud was published in 2004. It established beyond reasonable doubt that Saudi Arabia was the nerve-centre of international terrorism. And that the Bush family was unduly close to the regime.

Many of us believed the revelations were even more explosive than those by the journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who exposed the lies told by Richard Nixon.

This deadly enemy will not be cowed or stopped by Trident. Our leaders know what is going on. So what do they do? They pick on the small people.

The Government’s Prevent programme now imposes a duty on educators to watch out for young “radicals” and nip them in the bud. Older dissenters, too.

To date, 4,000 young Muslims have been referred for reprogramming. One was three years old. In May, a young Muslim schoolboy talked about “eco-terrorists” and was taken away to be interrogated about whether he supported Isis.

Academics, lawyers, doctors and nurses are also expected to become the nation’s spies. Mohammed Umar Farooq, a student at Staffordshire University, was accused last week of being a terrorist because he was reading a book entitled Terrorism Studies in the library.

In the US, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested because he took a home-made clock to school. (Richard Dawkins, these days a manic tweet preacher, questioned whether the clock was part of a “hoax” designed to get Mohamed arrested, before backtracking.) The West, it seems, is free only for some. And to be a Muslim is a crime.

Extremism is a serious problem. Westernised, liberal Muslims do try to influence feverish, hostile young Muslim minds, but we are largely powerless. Our leaders will not confront Saudi Arabia, the source of Islamist brainwashing and infection. They won’t because of oil and the profits made by arms sales.

Political cowards and immoral profiteers are the traitors, the real threat to national security, patriotism and cohesion. How do they answer the charge?

Note: Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic Madrassat working around the world are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.
The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded Madrassat in the last 3 decades

Hotbeds of active extremist members of religious sects

The active extremist members of religious sects live in ghettos in the suburbs of urban surrounding.
They observe the surrounding and have a notion of the civil laws but prefer to abide by the ghetto laws.
If the religion has a set of laws, they take it and run with it.
They are the most secrtetive and isolate of clans, kind of living in ghettos within ghettos.
They are what used to be the conveyor belt of tribes living close to urban cities and towns with the desert and rural regions
They understand the abstract notions of urban religious sects but adopt the remote rural sets of traditions


What is a Madrassat? It is a religious school funded by the Saudi Kingdom and teaches the most obscurantist Wahhabi brand of Islam.

Let’s face it: Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic Madrassat working around the world are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.
The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded Madrassat in the last 3 decades

Urban Islam and Rural Islam Western Europe (England, France, and Germany) of the 19th century was hooked to Orientalism: The aristocracies wore…

Da3esh or ISIS is back in north Syria and are recapturing lost towns very quickly: If the US and Turkey still want to control this northern region, then Syria will let loose ISIS to deal with these so-called moderate military oppositions

In a speech to Egypt President Abdel Nasser in 1953: The Moslem Brotherhood leader wants women to wear the veil when stepping out from homes: Let him himself wear the veils first

It used to be Carthage must be destroyed.

Now it is: Delenda est Salafi-stan (Daesh land)

For centuries, the western world had no moral standard: All its strategy was based on power domination.

There were no good, bad, evil people to ally with or fight against: Pure uncompromising sense of terror tactics in all its variations.

WSIS (Wahhabi State in Syria and Iraq) is challenging the western brutality, terror tactics, pre-emptive wars, colonial domination, economic boycott…

The western world ire against WSIS is robbing them from the monopoly of deciding, planning and executing the terror tactics in over 134 States, led by the USA.

After the signing of the second Punic war peace treaty, between Carthage and Rome for the dominion of the Mediterranean trade, Cato the ancient kept demanding that Rome should launch a third pre-emptive war on Carthage.

Cato had visited Carthage with many other Roman senators and had noted that the nemesis of Rome was making rapid stride in recovering from the last war and gaining economic advantages.

For years, Cato kept starting or ending his speeches at the Roman Senate with variations around “Delenda est Cartago“, *Carthage must be destroyed*.

Until the Roman fleet went and destroyed Carthage, ending its threat for ever.

Carthage was far more cultured and civilized than Rome, and never attempted an open war on Rome, even when Rome was crawling out of the caves.

Hannibal could have easily entered Rome that was evacuated, but he refrained and lingered 12 years in Italy, defeating all the attacks of the Roman legions.

Carthage was willing to share the Mediterranean Sea as the hub of civilization and trade.

Rome position was the same as Bush Junior: You are either with us or against us.  Total dominion was the motto of this nascent empire.

After the latest Paris terror attacks, Holland announced that war on terror and Daesh will resume until ISIS is destroyed.

How war ever destroyed an idea, rooted in religious misgivings and myths?


Delenda est Salafi-stan.

Since Sep 11, 2001 no focus to cut the SOURCE of terrorism: Salafi funding of terror and intolerance in schools was widespread after the invasion of the Soviet Union of Afghanistan in 1980.

The Jihadists flocked to Afghanistan with the blessing of the USA and the western States.

Saudi Arabia began a program of building thousands of religious schools (Madrassat) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Africa.

Most Mosques built in Europe, and they are by the hundreds, are funded by Saudi Arabia and the clerics appointed by this Wahhabi most reactionary monarchy.

Religious Schools spreading the Wahhabi extremist intolerant sect.

And no government challenging the Non-Tolerance dogma disseminated by these Mosques and Madrassat.

After 2001, the USA decided to let Saudi Arabia dominate the religious teaching while refocusing its attention on Invading Iraq in 2003, for no valid or urgent reasons.

Someone who went to school on Sept 11 in Saudi Arabia, now age 18 is brainwashed by the system to believe that all Shiites, Christians, and other minorities are deviant beings whose death doesn’t count

Over 3 decades, million of Moslems have been brainwashed to fight the new Crusaders, of every religious sect Not exactly matching the Wahhabi dogma.

And ISIS is the exact copy of the Wahhabi mind set.

The Saudi Wahhabis are the real foe

We must take our fight to the preachers and financiers of terror.

Singling out ISIS is a sure message that the USA, France and England are Not serious in eliminating terrorist attacks: They want to keep to the strategy of destabilizing the Middle-East.

Note: The Wahhabi tribes had made it a policy of devastating Damascus and Basra since the 18th century and Britain was the main supporter of this tribe in funds and weapons.

Egypt of Muhammad Ali defeated this tribe after a lengthy incursion and entered its capital in 1820.

Again, Britain resupplied this tribe with funds and new weapons in order to weaken the Ottoman Empire and captured the port of Aden.

The US conservative protestant religion liked the Wahhabi sect because it destroyed all shrines and even obliterated the shrines in Meddina and was about to raze the tomb of the Prophet and even destroy the Kaa3ba in 1925.




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