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Second truth:  The moment is eternal

People talk about truth and truths, but never offer a set samples of what truth could be.

In general, they extend the two criteria:

1. Truth is valid everywhere, for all civilizations and

2. Truth is invariant in time.

People tell you what Truth is Not.

Does truth means what is considered a fact; an objective measurable observation; an eye witnessed event; or a story backed by images, pictures, and sound recording?

Is truth what we confirm by resorting to God to back our utterances “In the name of God”, “I swear to God”, “on my mother’s head, father’s, or my unique son…?”

What is truth?  Is it all the affirmations contained in one’s “Holy Book” or consensual scientific books?

The first truth is: “One day I shall die.”

It means, one day, I shall stop acting and communicating by any means possible and available.  We might die physically and stop any movement and action; still, we can continue communicating through what we left in recorded written words, images, and sound voices.  There will be periods when newer generations are no longer exposed or initiated to what we published and thus, we are dead for the periods.  Eventually, we are dead for good.

The second truth is: “What is eternal is the moment.”

It means that what I am thinking, doing, and feeling at this moment is independent of time.  If the past exists it is because I am recollecting the past at this moment.  If the future exists it is because I am planning and pondering about future actions at this moment.  No present moment?  Then, there is no past or future to me. Past and future are logical terms linked to timeline:  They exist because of what I think and do right now.

The third truth is: “What is real is this moment.”

It means that What I perceive as real and right is what I am ready to accept at this moment as such.  People can have different opinions at this moment, but since I have no access or means or willingness to know and reflect on their opinions at “my moment” then, what I think is the real stuff at this moment.  There are “other moments” as you live to change.

The fourth truth:  “You need to maintain the moment; the moment is the real and most potent personal power.”

It is your responsibility to reserve 3 silent periods during the day for maintaining your well-being.

One period is for light physical exercises and focused mental meditation; you need to discover what kind of food best suit your body mechanism, amount of sleep, rest periods and duration…

The second period is for introspection or “know yourself” exercises:  To recognizing your limitations, capacities, and potentials by recalling how you behaved and acknowledging your individuality.

The third period is for planning and thinking about your next action plans.   The best locations, timing, and scheduling are left for your personal experimentation of what is most performing for the three exercise periods.

The present moment is the real, the truth, and the eternal; enjoy and learn to profit of the moment.




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