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Titbits #247

Indo-Pacific region new market is a hot target for colonial powers. This region includes India, South-East Asian countries, Indonesia and Australia. “More than 50% of the world’s population, 3,000 different languages, several of the world’s largest militaries…two of the three largest economies…the most populous nation in the world, the largest democracy, and the largest Muslim-majority nation.” It’s also the heart of global trade.

This year 2021, there is a shift of an entire month between the resurrection of Jesus at the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The Catholic had Jesus dying and resurrecting while the Orthodox consider Jesus still walking toward Jerusalem on this glorious Spring day.

Glucophage? A toxic chemical that has been heavily used for decades by multinational Agro-businesses, including Monsanto. The range of diseases includes gluten intolerance, autism, diabetics, celiac illnesses…

Research demonstrated that Glucophage is the cause for countless chronic illnesses that start since we are born. The constant ingestion of small antibiotics doses in industrial food destroy our micro-bio that stabilizes our system. Cereals are sprayed with Glucophage 200 times the tolerated dose for vegetables. This chemical generates glycine, an analogue product that emuate amino-acids and confuses the system.

Are Flying, pregnancy, or taking the pill… all carry far much higher blood clot risks than the J&J vaccine?

“I’m such a poor little fool; do tell me, when I do wrong”

He who is Not with me is against me”? As the gentleman said who was notoriously capable of coarse distinctions and puerile generalities”. People such as maybe Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, a few saints and prophets? Definitely George W. Bush Jr. , Donald Trump… And this radical Jewish Mathew who could Not stoop to be a disciple of Jesus, unless he is a descendent of David, even a fabricated genealogy.

Daydream a lot: That’s the only knowledge that you will retain. Be careful how you daydream and what you dream about.

Ultimately, in the latest hours, we are alone with our fears. No faith or knowledge will be of any help in our anxiety for the unknown. Damn it! A little push for a joyful illusion can go a long way to people gathered around you. Sort of: “What the fuck, I am going to My Heaven”

There is No malice in me: Just a childlike questioning of everything, wrapped in an adult acquired sense of humor

It is still a monolog in a quiet gathering. Listening intently is an acquired skill, out of respect for the implicit toil and suffering of the opinion of the other. And out of respect for our flexible state of mind and emotions.

History is a continuum of “Songs in the time of Order”. A tacit agreement for the subsequent blood letting, torture and indignities heaped on the living species and on Nature. The Silent majority in each community desperately want to obliterate the consequences of its cowing down to the status quo.

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that much infusion of ever increasing budgets for public institutions spoil the savings of taxpayers, and that very little budget lead to embezzling the common citizens

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, only a tap on level of inflation for the basic staples in a sustained economic system can stabilize the unrests in societies.

I can’t recall that I ever wept, and I wonder if there is a hidden emotion that will open the gate to give way to loosely shed luxury tears

What kinds of frequent referendum is needed for our ideas in order to stop our earthly recall of our ambitions?

China institutions can put 500 million chinese to work on any project, as during Mao decades ago. China has more professional, skilled and qualified middle managers than all USA population. A tight control on evaluating these candidates for the State institutions and project.

Calls on multinationals still operating in Myanmar to divest until the military coup ends. These multinationals are effectively cooperating with the junta.

Letters to divest their business activities and financial support to Myanmar junta have been sent to the CEOs of ten of them: the French hotel chain Accor, the French TV group Canal+, America’s Chevron, Sweden’s Ericsson, Korea’s Lotte Hotels and Resorts, Japan’s Okura Nikko Hotel Management, the South Korean steel and energy giant POSCO, the Norwegian state telecom company Telenor, the French oil firm Total and the Anglo-Dutch food processing conglomerate Unilever.

Chinese family in Peking a few year before Mao died

Depuis 5 ans, ma famille (femme et 2 enfants) partage un pavillon de 3 maisons disposées en en fer de cheval autour d’une cour. Nous vivons dans notre maison avec mes beaux-parents, mon beau-frere, ma belle soeur dans 3 pièces, une par menage. C’est un luxe d’habiter cette ruelle (houtong) au centre de la ville. J’ai eu de la chance d’avoir pu quitter mon immeuble de la périphérie de Pékin.

A 5:30 am, je transvase les pots de chambres de la nuit dans un grand seau que je vide au bout de la ruelle dans les WC publics. Un quart d’heure pres, et je me trouverais attendant en queue.

Je me hâte pour aller chercher le lait au point de vente du quartier, une petite guérite ouverte une heure seulement. Je remplis mes deux quarts en verre. Ca coute 3 yuans par mois pour un quart de litre quotidien. Un yuan valait 2.70 francs.

La ration de sucre est un kilo par mois par famille.

Pas de viande dans les jardins d’enfants

Le matin, je n’ai pas le temps d’attendre que le poêle chauffe pour cuire mon petit déjeuner”. Je caresse la tête de mes filles engourdies de sommeil. J’enfourche mon vélo pour une distance de 15 km a mon travail.

Sur le chemin de l’institut, je prend mon casse-croute du matin, bol de bouillon de riz et deux petits pains dans une ancienne petite maison de the’. Vite servi dans un endroit chauffé’ et le tout pour 3 maos (27 centimes de franc)

J’aime bien cette course a velo car la solitude est rare et synonyme de liberté’. Je peux rêver a ma guise a des projets fous et sans lendemain. L’ivresse de ne pas être contrôlé’.

C’est sans remords que nous réservons la douzaine d’oeufs par mois et par famille pour les enfants. Pour dégoter des oeufs supplémentaires, j’ en achète au chemin de travail: par des des codes gestuelles, je m’approche d’une maison, paie et reçoit des oeufs. La plupart du temps j’en achète des oeufs les dimanches.

On ne livre a domicile la ration familiale de charbon que la première semaine de chaque mois. Sinon, on doit aller au depot a des heures d’ouverture inconciliable avec mes horaires et je dois me charger du transport en empruntant une charrette et puis la ramener a l’autre bout du quartier.

Ce n’est pas l’effort qui me rebutte, c’est la bêtise qui m’enrage.Quel pays serait la Chine sans ce gaspillage insensé’ de force humaine?

For most of its “revolutionary period” China had no serious currency. The people valued the “tickets for rations“. National tickets, tickets that can be used everywhere in China, especially for cereals (rice, wheat flour and corn flour..) were 5 times more important than province tickets and 20 times the tickets of districts.

There were many categories of tickets: for cereals, for meat (poultry), for vegetables, for coal, for industrial products (stoves, watches, furnitures…).

A person had to carry a bag of different tickets when he had to go “shopping” at various designated outlets.

Note 1: From the book of Claudie et Jacques Broyelle ” Apocalypse Mao”, 1980

Note 2: It is beyond comprehension the millions of Chinese who died out of famine, malnutrition and cruelty through Mao dictatorship since 1949. No less than 100 millions died from One Man ideas to institute his ideology.




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