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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 188

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

“Born in the USA,” Bruce Springsteen. People usually think this song is about: Being uber patriotic. But it’s really about: Casting a critical and mournful eye on America and its involvement in war.

“Imagine,” John Lennon. People usually think this is about: A gentle musing on peace and global unity. But it’s really about: Radical, revolutionary ideas on how to achieve that peace.

“Semi-Charmed Life,” Third Eye Blind. People usually think this is about: The desire to rise above the pitfalls of life. But it’s really about: Drug addiction.

“American Pie,” Don McLean. People usually think this is about: Having some sort of whiskey-fueled karaoke night with friends. (In other words, they have no idea.) But it’s really about: The end of an era.

“Closing Time,” Semisonic. People usually think this is about: What’ll come next after last call at the bar. But it’s really about: Childbirth

“Time of Your Life,” Green Day. People usually think this is about: Offering someone best wishes for their future. But it’s really about: Telling an ex-girlfriend not to let the door hit her on the way out.

“Slide,” the Goo Goo Dolls. People usually think this is about: Being in love. But it’s really about: Abortion.

“It Was a Good Day,” Ice Cube. People usually think this is about: An epic 24 hours that took place in either November 1988 or January 1992. But it’s really about: The dream of having a day without police harassment and gun violence.

“Mother and Child Reunion,” Paul Simon. People usually think this is about: The intense connection between a mother and her offspring. But it’s really about: Chinese food

“Bad Reputation,” Joan Jett. People usually think this is about: A general anthem for rebels. But it’s really about: Joan Jett fighting past rejection.

“You’re Beautiful,” has nothing to do with a loving, body-positive relationship and everything to do with a stalker who’s stoned out of his mind.

Tree satyagraha (tree hugging) to prevent the tree of being cut down?

Shou sayerlon hal Mawarina? 3aja2et fi Deir Mar Maroun bil Koneitra (Al Metn). fata7o al salon kaman. Wa ma fi shortet sayr ta ye 7al7el al a3j2at

Fi 3enna 12 kaniseh. Bass kellon taffou 3a Mar Maroun. Saar al Marouni 3endo direction, with a bleak destiny

Samir Gea3ja 3endo Alzheimer: 3ayesh bil maadi, Hafez, Saddam… wa taghyeer jaayeh min 3endo. Hal kaal shi marra enno “Israel 3adou al sha3b al Loubnani”?

Tawwashouna: Mar Maroun al mou7eb, al ra7oum, al raheem. Yelleh dereh dereh, yalleh ma deref bi2oul kaf 3adass

Last high school summer, (Chap. 14).

I barely succeeded in my first  “Baccalauria” (public exam) in 1968, and that summer I attended ideological indoctrination session to a political party, which would start my downfall as a student, and loss of any prospect for any civil or military positions in the government institutions.

The next year, I failed both the French and Lebanese public exams of “Matheleme“. I managed to barely pass the required Lebanese “Matheleme” in the second trial in September.

These failures were a turning point in my future and this critical summer of 1969 was a total loss in prestige as a good student and, worse, for lack of preparing to enter any university.

Indeed, I didn’t enjoy that summer, which should have been the best summer ever and spent it studying and reviewing for the nth time all the boring course materials, and not feeling like solving math or physics exercises or problems.

I recall that we rented the tiny ground floor apartment of George and Marie Ghoussoub building in Kuneitra, and I spent most of my hours walking the yards of the nearby Sisters’ convent of Mar Maroon to recapitulate my boring notes and school books while everyone were taking trips.

I recall that I noticed a smashing Yugoslavian beauty of around 30 year-old, tall, raven black hair, and renting an apartment around the convent of Mar Maroun and I used to wait diligently for her to show up on her balcony in her “negligee”. To my chagrin, she got married the next year.

I was supposed to participate in a Lebanese play at the end of summer and had memorized my part for a few sessions before I drop out from the group of first-time actors to prepare for my exam.  The play was a success and was shown twice on the basketball court in Beit-Chabab.

We used to hire buses and travel all over Lebanon during summers, but I didn’t participate in the fun.

I recently read “AnteChrista” by Amelie Nothomb and she described an introverted 16-year old girl named Blanche.  Blanche located a group of three girls in her class who were happy together.  She forced herself in the group and never left it.

Three months later she overheard them talking how happy the three of them were and how much fun and great time they were having.  Blanche discovered that she was practically invisible among them; the group didn’t even notice that she left them.

It is practically my life story when young.

Maybe that the environment is not initially a major factor on your psychological tendencies and constitution, but it does make you sink in deeper and deeper no matter how hard you try to alter to extrovert type.

I never had my own room, and even then, my mom would have not let me decorate it my own way or leave it in a state of chaos.




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