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Nothing changed: Bi-Weekly report (#28)

Posted on:August 7, 2009

Walid Jumblatt has exited from the March 14 alliance (opposing Hezbollah and those seeking Syria support or March 8 alliance) two days ago: he has 11 deputies in the Lebanese Parliament.

Simple arithmetic shows that the previous majority in the Parliament is now the minority. The designated Saad Hariri PM failed to form a government in over 45 days while he was the leader of the majority. 

The President of the Republic should recall all the political blocks to designate another person for the job.

Walid Jumblatt exit is not solely based on political divergences but mainly on his apprehension that the delay in forming the government is encouraging Israel to start another wave of political assassinations to destabilize Lebanon in this extended political vacuum

Actually, for two months Israel has been escalating its war threats in frequent speeches and in actions along Lebanon’s south borders.  After Jumblatt split from his previous alliance, Israel toned down its threats.

Israel never dared launched its frequent offensive wars on any people that is united under unity national governments.

Walid Jumblatt knows that in matter of Lebanon internal security, in the balance, Syria out weight all the world States diplomacy combined.

There was a period of an entire year after the assassination of Rafic Hariri in 2005 where Syria seemed on the defensive and refrained from interfering in Lebanon’s endemic problems. This is when the alliance of March 14 was created to salvage the international court and make sure that Syria withdrew from Lebanon.

For three years, this March 14 alliance went as far as condemning Hezbollah defensive war against Israel in July 12, 2006 and sucking up to Bush Junior and Condalisa. 

This period is witnessing a major shift of rapprochement toward Syria.  Saudi Kingdom policies are becoming closer to Syria’s policies than Egypt of Mubarak.  Mubarak has been keeping the formation of our government hostage to his senile policies. 

The fact is Egypt under Mubarak has retreated from the “Arab” States issues, is out of the Arab world and out of Africa too.  Moubarak is not even able to get the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah to agree on a few common denominators.

Saad Hariri has lost the confidence of the Lebanese people as the appropriate PM at this junction. Hariri squandered all the good will and patience that the opposition was willing to extend.  Hariri opted to wait for external powers to agree among themselves, instead of uniting Lebanon under a unity national government. (Nothing changed in his attitude: he is still waiting for foreign powers to give him the Green Light to form a government in 2021)

I coined a quote: “You want to go into politics in Lebanon? Warnings! Observe Saad Hariri. First you don’t think much, then your mind quickly slides into deep coma.”

Note 1: Lately, with the Syrian uprising in 2011, Walid crossed the Rubicon and sided squarely with the rebels: He hates the Assad family because the late Hafez Assad assassinated Walid father, Kamal Jumblatt.  The Druze in Syria didn’t respond to Walid’s calls to join the insurrection…

Note 2: In the current government of Mikati PM (2012), Walid is boasting that he is the power broker between the two majority blocks in the government, but is mostly siding with Mikati and the opposition March 14 alliance of the Mubarak.




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