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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 156

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Mon pere Darius disait que la religion est la base de la tyrannie et avait un but precis: imposer la peur.

” What makes us human is that we are the most extreme in every kind of behavior. But love is Not the thing that makes us human. It’s Not special to us.”

Extreme behaviors are the products of imagining constructed myths as more fundamental than rational thinking and the realities of our environment

Cette couche d’espoir, cachee’ sous la mauvaise foi: l’adorable subtilite’ d’une affirmation

Ressentir de la sollicitude ou de la compassion est au dessus de mes forces: une raison majeure pour bannir le marriage

Israel recorded shooting in the legs 7,200 Palestinian youths at close range: The victims are Not to march again within a month. How about that Trump, May of England, Singapore, Guatemala, Duterte of the Philippines and the Evangelical Zionists? Any public comments?

Israel plans to shoot in the legs 25,000 Palestinians, marching for their occupied homeland, from demonstrating again within a month, excluding the scores shot in the head and the abdomen by live bullets.

The health ministry in Yemen accounted for 200,000 deaths resulting from diphtheria epidemics

Tu n’es pas coupable, personne ne l’est, ou alors on l’est tous.

On est tous coupables de croire en ce qui n’existe pas, parce qu’il est là le problème, et elle est là la cause de tous les échecs: en soi, l’ n’est que du vent. Toutes les religions veulent qu’on soit coupable si on ne croit pas a leurs edicts abstraites. On est tous des heretiques dans des communautes differentes.

I count what counts to me in my daily events: Visiting people, writing, publishing, reading, doing maintenance tasks in my home, helping my aged mother, being funny and decisive around people.

An author is Not an editor: Give your bread to the baker and keep your imagination soaring

I suggest to the Lebanese a drastic civil disobedience: Total stoppage of driving and filling gasoline for 3 days. Same for using mobiles. Cut the cash flow to our rotten militia regime

Ce qui est interessant avec une personne, ne l’est pas avec une autre. C’est une affaire de specificite’, de reciprocite’ latente et sous-entendue.

La toubna Dawleh wa la 7ezeb watani 3ala ossos khiyanat. Sami baddo ye2ne3na enno baddo dawleh wa sha3b watani, bidoun e3tiraaf bi 7aq moukawamet Liban la Israel, 3adouna al woujoudi.

Iza kassafet Israel Hezbollah, fetna 3ala al Jaleel. Iza radakhet Israel la USA Evangelical Zionists, wa hajamet 3ala 3eddat ma7awer, Hezbollah faat ila Quds (Jerusalem)




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