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Marcus Aurelius (161-180): Roman Emperor and philosopher?

In his manuscript “The Reflections (thoughts)”, Marcus Aurelius wrote:

1. “The duration for a human life? A period. It’s substance? Regressing. The sensation? Obscure. The body composition in its whole? Ready to rot. The soul? A whirlwind. The fate? Difficult to predict. The reputation? Uncertain.

To sum it all, the elements of the body flow as a river. The elements of the spirit are but dreams and fume.

Life is a war and a strange sojourn. The fame we leave, if any, sinks into oblivion. What could make us suffer life?

One thing: Philosophy!”

In another section, Aurelius writes:

2. “What a thin fragment of infinite time is this part of every being? Quickly, the being disappears in the eternity.

What a thin fragment of the total substance. And what of the universal spirit?

On which tiny parcel of earth are you walking? Reflect on all these questions, and nothing is as great as acting like what nature wants and to submit to what this universal nature produces.”

3.”I can no longer read. It is always allowed for me to repulse violence out of my heart. I am permitted, always, to despise the pleasure and the pain.

I am always entitled to be superior to vain glory, not to lose temper against the idiots and the ungrateful.

It is my obligation to resume doing what is good…”

And yet, Aurelius was no different from most emperors in have the Christians been eaten by the beast in the arena to please the Romans.

In another section:

4. “The best way to despise songs, dances, games, wrestling… All you have to do is to divide these activities into their elements. You’ll discover that there are no charm to the elements. Only virtue is indivisible…”

5. “Who can catch the present moment can sees all that occurred during eternity and all that will happen to the infinity of time

6. “What, the light of a candle is as strong even before the candle is finished. Truth, Justice, and Temperance in you will go off when you just die.”

7. “What if you were fired after the third of a five-act piece? Three acts are good enough for the drama you have lived. The one who had the responsibility to finish the 5th act is the cause of the dissolution of the other actors”

8. “O Cosmos! Whatever satisfies you do suit me fine. Nothing is premature or late of what comes from you. O Nature, I bear the fruits of your seasons. All comes from you, in you is All, towards you all go”

9. “Your slaves are human persons. This is my certitude. This shall enter as law. Rugus (owner of over a thousand slaves), if you kill a slave, you shall be prosecuted as criminal. If you torture a slave, the law will punish you and oblige you to sell the slave. You are no longer to separate family members: you must sell the entire family. You are no longer entitled to dispatch your slaves to the arenas or to force them to prostitute…”

Note 1: The persecution of Christians (Christos) began in earnest during Trajan and continued under Hadrian, Antonin… Marcus Aurelius murdered the Christos in public arenas out of despise: Fanatics will ultimately be fanatics in exterminating who they consider as infidels and contrary to their religious beliefs. That what Popes of Rome did for 11 centuries, and the “Christians” did in the colonies, wiping out entire civilizations.

Frankly, it is not possible to grab power unless you manage to turn fanatics your followers around a few abstract notions.

Note 2: Pline the Young was appointed magistrate in north Turkey by Emperor Trajan. He wrote to the Emperor:

“I need your orders relevant to the ways of legally treating with the increased number of Christos in the countryside. They assemble on fixed days, before sun up. They sing hymns to Christos as a God, swear not to steel, commit adultery, pay off their debt…They share ordinary breakfast together… They refuse to honor our Gods and do not consider the Emperor as God…”

Note 3: Before Christianity, people honored and prayed before idols, but they were sane enough not to adore these stones and wooden idols: The idols represented the power of nature and the process of nature and they prayed to survive within the forces of nature.

It is the Christians who began to adore the pictures, stones and wooden representations of the Virgin, Jesus, and the Saints…

A few adage for experiencing full consciousness

1.  Who believes he reached his goal must have missed everything else.  Zen

2. All begins in necessity. All must end in freedom. (Maurice Zundel)

3. The many little pains offend us far more than a single violent one.

4. Never forget: You are what you consider banal. Banal events and feeling are what constructed your essential ideas and viewpoints.

5. Abstaining of thinking is what we are incapable of mastering and controlling. This is our worst constraint.

6. Goodbye, and remember: Faith is more beautiful than God.

7. Are you a poet? You should notice the clouds hovering over your piece of paper: Clouds are the source of your writing paper. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

8. At every second, we either enter paradise or exit from it. (Christian Bobin)

9. Truth is earth without paths. (Tiziano Terzani)

10. Where’s my pain? It’s just a murmur at the edge of the sun. (Paul Fort)

11. The spirit doesn’t look back or forward. Only the present moment is source of our happiness (Goethe in Faust)

12 Who can catch the present moment sees all that occurred during eternity and all that will happen to the infinity of time. (Marcus Aurelius)

13. Breath. Breathing transforms the experience of what we take for reality.

14. Suffering? Breath. Distressed? Breath. (Happy? Breath)

Note: Extracted from the French  “Meditate in full consciousness. Day after day in 25 lessons” by Christophe Andre

Where are these Gods: Created to humanize Man, at the proportion of human comprehension…?

Thousands of years before the emergence of Greece civilization, the Near-Eastern civilization has evolved within the same process as Greece, from people-centered Gods to the emulation of abstract divine mythology.

The ancient Gods of the Near-East (Levant), and its inheritor the Greek civilization, cut-out a world to man’s dimensions. The Gods were tailor-made to human proportions and comprehension, invented by the spirit of the human.

It was the God that humanized the people and allowed them to sense the real life, before all was demolished at the alter of grandiose drunken power of dominion.

The Gods of this civilization crumbled at the moment man decided to invent an abstract mythology, with a reality too vast for human comprehension.

The current western civilization, as before it in Greece and the Near-East, keeps creating myths, but a living God is nowhere included.

The current world mythology is an abstract model, dis-humanized, knead with the ash of illusory materialism.

We do our best to prove that the universe is a huge void, a task made plausible by our empty logic.

We are after perpetual conquests, and what we conquered had the smell and taste of death.

Henry Miller wrote in in book “The Colossus of Maroussi”: “The most vivid impression that Greece (of the 1938-39) affected me was that this culture behave according to man’s dimensions. Greece is the land of the Gods: And the ancient Gods may have died long time ago, but their presence is still felt

Before landing in Greece, I have been walking blindfolded, hesitant. I was proud, smug, satisfied of my urban false life. The light of Greece opened my eyes and dilated my entire well-being. I have not written a word or read a daily during this year-long visit to Greece as I promised myself, but I managed to restitute the divine character of Man, a citizen of the world.”

The western civilization has broken the umbilical link between what is man and what is divine. This schism in the nature of man is the key to the ever decline and inevitable destruction of western culture. This current civilization has stopped believing that man may ever become a God.

The western civilization can talk its head-off of creating a New World Order, but it will never materialize, until all people are respected and their dignity revised under the angle of the universe.

New World Order means that all people, regardless of ethnicity, are viewed in this vital intricate interconnection that the world is reduced to the dimension of Greece, (small enough to include all the people as citizens, enjoying the same human rights and dignity…)

Otherwise, man will keep creating mythical Gods with this tacit purpose of destroying the species of mankind.

To desire is Not to wish. To desire is essentially to become who we are, and this desire cannot be done without discovering the truth through actions (Maeterlinck). What is needed is to attain a balanced coordination between vision and action, to be ready to accept the proper human proportions, and be ready to give whatever you had received so far.

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote:
“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been: They will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them.

If there are no gods, then you will be gone, and will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”




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