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The marketing we deserve

We say we want sustainable packaging…

We end up buying the one in fancy packaging instead.

We say we want handmade, local goods…

but end up buying the cheap one, because it’s ‘just as good.’

We say we want the truth…

but end up buying hype.

We say we want to hire for diversity (of thought, culture and background)…

but end up hiring people who share our point of view in most things.

We say we want to be treated with respect…

but end up buying from manipulative, selfish, short-term profit-seekers instead.

We say we don’t want to be hustled…

but we wait for the last-minute, the going-out-of-business rush or the high pressure push.

It actually starts with us.

Here’s the thing.

It also starts with anyone with the leverage and power and authority to make something.

Because even if it’s the marketing we deserve, it’s also the marketing they create.




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