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And who is the Martyr? So many of them for the wrong definition and agreement.

Note: Re-edit of “Martyrs for naught? (Apr. 10, 2010)”

There are no enemies or foes.

There are only martyrs

For someone, a group, an idea, a promise, a myth, or none.


There are martyrs of a rusty sickle, a rotten hammer;

Martyrs fallen under the banner of ugly rapacious eagles,

Shapeless flowers, crooked greedy crosses, rudimentary hateful suns,

Or vengeful crescents.


Most of the martyrs barely can spell their names;

They know nothing of their potentials

They could not vote or drive

But they are eligible to kill and maim

For someone, a motherland, an idea, a promise, a myth, or none.


There are no enemies or foes

There are ignorance and fear of the unknown.


There are martyrs of reason, and logic

Martyrs of truths that changed shortly after the death of the martyr.


There are martyrs of stubbornness and recklessness;

Of displaced ego.


There are martyrs for a better future: they never hugged the present.

There are martyrs of hunger, polluted water, and common diseases

Ignored by all.


There are martyrs of terminal illnesses

Martyrs who nobody claim as such

Just martyrs for the powerful Gods

Watching patiently the death of pain and suffering.


There are no enemies or foes;

There is ignorance, lack of energy, lack of individuality.


We are our own enemies

Lazily following masses, the smooth talkers,

The orator working up our bestial emotions

Promising glory, respect, and abundance

For our descendants that we don’t have

That we never had a chance to have,


Descendants to appreciate,

To teach, to protect, to encourage their freedom of expression

To let go as citizens of the world

Flapping their young wings and soaring

Breathing fresh life wherever they land.


So many martyrs for naught: to please the Silent Majority in their comfort zone.

There are martyrs for resisting humiliation, transfer, displacement

Tampering with basic rights, human and civil rights.


Martyrs for Individual expression of opinions,

Equal under the laws

Regardless of gender, color of the skin, or religious affiliations

Martyrs who testified on behalf of the innocents


Reporters disseminating injustices done by the power to be

Standing tall against despots, oppressors, and aggressors.


Mankind has been fighting the wrong battles.

Mankind failed to grow enough, live enough

To fight the enemy within,

Under the banner of “know yourself”

Then show compassion to your neighbors.


There are no enemies or foes.

We are all similar in goodness and evil tendencies.


Why do we have to die?

An excellent question that needs an answer before we go to battle.


A timely NO is far more heroic

Than succumbing to intimidation and suppression.


Can’t we enjoy heaven on earth?

Can’t we just struggle against hell on Earth?

So many martyrs for naught!




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