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Why this “feeling of duration” alter with age?

Is it ridiculous that scientists want a “second” to be precise to the billionth of intervals, while most of us wish time would flow smoothly as in a dream? We tend to consider duration as the hardest obstacle to happiness: The moment must be very short to sustain so much excitement

As if “time working” on your invested meager saving, associated with meager interest rate, will add much to your wealth!

In rainy days, a kid will tell you squarely: “I have nothing to do” as friends are nowhere near to play with.

An adolescent will be frank: “I have so much to do, and I don’t feel doing anything…” and this feeling is maintained for many years until doing anything becomes a chore

A young person working in a routine job is blunt: “I’m glad the day is over. I can now hit the pub…” and alcoholism was never the purpose for these frequent visits to pubs

A young graduate employed in the field of his interest is not phased: “The day passed so fast. I have to work overtime this night…” as if feeling overtired has ever resolved a problem

A middle-age person (about and over 45 of years) is adamant: “The hours of the day are far shorter than the night…” after tossing all night long trying to catch a few zzz

An elderly person is wise: “Who cares? I am the master of the time: I wake up when I feel to, and dread going to bed. I prefer the quick micro-sleeps that stretch as long as a night insomniac sleeps…”

Is “feeling of duration” related to our perception of what “feeling bored” projects to us? And why I rarely feel bored and my days are packed with dozen of “daily achievement tasks programs“?

Only a tiny portion of the category of grown ups between (25-45) demonstrate certain initiatives. It is the group of adults who:

1.  Were fortunate to be nurtured by the extended family members by shoveling upon them all kinds of tasks to do, to repeat, and learn to emulate…

2. Tasks that have been coerced on kids to do and to try to finish: Kids are never curious of anything, contrary to popular saying

3. The best group for taking initiatives is those adults who got it straight in their heads that questioning authority figures is their first entitlement to practice and nourish…

The rest of mankind, all age group and genders combined, go through the routine of doing tasks that life, haphazardly, made them to repeat, including playing games and role model imitation

Most of mankind behave according to the “priming thief program”  as detailed in this link




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