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Do Not believe that statement: ‘Men still run the world – and it’s not going that well’

Posted on February 10, 2016

Where are all the women leaders?

According to the latest data from UN Women, only 22% of all national parliamentarians are female. (That’s a huge number in modern States)

Only 11 women serve as head of state, and 10 serve as head of government. (Only Merkel has power in her position)

To all the people who still think that “women have it all”! Noor Al-Hajri shared this link

Sheryl Sandberg: ‘Men still run the world – and it’s not going that well’ In the US, women make up almost half of the college-educated workforce, but hold only 19% of board seats.

Away from the political world, the numbers are just as bad – or even worse. Although women account for almost half of the college-educated workforce in the US, they hold only 19% of board seats, and are only 4.6% of CEOs.

Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s COO and a rare example of a woman leader in the male-dominated world of technology – thinks it’s time that changed.

“Men still run the world – and I’m not sure it’s going that well,” she told participants at a session on the future of work in Davos. And until we rectify that, everyone will suffer: “It means we’re not using the full talent of the population.”

(I posit that the educated married women have far more power to lead their family and husband than many pseudo “political position”)

It was discovered that most worthy published books were written by women and using male pseudonym to be published. This is a fact for many centuries, and women were still having problems publishing even in our modern time.

Many women were leaders of their kingdoms and tribes and even instituted women armies.

Matriarchal systems were the Natural systems in the early human development.




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