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“Me-Self” autobiography versus “I-Self” stories in night dreams.

Night dreams are rehearsals of all the pent up anger and frustrations you tried to have under control during the day. The horror of what the day could turn if we acted on our basic instincts and hatered and jealousy for everyone around us…

And most dreams are ugly, illogical and haphazard stories that we prefer to forget: We are unable to make sense of them and telling these dreams makes us look fools and inarticulate…

If people were that idiot to speak and express their thought on everyone and everything, we would all wish to be reincarnated as animals.

Preferably animals with a fighting chance for survival against so many predators.

Animals that we think behave “naturally” and do not keep revenge in their mind and harbor loathing against other animals.

Animals that we think live the day to day in perfect harmony with how they were created, and not influenced by mankind perception of them… 

Marsha Norman once wrote: “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

I believe that sleep dreams are the draft scenarios stories of the “I-Self” that the conscious mind re-edit to modify the “Me-Self” autobiography of our world view that conform to the customs and traditions of the community…

The “I-Self” stories are pretty incoherent fragments, and we hardly can make sense of them, and we prefer to forget them as soon as we wake up.

The “I-Self” stories are basic building blocks to whatever alterations we conduct on our autobiographical version story and many of the next days decisions.

Many people grind their teeth when sleeping. And the sound is pretty alarming. This is a consequence of venting pressure and anger in our dreams that we tried hard to control during the day.

In the last two years, most of my night dreams are wandering from one dirty toilet to another flooding WC: My hint that I should be getting up and piss. Otherwise, my night is a wet horror and disgusting string of trips.

There are not just a hint to visit the WC: These drowning dreams in dirty water are reflections of what I implicitly capture of people perception of me…

When I sleep in chunks of 3 to 4 hours, I am necessarily dreaming, whether I recall that I had dreamt or not…

Consequently, I am twice editing my autobiography every single day. In winter time, I am editing it three times: My siestas are lengthy and generate dreams…

The more often you dream, the better person you are…




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