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How large of a mankind you Prefer? Your pick: 11 or 4.5 billion? Just decide and act…

Looks like you have two choices for the long-term:

1. If you insist on consuming meat on a daily basis, and don’t mind that the highest authority (UN?) declare that every individual has the natural right to eat meat daily, you have to side with the policies of reducing birth rate to the bare minimum. Earth cannot support more than 4.5 billion who are “carne inclined communities“…

2. If you can be satisfied to live with cereals, vegetables, fruits, and eating meat just once per week, earth can support up to 11 billion of our spieces…

A bit too crowded to your liking? Wants to revert to carne-type?

Meat-eater societies (societies where 45% of its population eat meat-kind of food daily), are increasing world-wide. We had the USA (every citizen eats about 145 kilos of meat per year), most western Europe, Australia, Brazil, Argentina…

And now we have Turkey, Iran, China, most central Asian countries…

A group visited Tehran for a week, and they were served meat (mainly mutton and chicken…) and rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetable food were rare and tasteless. The group could not recall being served any kinds of beans (carbanza bean, green bean, … and even fava bean)

Mind you that the middle class on earth tripled in the last two decades: The growing middle class in China India, Indonesia…want to emulate the life-style of the western nations…Why? They can afford it, and emulating the standard western life-style is the normal reaction…cars, energy consumption, vacation, fashion, waste, and eating meat every day…

All the deforestation of virgin forests around the world will not be enough to feed meat every day for people who can afford it… and the decline in water resources and climate sustainability will go wild… 

Do you know that mankind currently consume 50 billion slaughtered animals? (Not sure if fish is included).

Maybe less than one billion can afford to eat meat daily, including fish, and another billion rely solely on fish for daily consumption…and the remaining 5 billion? How do you think they are surviving while the prices of cereals and rice are skyrocketing?

Fish is quickly being depleted and people on the shore lines making fish their daily stipend are having hard time surviving: the fishermen have to navigate far in the seas to catch any fish…

Cows consume more water than agriculture, in localities where they are intensively raised, and they pollute the water sources and the climate more than any other factors……

Herve Le Bras published this French book “Life and Death of world population“. Herve claims that agricultural lands on earth didn’t increase in the last 15 years, including all the deforestation activities…

If every person insist on his right to consume meat daily, earth cannot support more than 4.5 billion.  Either cereals are fed to cows and sheep…or they are meant for mankind consumption.

Earth can feed 11 billion people if land production is intended for people: There is enough land for cows and sheep raised to be slaughtered to graze on.

Currently, earth is inhabited by 7 billion as of October 2012, and will inevitably reach 9 billion by 2050. The evolution of rate of birth has decreased from 2.1 child per family in 1960 to barely 1 child.  And yet, famine and malnutrition are widespread.

During Jesus Christ period, mankind was 35 times less than now, and it was half the number as Armstrong landed on the moon.

People are alarmed and shouting:

“The Titanic is overcrowded. There is no more room for people to jump aboard…”

“If you love your kids, no need to bring to life more of them in this over polluted earth…”

“Earth is a huge vast waste bin…”

“The ecological cost of a new born in Europe is equivalent to 620 flying trips from Paris to New York…”

“When I was a kid, the city was 35 miles away. About 25 years later, the city is within 8 miles reach…”

“Mankind will disappear? Good riddance…” Yves Paccalet, a member of Cousteau team

Partisans of demographic decrease movements are organized in almost every country. They are called “Optimum Population Trust” in England, “Club of 10 million” in the Netherlands, “Rientrodolce” in Italy, “One Baby” in Belgium, “Glinks” in the USA, Green Inclinations, No Kids…

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT), about 3,000 fans, are provoking readers on Facebook…

Childfree movement are voluntarily being sterilized, and women are demanding that health insurance cover temporary obstruction of the vaginal spouts.

Note: Post inspired from an article by Cecile Deffontaines in the French weekly Le Nouvel Obserateur number 2492 “Crusaders for minimal birth rate




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