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Medicine: News from the scientific world

The most dangerous period in the constitution of a person is during pregnancy.

Neurological symptoms such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, or autism are the results of bad pregnancy environment and the kinds of pills used.

For example, 10% of US pregnant women are on Prosac and so many varieties of tranquilizers that no serious medical research are conducted on consequences to the foetus.

Apparently, most neurological illnesses are due to benign and precocious brain malfunctions of the new-born during pregnancy period.

For example, if you insert human gene of the “double cortex” syndrome in the embryonic brain of a mouse then the brain of the mouse will develop this ailment. The neurons remained in an immature state and firing “slow electrical current” for longer duration than normal neurons.

A neuron that fails to follow the genetic program that guides its migrations and its connections during development will keep traces of its immature state at adulthood.

In general, mechanisms of neurological symptoms begin early on, but are not observed or discovered except twenty years later.

Brain is constituted of millions of neurons and you think that the malfunction of a single neuron could not have any major impact.  Wrong.

You insert a gene in a particular neuron and you obtain the corresponding behavior.

Within a couple of years it will be possible to discriminate among dozens of particular neurons with specific functions, using cerebral imaging.

Note:  (Opinions offered by Yehezkel ben-Ari, founder of neurobiology institute INSERM in Marseille)




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