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Turkey’s Strategy

The long-term strategy of the Turkish State in the coming two decades is to be at a par  with Italy, France, and Spain in deciding for the Mediterranean Sea peace, security, and development. In the mean time, Turkey has to iron out all its historical and modern difficulties with its neighboring regions such as the Balkan States (such as Bulgaria, Romainia, Albania, and Serbia), the Caucasus States (such as Armenia, Azerbajan, Georgia, and Tchechnia), the Central Asian States (such as Tajikistan, and Uzbakistan), the Middle East States (such as Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan), the Near East States (Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine), the major north African States (Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco), and the Arab Gulf States.  So far, in the last decade, Turkey has been successful in bringing security and stability to most of its bordering States such as Greece, Syria, Iran, and Armenia.

For example,  on Turkey initiatives to its neighboring States, Turkey’s government extended a peace treaty with Armenia; the Armenian government signed it and the Armenian Parliament is yet to ratify the entire package.  The USA, pressued by Israel lobby, is delaying this ratification and even threatening to ask Congress to re-open the Armenian genocide file at the turn of the 20th century.  The Armenian/Lebanese demonstrated in Lebanon against the ratification, but this does not count. Sooner or later, this treaty will be ratified; and in the mean time, the many economic cooperation between the two States are growing fast. You may read my post on the Turkish and Armenian problems

Turkey initiated a reconciliation between the two divided sections of Cyprus (the Greek and Turkish sectors).  The Cypriot Greeks are delaying the execution of this reconciliation; mainly, because the European Union (EU) does not want Turkey to have a leg in the union, even, indirectly (Cyprus Greek is part of the EU).

There are no problems between Syria and Turkey:  The borders are opened to trade, commerce, and without visas.  Turkey and Syria are conducting joint military maneuvers.  The Kurdish movements in Syria is under total control.  Syria had claims on the district of Iskandaron on the sea shore that mandated France relinquished to Turkey in 1936.  Turkey was a mediator between Syria and Israel for a peace treaty.

There are no problems between Turkey and Iran.  Both States have interest to contain and manage the Kurdish separatist movements on their lands.  Turkey and Iran have interest to keeping Iraq united a fter the withdrawal of the US troops in 2011 and are cooperating in that strategy.  Lately, Turkey joined Brazil to coaxing Iran into signing the nuclear treaty and Turkey was successful in that mediation.

Turkey and Greece are in great terms economically and politically.  Turkey aided Greece during the earthquake of 1999 and is contributing to get current Greece out of its financial morass.

Turkey has demonstrated the will to safeguard the rights of the Palestinians who were chased out of their homeland in 1948 by the new emerging State of Israel.  Turkey is leading the political and diplomatic endeavors to securing the human rights and civil rights in the occupied land of Palestine.

The main problem in Turkey is internal:  Turkey has to find a satisfactory resolution to its Kurdish separatist movement.  Negotiations are under way with most Kurdish movements but Israel has heavily infiltrated several radical Kurdish factions to keeping the heat on the Turkish State.  This case will be resolved as the US troops vacate Iraq and the Iraqi State regains some significant sovereignity over its land. (Article to be continued)




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