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Rabbi Michael Lerner Brings Down The House At Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

Berkeley-based rabbi Michael Lerner spoke as a representative of the Jewish faith at Muhammad Ali’s memorial service in Louisville today, and delivered a fiery sermon calling for a litany of social change, including the ending of drone warfare, the ending of Israeli West Bank occupation, and literally dozens of other things—commanding multiple standing ovations.

Here’s the text of Lerner’s presentation, as pulled (unedited) from closed captioning:

Master of compassion, gold of Compassion, send your blessings To muhammad ali and send your Blessings to all who mourn for Him and send your blessings for All the millions and millions of People who mourn for him all Over this planet.

I came here as a representative Of american jews so — and to Say that american jews played An important role with African-american struggles in This country and that we today Stand in solidarity with the Islamic community in country and All around the world. [applause]

We will not tolerate politicians Or anyone else putting down Muslims and blaming muslims for A few people — [applause]

We know what it’s like to be Demeaned.

We know what it’s like to have a Few people who act against the Highest visions of our tradition To then be identified as the Value to have entire tradition And one of the reasons that we At tokun magazine, a magazine of Progressive jews but also an Interfaith magazine have called Upon the united states Government to stand up to the Palestinian government that he Has jews is to understand that God has created everyone in Gold’s image and that everyone Is equally precious and that Means the palestinian people as Well as all other people on the Planet. [applause]

I know the people of louisville Has a special relationship to Muhammad ali and I had a Personal relationship in the 1960’s when those of us were Indicted by the federal Government for our varies stands — Various stands against the War in Vietnam.

I want to say that although he Was cheered on as the Heavyweight champion of the World, the truth is — tall Honor to him — but heavyweights — Heavyweight champions of the World come and go and sports Heroes come and go. There was something about Muhammad ali that was different. At the key moment when he had That recognition, he usinged it To stand up to an immoral war And say no, I won’t go. [applause]

And it’s for that reason that Tens of millions of americans Who don’t particularly care About boxing do care about Muhammad ali, because he was the Person who was willing to risk a Great honor that he got and the Great fame that he got to stand Up for the beliefs that he had, To spreek truth to power when The rest of the people around Him said no, no, you’re going to Lose your championship, and it Was taken away from him for five Years, but he stood up and was Willing to take that kind of a Risk because of that kind of Moral integrity. [applause]

So I want to say how do we honor Muhammad ali? And the answer is the way to Honor muhammad ali is to be Muhammad ali today. [applause]

That means us, everyone here and Everyone listening. It’s up to us to continue that Ability to speak truth to power. We must speak out, refuse to Follow a path of conformity to The rules of the game in life. We must refuse to follow the Path of conformity.

Tell the 1% who own 80% of the Wealth of this country that it’s Time to share that wealth.

Tell the politicians who use Violence worldwide and then Preach nonviolence to the Oppressed that it’s time for Them to end their drone warfare And every other kind of warfare, To close our military bases Around the world, to bring the Troops home.

Tell those who invented mass Incarceration that it’s time to Create an — a living income for Everyone in our C.E.O.

Tell judges to let out of prison The many african-americans swept Up by racist police and Imprisoned by racist judges. [applause]

Many of them in prison today for Offenses like possessing Marijuana that white people get Away with all the time. [applause]

Tell our elected officials to Imprison those who authorize Torture and those who tran big Banks and investment companies That caused the economic Collapse of 2008.

Tell the leaders of Turkey to Stop killing the kurds.

Tell israeli prime minister Netanyahu that the way to get Security for israel is to stop The occupation of the west bank And help create a Palestinian State.

Tell the next president of the United states that she should Pass a congress institutional Amendment to make all Legislation funneled by congress And the slate legislatures or All other sours of many — money Be banned, all other money, make It all public funding.

Tell her that the way to achieve Homeland security is not for us To try new ways of domination. The strategy of domination of The world of the other to get Security has been tried for the Last 10,000 years and it doesn’t Work. The way to get security is for The united states to become Known as the most generous and Caring country in the world, not The most powerful. [applause]

We could start with a global and Domestic plan to once and for All end global and domestic Poverty, Homelessness, hunger, inadequate Education, inadequate health Care.

Spiritual progressivities.Org, Come and join us. I want to affirm our commitment To the well-being of all muslims On this planet as well as the People of all faiths and secular Humanists as well.

We wish to may honor to the Muslims of the world adds they Continue the fast of ron dom and Share the loss of muhammad ali.

Peace be upon them, peace be Upon the prophet muhammad, peace Be upon all of humanity and Peace be upon us. Amen.




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