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I am leaning to this impression that Mikati PM has overdone spreading plenty of smokescreen positions through the printed media.  Mikati knows who appointed him to form a government:  Either he is serious to forming a government and has to do it now, or let him have the decency to decline :  Seriously, Mubarak was deposed in less than 18 days. 

Do you want Mr. Mikati to break the records of Saad Hariri, the Iraqi, and the Belgium standstills?  This is not a good idea:  We are suffocating and need to withstand the revolutionary storms devastating this sick and oligarchic Arab World.

Mikati knows that it is Syria that gives the green light for any form of government:  Delaying forming a government is making us suspecious that Syria is negotiating better terms for its interests with the US and Saudi Arabia at the Lebanese expense.  This is not the impression that Mikati is supposed to leak to the Lebanese:  We want a government now.

The political factions that refuses to be included in the government can be considered as the new opposition; that is what they declared.  What’s wrong about having a true opposition?

You have been appointed by a coalition of parties that fired Saad Hariri and you know the demands of that majority coalition in the Parliament.  Forget the International Court for Lebanon; it is no longer an issue:  The current upheavals in the Arab World have demolished whatever mandated politics the UN wants from Lebanon.  All we want is that the falsehood witnesses to the assassination of Rafic Hariri be investigated and brought to trial. 

We have experienced this “no win” mentality after 13 years of civil war and we have been devastated and plagued by the same warlords coming to power and dividing the unity of the citizens.  We want a clear winner in this period of upheavals.

The Tayyar Hurr of Michel Aoun wants the ministry of the interior:  This ministry has been badly managed for decades and the Tayyar has the power and determination to make a difference.  Are you ready Mr. Mikati to agree with the Tayyar’s just demand?

The ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health have been the monopoly of  Nabih Berry for three decades; isn’t it time to break this vicious cycle of allocating oligarchic privileges?  Are you ready Mr. Mikati to reform a damaging habit to our “democracy”?

The ministry of Finance has been the monopoly of the Hariri clan for three decades and this clan has robbed the treasury and has established a shadow government for three decades.  Are you still negotiating with the clan that will not be satisfied unless “bygone is begone”?  This clan wants to retain all the spoil:  Shouldn’t it be investigated and at least the principal of the stolen money returned to the Lebanese Treasury?

Listen Mr. Mikati, are you ready to reform?  If not just quit and let us find someone with balls and determination to guide us to a safer shore.

We want to reforms our laws.  We want an equitable and fair election law.  Are you Mr. Mikati up to the task?

We want laws that do not discriminate on gender, wealth, religious sect, or origin. Are you Mr. Mikati up to the task?

We refuse to have a shadow government.  Are you Mr. Mikati up to the task?

We want the municipalities to acquire greater latitude for working to the interests of their communities and we want the minicipal councils to be trained to modern administrative and transparent work ethics. Are you Mr. Mikati up to the task?

We want job opportunities; we want to work.  Are you up to the task Mr. Mikati PM?

Form a government now or decline the job Mr. Mikati!




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