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Uzbekistan: “Doctors ordered to cut out women’s uterus without knowledge or consent…”

A BBC report broke the silence on maltreatment of women in Uzbekistan, and stood up with the brave Uzbek women who have dared to tell their stories in the face of stunning oppression

Uzbekistan’s President Karimov wants to promote “birth control” across the country.  Karimov is forcing doctors to cut out women’s uterus without their knowledge or consent.

Uzbekistan is one of the former Soviet Union States that acquired independence after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, and is witnessing a dictatorial regime for decades.

This is a vile and bloody crime against women being orchestrated by an odious dictator.Uzbekistan’s Karimov is one of the world’s worst dictators, he’s even boiled opposition activists alive. Yet he’s propped up by millions of dollars from the US government who pay him for military transport across the country. The steady flow of money from military transit to Afghanistan is funding Karimov lavish lifestyle.

This latest round of brutality, this time against his country’s women, has turned the global spotlight on this monster.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can cut him off. She has already publicly condemned Karimov for human rights abuses and this most recent assault on women’s rights – a topic she champions – only ups the stakes.

Activists estimate hundreds of thousands of women were sterilised secretly when they went into the hospital for a routine procedure or to give birth — waking up with no idea that their uterus has just been removed.

One Uzbek gynecologist admitted, ‘Every doctor is told…how many women are to be sterilised … my quota is four women a month’. The use of arbitrary arrest and torture is so widespread that women don’t speak out for fear of reprisals, and foreign journalists and human rights activists are routinely thrown out of the country.

The US could play hardball with Karimov. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has  publicly condemned Karimov for human rights abuses and this most recent assault on women’s rights (a topic she champions) should ups the stakes.

Mind you that Hillary never publicly condemned Saudi Arabia and Israel on issues of human rights and maltreatment of women. A couple of months ago, Israel radical religious right parties started segregating men and women in public transport, and as Hillary complained in a private setting on these policies, Israel took arm and confronted Hillary publicly.

Why this failure on the part of the US to act vigorously?

The human rights horror show in Uzbekistan has gone under the radar for years.

And now is the time for this brutality to end. Let’s use this awful moment to persuade his biggest backer (the USA government) to ditch him.

Note: There is this petition circulating (and I hope you will refrain from contributing money to this organization):




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