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Third article on Lebanon’s mass upheaval since October 17

Note: If you care to read the second article

From 1971 to the onset of the civil war, Beirut experienced a mass upheaval that turned out to become a continuous movable feast/fair.  The upheaval demanded reforms in the political system that would drop this sectarian/comprador political and economic structure. You may read the link at the end of the article.

The militia/mafia “leaders”, in control of the political system since 1992, were trying hard Not to have a budget within the legal period and then Lebanon forgo the concept of budget from 2005 to 2018.

The current mass upheaval is in its 12th day. During the first 2 days, the protesters wanted to foment the people against the President Aoun and Saad Hariri PM, as totally impotent in governing and perform any change.

Their fake news and lies backfired. Even their hooligans felt shame facing this united massive uprising.

This surprised mass upheaval forced these militia leaders (Nabih Berry, Walid Jumblaat and Samir Jeaja) to backtrack and vote on the budget and all the reforms in the last government meeting.

Hariri was the first to deliver a speech and promised 72 hours before taking a decision for his resignation. Hezbollah secretary general was second in talking to the movement and declared that the resignation of the government is out of the question for practical reasons and to avoid a long lasting void.

Then the President delivered his speech and it was Not basically different from the PM, since Not a single reform action was executed in the last 9 days.

I warned that it was Not advisable for the President to deliver a speech without offering the protesters a tangible reform: Confidence that the President can deliver is worth a thousand speech.

Hassan Naser Allah’s second speech was alarming: he stated that this movement has been guided by foreign powers in order to drive Lebanon into chaos and ordered his followers to desist from joining the upheaval. He warned that if the government proved a resistance to deliver on its promises, then Hezbollah will act vigorously to prevent any chaos.

The army and the internal security forces met and reached an agreement to open blocked highways. The militia “leaders” such as Samir Ja3ja3 and Walid Jumblatt were given 48 hours to call home their armed hooligans and desist in acting as militia by blocking side roads and demanding citizens to show their identity cards…

The main difference between this mass upheaval and that of 1971 is that the newer generations refused to listen to the older “revolutionaries” and could Not produce quality political awareness.

In the 1971 uprising there were cultural events that bolstered the quality of the civil Lebanon, theaters, great movies, discussions… Should we hope for a qualitative change in how the protesters are spending their time?

I have no problems with a few protesters sitting on sofas and surrounded with the facilities of a cozy home. I am disturbed that they are Not discussing to enhance their political awareness: each one of them is isolated with his expensive iPhone. Thus, what basically changed?

Actually, you have people instructing the protesters methods of how to confront the army.

Nothing of quality comes in a hurry: it needs reflective periods and the ability to select the relevant facts in the constant streaming of the mass of facts. And be able to pinpoint the fake news on the base of good general knowledge

All the government institutions have been staffed with personnel that owe its survival to the mafia/militia “leaders” for 3 decades. You can constitute any government you want, the result is “who will execute the decisions”?

A technocrat, if Not strongly politically backed, cannot pressure the civil servant to obey his decision, especially those in the upper echelons.

The question is: How can any change occur if One Third of the population survive as civil servants and are used to sizable “backsheesh” and shady deals?

Pragmatically, only a Big Fish in a stagnant pond can clean it from the smaller fishes.

Thus, the movement must strike a deal with the government to dismiss the main higher level civil servants whom were demonstrated to be as rotten as the main mafia/militia “leaders” and who fully cooperated in this endemic “fassaad” or highway robbery of the budgets since 1991.

This mass upheaval can force this government to move forcefully against most of the civil servants that are in cohort with the monopolies of consumer goods, energy, financial transaction, services, communication…

So far, the movement has been intent on blocking roads and streets, in fact emulating the tactics of the civil war militia without being aware of their behavior. Blocking roads is tantamount of cutting communication among the citizens and making it difficult for the daily economic trade cycle.

This movement keep chanting “Down with this government”, “Down with this rotten regime”… but no viable pragmatic alternatives are materializing.

If the western States, Israel, Saudi Kingdom and Qatar are intent on weakening the social base of Hezbollah by persisting on a long upheaval without any communication with the current government, then I submit that Lebanon will experience a long protracted period of miseries.

The Lebanese will have to invent an alternative financial and economic structure to circumvent the lack of cash flow and investment. We will be going through very difficult time that will last years, until we manage to re-create another economical and financial system that permit us to survive as a State.

Representatives of this movement “7iraak” must meet with the President, the PM, Nabih Berry (chairman of Parliament for a quarter of century)and Riad Salami (Central Bank chief since 1992). They should meet with them on individual settings and on condition that these meetings be Live and transparent. Let see who of them dare meet the people Live.

Note 2: This link for a special article of most of my comments that I posted on FB pertaining to this mass upheaval.

Note 3: My article on the long upheaval from 1971 till the onset of the civil war: this movable feast.

All of them mafia/militia “leaders” to go home? “killon ya3ne killon”

Miracles vs. Reality

So now what ?

Hariri’s PM plan, concocted in 72 hours, pretends to solve Lebanon’s woes at long last and to miraculously wipe out over $5 billion dollars of the budget deficit without raising taxes or significantly cutting expenses in any way.

Wow, Harry Potter would be impressed. If you believe in that plan, Papa Noel will be upset with you.

So, now what ?

While I share the view that “killon ya3ne killon”, what’s the path forward ?

Rome was not built in one day. We need a path to get there that is doable and realistic without pushing Lebanon into chaos.

One path forward would be for Hariri to resign and for Aoun to call for new early Parliamentary elections. Aoun would have to agree that the new parliament would vote on a new president. (What kind of fair and unbiased election law?)

In the meantime, a technocratic government will be put in place after being vetted by an international head hunting company. (Why bring foreign powers into the equation? Many ministers have proven to be clean in the worst phases of the fassaad)

The new ministers should have NEVER been involved in Politics in Lebanon previously and should have at least 15 to 20 years of PROVEN experience in the field they take on. (That’s crap. Everything is Politics and every minister need to have political backing)

They also have to agree to Not run for the early parliamentary elections and to waive banking secrecy for themselves and their families.

This would mean that within one year maximum, “killon ya3ne killon” was achieved while assuring continuity.

It would also mean that a trusted government can now negotiate the release of the Cedrus funds while assuring the Lebanese and the International community that the funds will indeed be used to revamp the economy and to address urgent infrastructure matters such as electricity, garbage, and roads, in an open and transparent way.

Note: (We need the “Sovereign Fund” to be legalized, structured and functional before any money restitution. The framework of the Central Bank is Not satisfactory and need to be controlled)

The Central Bank chief Riad Salami has Not been replaced in 3 decades and has been playing the role of financial middleman (semsaar) to the mafia/militia “leaders” that controlled this political system since the civil war “ended” without a victor.

The mass upheaval in Lebanon, starting in October 17, is growing stronger and widespread

Note: You may read my first post on this mass upheaval

The mass demonstrations in all cities and districts have unified the citizens under Lebanon flag and National anthem: this is a miracle, in this sectarian political structure since 1943.

A few may say that this upheaval has no definite program. I say this reasoning is irrelevant and is a big plus for this mass demonstration: What this upheaval proved is that that a unified people is possible and we will have to work toward that purpose.

This upheaval has planted the seed for a non-sectarian political structure.

It planted the seed for a civil state where laws are civil for personal status and away from the religious sects privileges.

It planted the seed for an election law that restrict voting to the affiliation to religious sects.

This upheaval has backfired on all these militia/mafia “leaders” of the civil war, in control for 3 decades.

These militia “leaders” inserted their hooligans to disrupt this growing unified movement: they gave order to set fire on building, break in private properties, destroy public institutions and set fires on tires to block the main highways…

In fact, the hooligans of Nabih Berry (chairman of the parliament for 28 years and the main militia leaders who distribute the stolen wealth to the other militia partners) have confronted the peaceful protesters in Tyre (his stronghold) and Nabatiyyeh with weapons and violent body activities.

The army was forced to disperse the protesters in downtown Beirut and arrest the hooligans. Actually, it is the “soldiers” assigned to Nabih Berry around the parliament that acted most violently against dozens of the peaceful demonstrators. “Shou hal wejj el 7elo. Khood hal box”

The army even cracked down in Tripoli and arrested many who contributed in using machine guns.

We have no news if the army entered Tyre to round up Nabih’s hooligans. It seems the local channels got scared of Nabih’s warning and desisted of covering what is taking place in Type.

Today, Nabatiyyeh is scintillating with thousands of personal lights: Hezbollah got it right that this upheaval is legitimate and peaceful. I guess this is a strong message against the Amal militia of Nabih Berry.

Today, the upheaval grew stronger and the hooligans were absent from all the scenes: the militia “leaders” got the message clear and loud: the protesters can pinpoint them and the army is ready to quickly arrest them and prosecute them.

The secretary general of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, delivered his speech in Baalbak this morning. He said:

  1. There will be no resignation of the government. Otherwise, we will have to wait another year to constitute another government. And Lebanon cannot contemplate this luxury since we have a short period to re-establish a viable resolution.
  2. The option of a government of technocrats will be brought down within 2 weeks by the same “leaders’ demanding this alternative.
  3. Going for another election will take a year. We will have to discuss a new election law that takes a great time. And in any case, the parliament will basically end up being constituted by the same members
  4. All those politicians who controlled this political structure in the last 3 decades should Not hope for a bygone be  bygone: They will be prosecuted and their stolen wealth restituted.
  5. He claimed that this mass upheaval was Not planned by any foreign powers or even internal parties: it was carried out by citizens who could no longer suffer hunger, frustration, indignities… by this rotten ruling classes.

My conjecture is that the accumulated comments and opinions on social platforms (positive or negative) have increased the awareness of the citizens on their state of affairs. Every wrong doing committed by a politician or a high ranking member in the various institutions created a web of endemic deep structural reality in the entire  political scene.

The masses finally got aware of this kleptocracy class of politicians and financiers who have monopolies on every kind of consumer goods, energy, services and financial transactions

Here are a few of my notes and comments:

It is 10 am.  The carts in supermarkets are overflowing with goods. Kind of fearing the worst to happen?

(mfawleen chariots? thikat awta min 7arb 2006?)

The militia “leaders” desisted today from unleashing their hooligans

(Zo3ama militias dabdabo zo3raanon. Intahat al khouwaat)

I see cars “protesting”: young people driving fancy cars, the Lebanese flag planted inside the windows. They are Not hungry, but pocket money is being reduced in this financial crisis.

(Tazaahor bil Voitures. Shakko 3alam Loubnan bil shebbak. Moush jou3aneen. “Argent de Poche” ma kaafi)

I feel that all politicians, current and former, are scared shit and getting ready to leave the country, especially, those who used hooligans against the protesters. First, their wives and children leave, carrying the cash and Jewelries. Actually many have already fled in their luxury yachts and private jets.

(E7ssassi, kel al politicians, 7ali wa saabek, 3am yi dobbo shinaton, especially, eli hayyajo zo3ranon wa e3tado 3al moutazahireen. 3am yi shekho wa yi tommo.
their wives and sons and daughters have already fled with their cash and jewelry.
Seniora ila Egypt
Mikati ila Morocco
Berry ila Detroit yefta7 gas stations.
Walid 3am yi fattesh ila ayn yahrob. Momken 3end Putin?
Samir bi faddel Canada
Sett Rida bet faddel Gulf States
Mosbaa7 ila Egypt?…. Any more suggestions?)

If the PM gave himself 3 day to decide on the state of the government, how many days is Al Sayyed (Hezbollah) ready to give this government if it failed to deliver on promises?

(Kem yawm a3ta al Sayyed lel 7oukoumat to deliver?)

The main question is: how you intend to create jobs? What kind of jobs can feed families? Jobs that can recoup the expense of allowing children to graduate?

(Aya 3amal betsed al jou3, aw bet 3awed takaleef al jaami3aat?)

The TV channels need to archive the recording of people feedback in these demonstrations and give a copy to all the deputies.

(Drouri al e3laam yejma3o ta3likaat al sha3eb wa yenshorouha, wa yi kadmoha lel nouwaab)

To current and former politicians and “nouveaux riches”: Make sure your body guards don’t carry machine guns

(Bala body guards 7aamel rashaash. Mosbaa7 ma elo mawte2 kadam la bi Trablos wa la bi Loubnan: Exiled for trying to join the protesters in his luxury cars and well armed body guards)

Israel is as cunning as the Romans: the Romans decided Not to confront directly Hannibal and instead starved his army

(Israel 3akrouti metel al Roumaan: decided Not to confront Hanibaal directly: jawwa3et jaisho wal moukaawami)

How the PM is considering the 72 hours to calm the uprising? Decide that the deputy blocks of Moustakbal, Tayyar and Hezbollah are big enough and homogeneous enough to carry out the intended reforms? And shed this government from the parties that are “actually in the opposition”, like Samir and Walid?

(72 hours 7atta Sa3ed yi karrer: al eslaa7 ma3 al Tayyar wa Hezbollah, wa yi tayyez 3a Walid was Samir. Bi hal 7aali bi sour fi mouwalaat wa mou3aradad. Sheyyab drouri yen zaa7. Walid modtarr yen khonret li anno ma3zool min kel al jihaat)

La folie c’est de faire la meme routine et d’esperer que ca change?

(Une autre revolte jusqu’a ce que zo3raan al militias tet3ab?)

And now? What kind of discussions are going around among the political leaders? And how are they communicating? Using What’sApp?

(wa halla2 shou? ayat nawe3 min al ta7aawor? ayat khitabaat mjahzeen?)

3 days to allow the wives of politicians to leave with their cash and Jewels?

(3 ayaam 7atta neswanon yohrbo ma3 Cash wa moujawharaat?)

I warned Raya Hassan (minister of interior): Do Not use gas canister.

(Bahdalti 7aalek wa intahat mesdaakiyat Sa3ed).

Just suppose the political kleptocracy class (Faassed) agreed to return his wealth, will Switzerland and the USA return these wealth to the government? About $320 bn?

Note 1: Not a single politician (current or former) dared to join this upheaval: they got the message pretty loud that they are Not welcomed and considered to be part of this downhill trend in Lebanon. Good intentions do Not count: their actions are on trial. Actually, even singers and entertainers got the message: “You are part of this structure”

Note 2: My conjecture is that the accumulated comments and opinions on social platforms (positive or negative) have increased the awareness of the citizens on their state of affairs.

Note 3: If this phenomena in Lebanon took so long to galvanize the “left-behind” grass root and totally forgotten, it is mainly because of the Silent Majority who considered themselves “above the fray“, for one reason or another.

There are classes of educated citizens who cared about international state of affairs (climate change, pollution, human rights…) and considered focusing on Lebanon society “beneath” their worries or mental “complex” level. Kind if they have a good paying job or business, then the rest is Not of their concern.

There are classes of entrepreneurs who managed to have the backing of a politician and wouldn’t dare ruin their business on “petty free expression”  (The politician had a share in the business without paying a cent, mafia/khouwwi).

Many parents thought they are part of the “leader” entourage and denied their children to critique the leader or have an opinion on social media…

Note 4: The public servants constitute one third of working force in Lebanon. They didn’t rely on their meager salary, but on the bakhshish for every transaction in their institutions. In the last 3 years, these “servants” discovered that money is getting too tight for the normal citizen who didn’t want to waste their little money on redundant transactions


Woo to a nation that cannot entertain its neighboring States

Lebanon is bordered by two states: Syria and Israel (our existential enemy).

During these 8 years of Syria civil war, our “militia leaders” felt free to loot Lebanon budgets because Syria was out to exercise any tacit pressure. And the militia leaders” have a vested interest Not to officially link politically with any Syrian government

“ويل لأمة ليس لها جبرانها فسوف يُحكم عليها بالركود وبالضجر”

مقال مميز كتبه المحامي دياب عازوري في جريدة النهار!!!

No photo description available.

Sunday marches in Lebanon:  We demand that “Militia leaders” be out of the system

Lebanon refuses to have a government and Saad Hariri was unable to form one in the last 8 months. The Parliament chief Nabih Berry wants to vote a budget in order to loot it officially with the other “militia leaders”.
Every Sunday, the people are marching demanding a stop to looting the country and to investigate the institutions that have been spoiling the money for the last 40 years and bringing Lebanon economy to the ground.
Chawki Rahal posted 16 hrs

نحن هنا اليوم لنطالب بدولة القانون، دولة وطنية مدنية لا تميّز بين مواطنيها، دولة قائمة على مبادئ حقوق الانسان والعدالة الاجتماعية.

البيان والمطالب:
“ننزل اليوم مجدداً إلى الشارع، لتحميل السلطة السياسية الحاكمة مجتمعةً، مسؤولية الأزمة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية التي نتخبط بها.
هذه السلطة التي تمارس المحاصصة في الداخل والارتهان للقوى الاقليمية والدولية في الخارج، تعجز اليوم عن تشكيل حكومة بين مناكفات وابتزاز واختلاق العقد.

هناك كارثة تلوح في الأفق، ستؤدي الى تحميل الناس تبعات الأزمات المتراكمة الناتجة عن طبيعة هذا النظام.

نحن هنا اليوم لنقول “كفى” لسياسات اقتصادية خاطئة، وسياسات اجتماعية جائرة، وفضائح لا تحصى، وفساد لا يقدّر.
لن نقبل بعد اليوم أن يدفع الشعب اللبناني فاتورة المشاريع الفاشلة، فيما السلطة وشركاؤها المستفيدون، من القطاعين المصرفي والعقاري الريعيين، يتهربون من دفع الضرائب ويعيشون على حساب المنتجين.

لن نسمح أن تُكتب نهايتنا اقتصادياً على يد هذه الزمرة الحاكمة.
وبمناسبة انعقاد القمة العربية الاقتصادية، نقول للحكام العرب، الموجودين منهم والغائبين: شعوبكم تطالب بالحرية والعيش الكريم والعدالة الاجتماعية، فكفّوا عن تجويعها وقمعها.

نحن هنا اليوم لنطالب بدولة القانون، دولة وطنية مدنية لا تميّز بين مواطنيها، دولة قائمة على مبادئ حقوق الانسان والعدالة الاجتماعية. إن الإصلاح الاقتصادي ممكن ولا يتطلّب حلولاً سحرية ولا عجائب. الإصلاح الاقتصادي يبدأ بسياسة اقتصادية متكاملة، تعتمد إعادة توزيع الثروات على قاعدة العدالة الاجتماعية والحق والحاجة، وليس على قاعدة الزبائنية والاستزلام والذل.
من هنا ومن كل الشوارع، نطالب بـ:

أولاً: رفض أي زيادة للضريبة على القيمة المضافة أو أي ضريبة تطال الفقراء وأصحاب الدخل المحدود
ثانياً: تصحيح ضريبة الدخل لتصبح تصاعدية بشكل فعلي
ثالثاً: فرض ضريبة تصاعدية على فوائد الإيداعات المصرفية لحماية ادخارات الطبقة الوسطى
رابعاً: فرض ضريبة غير قابلة للتهرب على الأرباح العقارية، وتحويل الإيرادات لدعم الإسكان وحق السكن
خامساً: تحرير الأملاك العامة وفرض ضريبة عالية على المعتدين عليها بدل “رسم الإشغال” الحالي المتدني (بما فيها الأملاك البحرية والنهرية وغيرها)
سادساً: رفض أي مساس بالتقديمات الاجتماعية أو بسلسلة الرتب والرواتب؛ واعتماد السلم المتحرك للأجور والتغطية الصحية الشاملة وحق التعليم وجودته

نحن هنا اليوم لنقول لكل المواطنين، ولكل المقيمين في لبنان، إن لنا حقوق سنعمل على استرجاعها معاً، لكي يكون لنا ولأهلنا ولأولادنا مكونات العيش الكريم في بلدهم، من صحة وتعليم ونقل عام وبيئة سليمة وحريات فردية وعامة، ولكي يبقى لشبابنا بصيص أمل وفرصة عمل كريمة في وطنهم وبين ذويهم.

تظاهرة اليوم هي محطة من محطات الحراك لتحقيق المطالب ولبناء كتلة شعبية ضاغطة، تتابع التحركات في كل القطاعات والقضايا والمناطق.”

The social fabric in Lebanon is flailing irreversibly: What is then left of Lebanon?

People refrain from inviting people at home, and what used to be the salon and the “official” dinning room are totally useless.

Occasionally, when immigrants return in summer time, a few families throw a dinner, just to exhibit its new social status.

But families are living isolated life-style and Not much face-to face encounter are the customs: Only funerals are the events to meet the town people.

The lengthy civil war (1975-91) displaced people and the maintaining of militia leaders in power achieved to ruin the social fabric in Lebanon.

…أثر الازمة الاقتصادية على اجتماعيات ونفسية اللبنانيين…

الجميع يعلم ان للاقتصاد تأثير مباشر على الحياة الاجتماعية و الصحةالنفسية وكلامنا هذا ليس جديدا انما ان نشهد تدهوراً منظما وسريعاًً في العلاقات الاجتماعية والصحة النفسية فتلك ما عادت وجهة نظر عادية.

من علامات التدهور الاجتماعي غير المسبوق ، انتهاء وظيفة الصالون او غرفة الاستقبال في المنزل، اذ تحول الصالون الى غرفة مقفلة لعدم استقبال زائرين من خارج دائرة العائلة الضيقة التي عادة يتم استقبالها في غرفة الجلوس ، أما غرفة تناول الطعام التي تجمع العائلة كما هو مفترض او تستخدم لدعوة لزائر ما فقد فقدت وظيفتها لتصبح شكلاً من أشكال ضرورة الديكور المنزلي غير المستخدم.

أغلب اللقاءات تتم في مقهى واغلب الدعوات لغداء او لعشاء تنتهي في مطعم، تبدلت اشكال العلاقات الاجتماعية لتقلص مساحات البيوت في المدينة من ناحية ولإحتجاج ربات المنزل على عذابات تحضير الطعام اعتقادا بتحررها وحقوقها من ناحية أخرى! .

وأيضا في القرى ، ارتفعت جدران الحديقة حول المنزل وحدّد المدخل من بوابة واحدة كي لا تكون الحديقة والمنزل ممرا بالصدفة لأي كان منعا لأي طارىء او انزعاج…

بدأت العائلة اللبنانية بالإكتفاء بولدين او ثلاثة إذ ما عادت قادرة على إعالة أكثر من أربع أطفال و ذلك ليس شكلا من التحضّر بل عدم قدرة مادية، كما أصبح عمل الزوجة ضروري لإضافة راتبها على راتب العريس كي تنهض او كي تستمر الأسرة في حياة شيه مقبولة وهذا ليس تحررا جندريا بل قهرا اقتصاديا بامتياز.

الذين يحصلون على ميراث من ارض او محال تجارية او بيوت أصبحوا قلّة إذ أغلب ثروة الأهل تقتصر على بيت العائلة المتواضع.

زيادة الاقساط الجامعية و صعوبة التوظيف او ايجاد عمل وسط بلاد قائمة على الفساد والواسطة والرشوة حوّلت آمال وطموحات الكثيرين من الشبيبة الى أفكار تبغي الربح السريع بأي وسيلة ولو كانت وقحة ومذلة وسيئة و مالا حراما.

الخيبة والضيقة الاقتصادية الخانقة تذهب بأجيال الى الجريمة والمخدرات والطرق غير القانونية وتدفعهم قهراً للكذب والدجل والسخرية الى جانب التعليقات الدنيئة والنكات السمجة اتقاء للكآبة وتدعيما للعصاب المتهالك ومنعا للفصام.

“يوم يفرّ المرء من أخيه وأمه وابيه” ما عادت تنبؤاً او توقعاً بل أصبحت حالة يومية وخبرية عادية ناهيك عن قتل الأخ لأخيه او لأبيه او لأمه او قتل زوجة لزوجها من اجل مال او عشق حرام اضافة لحالات رفع شكاوى في القضاء بين افراد العائلة الواحدة من اجل حفنة من المال من ميراث .

دائرة العلاقات الاجتماعية تصغر أيضا توقيا للشرّ او للمشاكل الناتجة عن سوء فهم أوخلل في التفاهم وعدم القدرة ايضاً على تحمل الناس بعضها لبعض وتهربا من طلب الآخر المحتمل للمساعدة والعوز والحاجة إذ الجميع غارق في مصاريف يومية حياتية وضرورية يصعب معها توفير المال حتى لحالات الطوارىء.

الوضع الاقتصادي سيزداد سوءا والحالة السياسية لن تتحسن طالما اننا في بلاد تفوز فيه السيدة غنوة جلول على الرئيس سليم الحص و لا تشبع السيدةXY واولادها من تكديس الثروات والفساد و لا يرى السيد YXوطنه الا تعويضا ماليا لخسارته التجارية في الخارج وطالما ان الكهنة عادوا فصنعوا ربهم من تمر ليأكلوه عند الضرورة و طالما ان القضاء لم يلق القبض على فاسد واحد وطالما ان جهابذة اللبنانيين فخورين بأن اقتصاد لبنان رأسمالي حرّ والحقيقة أنه أقتصاد لصوص الطوائف الرأسماليين …

ليس المهم ان تصمد الليرة ايها الحاكم وليس المهم ان يبقى لبنان موحدا ايها السياسي فكل شيء يشير ان لبنان اصبح في خبر كان اجتماعيا-عائليا-نفسيا فماذا يبقى غير النحيب والدموع.
د.احمد عياش

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So many essential reforms to be done in Lebanon. Where to start?
Hanane Kai posted on FB Yesterday at 7:32pm · 

I can’t wait for the new generation of artists, performers, directors to start producing work that tackle our current problems and challenges in this country.

I understand that civil war is something one cannot just forget (after 33 years), it’s traumatic, it’s loosing your loved ones, and having to kill to save them. It’s living in fear, and it’s being alive today by pure chance.

That said, we’re facing different problems and challenges today. Here’s a list of what I feel we should talk about, instead of war:

The garbage crisis to start with. (Never solved or resolved and becoming a calamity)

The fact that the whole country is becoming a city. Antelias was actually a village not long ago. My village, which is pretty far from Beirut, is now a city (and I still call it my village

How much kids are spoiled these days. How little time parents spend with their children, thanks to the underpaid domestic migrant workers.

Domestic migrant workers, oh… that’s a whole world of problems and challenges. (Suicide, assassinating family members, fleeing to bordellos…)

Political corruption. Homophobia. Patriarchy, where in our most progressive societies, women are still expected to prepare dinner to their husbands although they both have day jobs.

Christians and Muslims still referring to each other as us and them.

Syrian being still looked down upon: we have banners in some villages announcing the illegality of migrant workers to walk on the streets after 7pm.

Public transport. Sexual harassment in public transport.

Unprofessional behaviors. Mediocrity (this one should be on top of the list for me). And mendicant little kids

Homelessness, something we almost didn’t see in Beirut a couple of years back.

Overpopulation. Traffic. Pollution. The lack of urban planing.

The stigma of divorce. The stigma of mental sickness. Backwardness.

The normalization of plastic looking women. The pathetic standard of local series…

There you go. My list of subjects, other than war, that I would like to see addressed in a play, dance performance, movie, exhibition, book.

And that’s not even an exhaustive list.

Other people commented

Lebanese women not being able to travel alone with their children without the father’s permission.

Lebanese women not able to pass on their nationality to their children.

Lebanese women not getting custody for their children after divorce.

Personal status laws for different sects instead of one civil law that gives us all the same rights.

You forgot the new set of taxes that still adopt Stamps (Mireh), high level of indirect taxes, our currency linked to the $ and hampering our economy, the sustained increase of our sovereign debt in order to make banks richer at our expense by transacting T-Bills, tradition of finding someone in the village to pay allegiance to and be servile in our behaviors…
The financial banks in Lebanon want the 2 million Syrian refugees to stay for as long as it is possible: the foreign financial aids keep the currency “stable”.
This linkage to the $ is costing us an arm and a leg and hampering our economy.
Note: All our militia leaders during the civil war are in power and in charge of our “destiny”, and they claim there were no Victors.

Militia leaders “Table de dialogue”, Dialogue Table in Beirut?

طاولة الحوار

Do you know that old farting militia leaders who ruled during 13 years of civil war, still believe that they control the political system in Lebanon?

Next week, the two dozen heads invited themselves for the 21 round, around a table designed in Italy, to sit their stinking asses around and talk about how to resume ruling Lebanon without losing any of their financial and economic privileges.

“La commission de dialogue national . ” And who commissioned these militia leaders to discuss in our names?

Jamil Berry shared his opinion on FB


On fait semblant d’inviter, et les invités viennent et font semblant d’assister.
Certains font semblant de s’excuser , mais la réunion aura effectivement lieu .
On fait semblant de proposer et d’aucuns font semblant d’écouter.
Un club fermé, qui, à force sent le renfermé .

Renfermé dans sa rétention et ses dogmes qui puent la non ouverture.
Renfermé dans ses mensonges qui ressemblent à s’y méprendre à ceux de l’invité d’en face.
Renfermé car l’air qu’il expire est si vicié qu’aucun de ses membres n’inspirera jamais confiance.
Un club où pas un seul invité n’a un dixième d’idéologie en commun avec son voisin de chaise.

Un club où la notion même de l’autre a cessé de paraitre pour transparaitre.
Le pire c’est que chacun s’y croit plus roublard, plus intelligent que tous les autres.
Un ” Dialogue ” qui consiste à deviner en un temps record ” à quoi celui qui prend la parole, veut-il en venir
Et ça rigole, et ça joue des coudes, et ça sourit.

À qui montre les plus belles dents. Genre ce qui se fait de plus cher en dents ” implants artificiels ” comme sont devenus leurs rapports.

Un équivalent de dix Rolex dans chaque gueule de la meute .
Un club qui en est à sa troisième dentition, et qui garde cependant la dent longue . Normal .

On veut le maximum. Pour soi , et pour une partie de sa communauté .
Un club dont les membres ont une seule chose en commun :
Leur langue.

Langue faite du même matériau que la table autour de laquelle ils se réunissent. Le bois .
L’appellation en français reste plus décente : “la commission de dialogue national . ”
Elle en est à sa 21ème réunion .
Elle n’en demeure pas moins une réunion autour d’une table.

Les libanais ont fini par occulter le mot ” Commission Nationale ” et ne parlent plus que de”Table de dialogue”
La sagesse populaire est très méritoire .

Elle a fini par ne plus voir les “humains”mais la “table ”
طاولة الحوار
Et les membres réunis , eux mêmes trop bien emboités autour de cette table de bois .

Des Pinocchios du troisième âge , qui ne bandent plus que du nez …



This implicit new Constitution in Lebanon

Militia Leaders with veto power

Many believe that when tensions and conflicts in a political system include mechanisms for a political mediation to vent out violent resentments, then adopting violent means is no longer necessary.

In working democratic systems, people marching for a demand is a good enough opportunity for the system to listen carefully to the request of the people.

The people who felt this urge to get out to the streets and demonstrate must have kept their latent violent feeling under check for too long, and it is a good policy to tend to the voices of the demonstrators. A hundred demonstrators suffice for the mediation process to get activated and serious negotiation taking place.

The marching phenomena in Lebanon is evidence that one or several main leaders are critical of current politics and are sending the proper message to the government.

When Lebanon cease marching and demonstrating, it is an indication that the leaders are negotiating and trying to reach a consensus. Thus, demonstrating in Lebanon gives the cue that a few main leaders are not satisfied with their quota in the loot for public funds.

The main problem in Lebanon is that the institutional framework that was developed over 70 years, with endless patching up sections added to it, most of it implicit or verbal, is a process of consensus among the main ethnic-religious schisms and feudal tribes who are considered to constitute the fabric of this patched up society.

The constitution was frequently a scapegoat or smokescreen to pass policies against the interest of the common people. The constitution is implicitly admitted to be broken at wish and temporary laws replacing the constitution until the original constitution is forgotten and no longer taken seriously.

Essentially, the current implicit “reformed constitution” is to give veto power to about 5 leaders on “critical matters” that keep changing.

Each religious sect has appointed civil political leaders to represent its interest, in addition to the religious clerics. When a major religious sect ends up with more than one powerful civil leaders (militia), then a civil war is expected within the sect until a resolution is found.

For example, in the Christian religious sects many leaders battled for prominence, and they all failed after the war ended. Aoun found political asylum in France and Jeaja was put in prison for 11 years.

After the Syrian troops vacated Lebanon in 2005, Aoun returned and Jeaja was set free for political purpose in order to counter the Aoun ascendance.

The current battle for leadership is among Gen, Michel Aoun (Tayyar movement), Samir Ja3ja (Lebanese Forces), Suleiman Frangieh in the northern part, and to a lesser extent the Phalange party represented by Amine Gemayyel.

The Shiaa Muslim sect battled between Amal militia represented by current Parliament head Nabih Berry and Hezbollah.

Berry was Syria Man and still is and has become the broker of politicians. Amal and Hezbollah reached a consensus on dividing the roles and currently form the most cohesive and powerful section in Lebanon’s politics, in number, in firepower and organization.

The Sunni Muslim sect battled among many leaders and the assassination of scores of them until late Rafic Hariri purchased the sole leadership with Saudi funding.

After the assassination of Rafic in 2005, the Sunnis tried to affiliate and bring back old leaders and assemble around their local leaders.  Currently, Saad Hariri  (son of Rafic and the chief of Future movement or Mustakbal, mostly in absentia, navigating between Paris and Saudi Arabia) is being imposed upon the Sunnis as their leader with the same Saudi funding and political pressures.

The Druze  sect managed to get more political clout that their number represents because they allied behind a single leader Walid Jumblat who inherited the leadership from his late assassinated father Kamal Jumblat.

The current 5 leaders were generated during the lengthy civil war (1975-89) and several of them inherited their fathers’ leadership.

Basically, the current veto power holders are: Saad Hariri, Walid Jumblat , Michel Aoun , Samir Ja3ja, and Nabih Berry (voicing the desires and positions of Hezbollah).

These leaders split the spoil of public funds and distribute the loot among their subordinate. Kind of Lebanon decided in the last decade not to submit an official budget for the Parliament to vote on. Every month, the main political leaders get their cuts handed over through the ministries in the government that they secured through months of haggling before a government is formed.

The Parliamentary system failed to elect a new President to the Republic for 11 months now.

The former president Michel Suleiman had appointed 3 ministers in the current government as his quota in the spoil, though he has no deputies and has no political party. Ironically, he is still meeting regularly with these ministers, flaunting all decent constitutional customs.

The former President was elected with Syria blessing. When Syria got in trouble, he shifted allegiance to the Saudi Arabia block of regional alliances in order to receive his share of the loot.

It is understandable in this mercantile State: The more powerful Iranian regional block has not the financial means or international clout to cover the President financial exigencies and to travel the world as an acceptable and honored president.

And why no President is about to be elected?

We have no legitimate parliament. and the government is working under a consensus that all the ministers have to agree on any decree, even the most trivial of decisions.

And security received a universal tacit approval that no major disturbances are to take place in the time being. For executing this tacit security deal, the political parties got the orders to meet and start the negotiation processes, two at a time.

A so the nemesis of Hezbollah and the Future are meeting at Nabih Berry palace. And the historic enemies of Aoun and Jeaja are also meeting. And nobody believe that any of these duo negotiations will approach and discuss the main critical divergences.

Protracted negotiations just to give the impression that a resolution could become possible once the green light has been received: kind of putting the final editing touch to the deals before the order is dispatched.

Hapless, tiny and impoverished Lebanon happened to have this red line crossing its land: The regional powers divide between the Saudi Arabia block and Iran block. And these two regional blocks are waiting for the USA and Russia to reach a negotiated settlement over Ukraine, and particularly, the fate of Mariopol, a tiny port city in the Ukraine.

Even the signing of nuclear deal with Iran, which has been finalized, is postponed until the USA and Russia agree on a resolution.

And the hapless Lebanese are being caught between bears, wolves, eagles and jackasses.

Note: Turkey got out of its cocoon during the Arab Spring revolutions and got involved heavily in supporting the various national Moslem Brotherhood movements. The Arab States and Iran managed to return Turkey back to its cocoon and clip its wings as it was getting immersed in the Arab World.

In reaction and retaliation, Turkey of Erdogan directly supported all the extremist Sunni terrorist movements such as ISIS and the Nusra Front in Syria and Iraq. Turkey is the main entry point for all the extremists willing to join the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and Turkey has dispatched 10,000 of its citizen to join the fray.

Turkey wants its piece of the cake in the regional power tug of war before relinquishing its support to the terrorist movements.





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