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Why and how Israel decided to flatten Beirut?

Is it Out of Spite, Israel/US decided to bypass their totally impotent and greedy Lebanese leaders’ allies?

Hezbollah has plenty of serious grievances against these militia/mafia leaders who have totally sided with US/Israel for many decades, and many of them who supported the Zionist movement before the creation of this colonial implanted colony Israel in our midst.

In fact, the Maronite Phalange Party, created by the French colonial mandated power in 1936, and headed by Pierre Gemayel, totally supported the Zionist movement and the creation of Israel as a counter-power against the predominantly Muslim population in lebanon.

The successive pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon were supported by these “agent” leaders since 1948.

1) Actually, those who were elected in the parliament are the ones who sold their properties and lands in Palestine to the Zionist movement in order to run for election

2) In the first 3 decades of the “Independence” of this pseudo-State of Lebanon, the Southern region and its people were totally ignored in the successive budgets for any worthy infrastructure, schools and hospital.

And that indignity included the Akkar region in the north and the Bekaa Valley people.

3) The Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini dispatched his cleric Moussa Sader to Lebanon in the late 1960 in order to rally the Chia sect around a leader that was Not a feudal and landlord conventional “leader” or za3eem.

Moussa Sader did a great job and his “Disinherited Movement” called Amal grabbed the attention of the conventional Lebanese leaders in power for all that period and this movement became a force to negotiate with.

Hezbollah General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, in a speech declared that “All we need is to launch a couple of missiles on the Ammonium plant in Haifa. The conflagration is as powerful as an atomic bomb”.

It turned out that Israel actually executed this idea and stored an amount of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut and let it be forgotten

Who still believes that this calamity is a simple matter of laziness of every responsible during the last 6 years?

Who is still unable to believe that Israel is Not able to prepare for a long-term catastrophe and hangar #12 was being prepared and targeted for a timely decision to flatten Beirut?

Who still believe this conflagration was Not triggered by an electromagnetic pulse bomb, planted in the hangar?

No more Caches for Fiscal Evaders in selected Islands?

Bye Bye Launderers and white washers of plundered wealth?

Since 2009, many nations were trying to find ways to close loopholes in fiscal laws that permitted the rich people to transfer wealth to foreign caches in order to escape paying their due taxes.

In 2020, Lebanon pseudo State has Not even contemplated preventing the militia/mafia leaders from draining our accounts in banks in hard currencies from vacating our territory.

The financial havoc has generated another capital consequence. in every nation around the world.

All these tiny islands and tiny States that were the havens of offshore companies where money were stashed away to avoid taxes are no longer safe havens.

The safe havens were pressured to enact laws that permit any State government to investigate accounts that were immune under “banking secrecy regulations“.

There are five main regions were these safe heavens concentrated their activities.

First, the Caribbean islands of about 14 of them, singly or set of smaller islands, such as: Caicos, Turks, Anguilla, and Montserrat (controlled by Britain), the Virgin Islands (controlled by the USA, the Aruba and Antilles (controlled by the Netherlands), the Bahamas, Caimans, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominic, Sainte Lucie, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Grenada, Panama City, and Belize.

Second, in Europe we got the city of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Isle of Man, Isles of Guernsey and Jersey, Gibraltar, Monaco, Saint Marin, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Cyprus, and Switzerland.

Third, in the Far East we have: Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Fourth, in the Arab Gulf we have: Dubai and Bahrain.

Fifth, in East Africa we have: Maurice, Seychelles Republic, Maldives, and then Liberia in West Africa.

For example, the Caribbean islands and particularly the Caimans has residency for 70% of hedge funds and manage about $ 2 trillion or 2,000 billions;

Jersey Island is the prime British offshore center and managing 300 billions;

Liechtenstein with 165 billions;

Switzerland with $2 trillions of offshore money or the third of the world’s caches and which generate a third of the State’s income.

The safe havens in the Virgin Islands are mostly invested by China.

Now most of these safe havens are in the process of regulating their financial activities because most States want the money of their citizens repatriated in order to be taxed.

The problem is that the fiscal laws in most States are so exorbitant and complicated that it is Not worth repatriating any money.

People are just waiting for lenient and simple fiscal laws to be enacted before they get the courage to transfer their money to their home states.

For example, taking into account penalties on bad faith (40%), interests in arrears, tax on revenue, social contribution and other rights and penalties, a French citizen having one million dollars in Switzerland should expect to pay 1,300,000 dollars, far more than what he has saved in the safe haven.

France has evaluated to 20 billions dollars of lost revenue is fiscal fraud, which amount to the total budget for the department of Research and higher Education.

The case of Switzerland banking secrecy laws started in 1934.

In 1932, France confiscated from the Commercial Bank of Bale ten books containing 2000 French clients; the socialist deputy Fabien Albertin divulged the names of the clients representing a wide spectrum of influential personalities from magistrates, to ministers, to deputies, and to bishops.

The State of Switzerland reacted.

Only in 1998 did the wall of banking secrecy fall in Switzerland when the US exercised pressures to recoup 1.25 billions dollars saved by Jewish families during the Nazi period.

There are four criteria to categorize a State as a fiscal paradise:

First, absence or lack of fiscal laws;

second, lack of transparency;

third, the economy cannot support that much funds (basically, a post office State); and

fourthrefusal to exchange judicial and fiscal information.

Tidbits 66

Israel, our existential enemy, is the colonial implant of the Western colonial powers to destabilize the Middle-East and cut all the trade routes among the created States. Israel has proven to be a failed State politically and socially. The defeat of Israel is very feasible. What is needed is to be able to confront the sustained sanctions of the colonial powers: history proves that the colonial powers need plenty of time to lick their wounds.

You will always be treated a pseudo-citizen until you act. Then you earned your citizenship against all odds, whether the State admit it or Not.

England (Churchill) created monarchic Jordan State, 2 decades before the recognition of Israel, in order to protect the borders of the new implanted colony in our midst.

Be warned: You have got to ask plenty of questions for any trivial demand. All the knowledge will Not shield you from being suckered into obeying subtle orders that lead to dangerous deeds. This called “Agency status”: Obeying a small order without much inquiry because the order doesn’t feel harmful. Successive such agency status devolve into a “No return” condition for committed horrors.

What will happen to the Lebanese if the UN drop the status of State for Lebanon? Will France inherit again its  mandated power?

Mais que font tous ces bureaucrates des grandes nations? Quand on leur laisse le loisir de concocter des “stratégies”?

Je considère Chateaubriand comme le Maître de la langue Française.

Would France be re-mandated to control and administer the ports of Entrance and Exit in Lebanon? Airport, maritime ports, land ports…? If the southern districts bordering Israel are excepted, maybe Hezbollah might be lenient for a temporary period.

The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X, by researcher Tamara Payne. A book Les Payne, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who died in 2018, had been writing for three decades. The New Yorker published a gripping excerpt that recreates the last moments of Malcolm X’s life. More than a vivid deconstruction of that tragic day, the piece sketches his acrimonious split from the Nation of Islam and indirectly calls out media and police behavior that will feel familiar to a new generation of activists

French Oil giant Total is about to build a massive, the biggest heated oil pipeline right through the heart of Africa — ripping through critical wildlife reserves, displacing tens of thousands of families and further pushing the world to the brink of climate chaos.

Hormone cortisol can make financial traders unreasonably fearful and testosterone can spur traders to take irrational risks?John Coates, trained in neuroscience and endocrinology and also worked on trading desks at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. The consequences of the exaggerating financial booms and busts?

Capital and Ideologythe most recent book by French economist Thomas Piketty, got a frosty reception from Beijing. Capitalist and “communist” systems enrich the 10% top classes.

preprint of a paper from researchers based in Japan suggests that being outside is 18.7 times less risky than being indoors,

A battery-maker says radioactive nuclear byproducts can be used to power its nano diamond batteries for years.

France President Macron is visiting Lebanon icon singer Fayrouz at her fome. We expect Fayrouz to tell Macron:

  1. If Macron can claim the independence of the judiciary and the executive in France, then he should free Georges Abdullah immediately. The judiciary freed Georges but the ministry of the Interior refuses to obey the order of the Justice system
  2. If Macron expect a stable political system in Lebanon, then he should work hard to stabilize Syria, politically and economically
  3. If Macron expect any sustainable system in Lebanon, then he should urge a total normalization with Syria, Lebanon lung and only border,  and open trade border on daily basis.

Le remords s’endort durant un destin prospère, et s’aigrit dans l’adversité’. Does any Lebanese believe that the militia/mafia leaders still have any feeling of State hardship? The voting pseudo Lebanese citizens still feel they are more secure under the umbrella of these feudal/sectarian “leaders”

Le sophisme qui perd la plupart des hommes: se plaignait de manquer de force de volonté’ quand il est trop tard pour en user. (J J Rousseau)

La foi dogmatique est un fruit de l’éducation: on en ote, mais rarement on y ajoute. (J J Rousseau)

Il ne se disait pas: “Rien n’est fait encore et tu peux être innocent ou’ tu veux”. C’est qu’on s’enfonce inexorablement dans la routine du “crime”

Avec les embarras des responsibilities, les voyage ou’ je ne sentais que le plaisir d’aller, je n’ai plus senti que le besoin d’arriver.

“J’ ai suivi la voyageuse par le sentier qu’elle a foule’ a peine. En se promenant au milieu de ces Mémoires, dans les détours de la Basilique que je me hâte d’achever, elle pourra rencontrer la chapelle qu’ici je lui dédie: il lui plaira de s’y reposer: j’y ai placer son image” (Chateaubriand pour Mrs. Récamier)

This pseudo Lebanese citizens are the plight of how the State was transformed into a pseudo-State

I should have said that… But I did said it in the last 30 years.

When the (militia/mafia leaders) got their hands on public resources and bribes for decades
I didn’t say anything
I was counting my bank interests (And this is true for 18 officially religious sects)

When they looted the electricity and cut the power
I didn’t say anything
I was plugging into a private generator (Parliament chief Berri is the lead Capone)

When they made their useless wars and destroyed the country
I didn’t say anything
I always found refuge abroad

When they drowned the streets of trash to share commissions
I didn’t say anything
Garbage was always those of other denominations (Problem Not yet resolved in the last decade)

When they confiscated my bank deposits to keep their money safe
I didn’t say anything
I was scared to destroy the banking sector (A ponzi scheme that lasted 30 years, no production and sustained deficit)

When my dollars turned out to be lollars (Lebanese based on $. Though No correlation whatsoever: the US $ can devalue to nothing, and the Lira will continue to devalue)
I didn’t say anything
I was being humiliated in front of the banks to beg for what was left of my savings

When they stocked ammonium nitrates next to my house (in the port of Beirut) ravaged what was left of my life
I didn’t say anything
I had nothing left to say

One moment my world was there; the next moment it disappeared forever
I didn’t know what to say, what to talk about
Death or hope? Or it’s equal…

What? Hope? There is no hope for us while they are here…

(This Silent Majority was the staunchest most vocal Silence ever.

The least any citizens to earn his citizenship is to voice his opinion loudly and with determination)

Tidbits #57

Once fish swallow more micro-plastic than plankton, we are doomed. Everywhere human navigate, micro-plastic exist. Space and beer have micro-plastic. Actually, the sources of rivers are more polluted in micro-plastic than the rest of the river.

The past is supposed to be a phase to grow up, Not to dwell upon. You moved forward, just keep moving onward.

Private Lebanese banks (there are No publicly owned banks), the hunting dogs for our militia/mafia “leaders” , have figured out that it cannot lose by lending the government at 18% interest rate (Ponzi scheme), on the assumption that a State cannot go bankrupt. The government has always enough assets and “properties” to redeem its debt to the banks. The banks are working also on the assumption that it is their “shareholders” (most of them are the successive Parliament deputies in the last 3 decades) who want their money back, and Not the 80% of the small depositors who lost everything and are hungry and in despair.

I contend that the purpose of any “sovereign fund” is to re-launch the economy when the banks and financial institutions exercise undue pressure on the government in order to keep the interest rates high for the small enterprises.

The gross domestic product GDP does Not allow for the health of our children, the air quality, water quality, the quality of their education or the joy of their play, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public official

When you have two sets of laws, two sets of norms, two sets of values, two sets of roads.’ How would you call such a State of Israel? Apartheid for sure, and worse, a colonial occupier too

A lot of hysterical outburst for re-instituting Aghia Sophia as a mosque? It was a mosque for 450 years, transformed into a museum in 1937, still a museum, but can be used to also pray. And why you all forgot that mandated France, gave away to Turkey Syrian land, as vast as current Syria?

Short-lived preferences (like joining a guerrilla movement) may be impossible to undo when preferences return to original state (impossible to get out when emotions are back to normal)

The ancient city-state of Athens could Not swallow the concept of free expressions in public. Athens political structure was mainly controlled by the oligarchy and the rich conservatives. And the famous “philosophers” like Socrates, Anaxagoras and Protagoras charged that all these adventurer aristocrats depleted the finances of the City with extravagant wars, for seeking political status. The oligarchy fomented successive wars on other cities in order to keep the empire cowed and the subjugated city-states paying their due taxes.

The soul, the spirit… are what your brain interpret of your sensory experiences. Since we mostly ignore or forget the “context” of our experiences (people, environment, emotional status…) it is impossible to classify the types of spirit we ended up with.

A purely military government in Lebanon is Not necessary. What is needed is that the army, Hezbollah and Syria agree on the kind of coup d’etat is appropriate and how to close all the borders for coming in and going out. Without any exception and start open trials.

The Middle-East “status” has to wait the negotiations on the status of sphere of influence among US, China, Russia and EU. Covid-19 is the catalyst to get these super countries around a table.

Juin 1958, lors de la conférence, à Berne, célébrant le 50e anniversaire de la découverte de la relativité, Max Born, ami de longue date d’Einstein, chargé de rendre hommage à Lorentz et Poincaré déclara « petitement » : « Le raisonnement qu’a utilisé Henri Poincaré est exactement le même que celui qu’Einstein avait introduit dans son premier article de 1905 …  » 

The work of Henri Poincaré precede the principles “discovered” by Einstein. Einstein le pilla, concerne principalement les mathématiques pures, la physique et l’astronomie. Miléna MARIC, la 1ère femme d’Einstein, était une remarquable matheuse qui a rédigé une bonne partie des travaux d’einstein qui était physicien mais pas matheux.

Les deux génies méconnus , Clémence Royer ( qui a inventé la physique quantique ) et Burkhard Heim ( qui a fusionné théorie de la relativité et physique quantique ) .

Mobile phone Towers of terror? In Mexico, technicians repairing mobile phone towers dread a common discovery: parasite antennas installed by drug cartels that piggyback on telecom company infrastructure.

Reuters reports that some workers have been threatened and even kidnapped to repay cartel equipment, while others are extorted for protection money. Some of that cash in turn comes from US and Chinese firms like AT&T and Huawei that operate in Mexico. One thing is clear: The Mexican government is looking the other way—Tim Fernholz

The US poultry industry is actively exposing its workers to Covid-19. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been protecting corporations over workers,

Again, what this militia/mafia clan want from Lebanon?

-What did they do with our saving? (the militia/mafia leaders, the Central Bank, the private banks, the religious sects clergies…)
– They spent it in the name of preserving the civil peace and fighting corruption.

– And now?
– Erasing its traces in silence, while we are watching their shows on TV, tweeting and posting on FB and WhatsApp.
$115 billions of total deposits in banks…

– That are worth no more than 30% of their value in real dollars, about $34 billions…
– And the plans, the IMF…

No need. They were only used to divert the attention. The only real plan was the ongoing erosion of deposits that have been trapped in the banking system. And it is pretty successful…
– What next?

– Moving to the next phase: expropriating and sharing the resources of a rogue state among bands of thugs…

– What is depressing is the return to normality for the victims of such a scam…It’s a weird feeling by an entire people of having been raped…
– And to remain obedient to its serial rapists for the rest of its life, the feeling is that bad…

– What to do?
– Exactly the opposite of what you are doing (or not doing) now…

Note 1: Greek former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said:  Lebanese must have the courage to nationalize the banks and restructure the Central Bank, issue a new currency and desist from seeking IMF money…”

Note 2: Finance Minister, Ghazi Wazni, the stooge to Nabih Berry (Head of Parliament in the last 25 years) opposed the Kroll Forensic financial company to do its job. The militia/mafia leaders, headed by Berry want just accounting firms so that no names are brought to justice.

Actually, the only people brought to justice are low level criminals at the sold of the militia leaders. These “criminals” are interrogated and released.

Beggars our “leaders”, pickpockets are our leaders

In the last 30 years, our militia/mafia Leaders made it a point of honor to just beg and borrow money in order to replenish their treasuries.

Sha7adeen ya baladna.

Nashaleen ya baladna.

شحّادين يا بلَدنا
قالو عَنّا شحّادين
نشّالين يا بلدنا
قالو عنّا نشّالين
ونِحنا مين يا بلدنا
نحنا شوَيِّة مظلومين
مظلومين يا بلدنا
إيه وحياتك مظلومين

عطشانين يا بلدنا
والمَيّ بخَمسَه وستّين
جوعانين يا بلدنا
وما عنّا رزّ ولا طحين
طفرانِين يا بلدنا

والبنوكِه مليانين
ومحتارين يا بلدنا
لْ مين منِشكي محتارين
… وُزَرا ونوّاب… لِلبَيع
مُدَرا وحُجّاب… لِلبَيع
شُعَرا وكتّاب… للبَيع
باب وبِوّاب… للبَيع

وليش منُسرق… ما سألتونا
منسرق لأنّو سَرقونا
ليش منبِيع ما سألتونا
منبِيع لأنّو باعونا

سَرقونا الكبار
وباعونا الكبار
ونحنا حراميِّه دراويش
زغار… زغار… زغار

ميشال طعمه ( ١٩٧٤)

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“Trust me. Tomorrow will be much better”: the motto of every government in Lebanon

Trust me

The government: “I know I cheated on you on all the line, I know you know that I cheated on you, but I won’t do it, after everything that’s happened. You can really trust me.

Yes, I know I wasted the money (loans) I got in Paris 1, Paris 2 and Paris 3 and distributed to the militia/mafia leaders coffers to maintain our civil war cease fire… (where we had no victors, but wasted 100,000 killed and twice that number in injured citizens and a million of displaced to other sectarian contons)

I know that it is you, the poorer taxpayers, who maintained this expensive, archaic and sectarian system, but today it’s so different.

Trust me.

Starting tomorrow morning everything will change.

I’m going to cut spending to limit state needs and eliminate the deficit in a period of not more than five years, really, I know I shouldn’t have adopted the wage grid without reforming the administration, but all this is from the past, a folded page.

This wage grid was adopted before the elections, and I didn’t know that the officials recruited employees without jobs in the public institutions without my knowledge, an increase that doesn’t match with our economic/financial capabilities

And we rigged the elections and manipulated the system, just like the budget numbers, but that won’t happen again.

I’m sorry for this little mistake, but starting tomorrow it won’t happen again.

I’ve changed, honestly, I’ve really changed, at least I want to, I really want to…

I promise to…

Can you give me the money promised at the Cedars Conference so that I can act on changing my behavior and deliver on my promises?

All I need is a miser $4 billion dollars, out of the $230 bn we have already totally wasted and vanished…

Banks will finance the balance.

This will allow them to convert state debt recognition into real rights over its skinned heritage.

As a loan guarantee, I would guarantee the actions of companies specially designed to work in the strategic areas. You will be able to sell the shares received as guarantee, in loan refund.

Honestly I changed, I behaved wrong and I’m so sorry.

I’m going to get slim on state resources, such as electricity, waste treatment, telecom, port, airport, cannabis and gas and oil production, but it’s in the name of equality in despoliation and the sharing of public resources.

But after that, I will, as I promised, before Thursday afternoon, in three weeks, I will become a completely new person and everything will be different and I will attract and retain the best candidates in the institutions of the State.

True, the last nominations were not a model of transparency and meritocracy, but it was in the name of brotherhood among the mafia Capones

I’m sorry, but this won’t happen again trust me. In a blink of the eye, I’m going to be a new person and I’m going to fight nepotism, law passes, and conflicts of interest in the state,

It’s very important to Trust me: there is No stable currency without trust.

We can’t keep living without trust, you agree, right?

I would, I really want to… I promise to… can you advance me the $11 billion promised to CEDAR, that would, I think, be enough to cover the balance of payment deficit and rebuild foreign reserves

This misery amount would prevent the State to sink into chaos.

You understand, chaos is not pleasant, it’s not only the escape of capital, but also that of men, and it would be a shame to add new migrants to the older years migrants.

This time I’m not going to turn away or waste money, it won’t happen again, you can trust me, I’m going to change and everything is going to be totally different next year.

I’m going to start the structural reforms that relate to the structure of the state, a most important move to change our highway robber behavior

And don’t tell me you’re going to ask to control how this money is going to be used, I can’t accept that in the name of national sovereignty…

What, weapons out of state ? Is this also a violation of sovereignty?

I would like… Next term… I promise… Trust me…

And what is this virtual wealth that Lebanese enjoyed? Didn’t think Lebanon has any of these multinational financial “Moral Entity”

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing?

Since 1993, and during late Rafic Hariri PM, Lebanon virtual wealth was built on selling debts that nourish real estate and government bonds bubbles, in the name of maintaining the peg in a failed state, and end up in the pockets of the political and financial elite under a veil of bank secrecy.

Lebanon was promoted as a Prime Real Estates to be looted, seashore and entire mountain tops sold for cheap.

Open air, open investment on public facilities and infrastructures. What happened in Russia during this infamous Yeltsin.

Lebanon was to emulate the economy in Dubai and investment was to pour in from Saudi Kingdom and the Gulf States.

Downtown Beirut were structured under a company called Solidere for 30 years, and renewed unlawfully for the Hariri clan.

And the government and Parliament received loans to be distributed to the militia/mafia leaders. Everyone of these leaders were reserved a war treasure coffer. A small part was for the leaders to “invest” in their electoral communities and assign their members in the government institutions.

Suddenly we woke up and realized that this was an illusion….

They are trying to unite?

After dozens of years of virtual wealth, the Lebanese people are rocking irreversibly into real poverty.
And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.

After dreaming of leaving our children a better life, we can only promise them an existential regression, like that of thousands of young Iranian (initiatives), gifted, over-educated, broken dreams, whose only horizon is a career Taxi driver or home help.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the insecurity of the times we live, people’s savings have been eliminated in return for the cancellation of public debt, with impunity, irresponsibility of those responsible for disaster and increasing inequality.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the delegation of the International Monetary Fund, a divided, inconsistent team with divergent ideas, and conflicting diaries, which promises the failure of negotiations even before they begin.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
After years of collusion between double violence of money and that of weapons, we are fighting in the context of double violence, the lack of money and the omnipresence of weapons, which strengthens our failed state status to hold a monopoly on legal violence or to define and protect its borders.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
And then what? Without external financing, self-financing. Money flawed, stolen, corrupt, transfer abroad in an immoral way, will buy everything, public goods and private goods, and the return to normal will raise the wall between those who rule and the ruled, whose existence is likely to settle properly in misery.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
If the lack of sovereignty, lack of future, promised poverty, existential regression, impunity, inequality, the despoliation of private saving and public resources have so far failed to unite the groups of civil society, it’s that there’s a problem somewhere.

All the Lebanese militia/mafia leaders gathered in the Presidential Palace: What’s the deal?

Rage is mounting in Lebanon. Exponential increase in prices and drastic devalue of the currency is driving the citizens to the wall. This lockdown is degenerating into a total pocket bankruptcy for over 60% of the citizens

Tiny Lebanon is Not a productive State and import most of its goods, and the main Syrian border for importing non expensive agricultural products is Not wide open to tame the greed of producers.

And the “reforms” are snail moving and prosecutions of the non law abiding of the government decrees are barely noticed or considered serious by the 50% hungry citizens.

Slowly but surely, most Lebanese are ready to admit that every one who was and is in power share in this total bankruptcy of the state at all levels. Thus this article by Nasri Sayegh.

كتب نصري الصايغ:

ـ هل تعرفون أسماء الفاسدين والمرتكبين؟

ـ طبعاً. كلن يعني كلن.

ـ هل تجرؤون على التسمية؟

ـ قليلاً. فسادهم شرس ومصان. فسادهم محروس “شعبياً”. أزلامهم كلاب صيد. يركضون خلف الطريدة، ويعيدونها أمانة لصاحبها.

ثم انهم سلطة دائمة، اكانوا في الحكم ام في المعارضة. انهم يسرقون في كل الفصول والشهور والسنوات… ثم انهم محميون. القضاء، لم يهتدِ بعد إلى مرتكب واحد. ولن. هو يشبه اسياده. ومعروف أن الدولة التي يفسد قضاؤها ذاهبة إلى الخراب.

ـ اذ كان ذلك كذلك، فلماذا دعا رئيس الجمهورية هذه العصابات إلى القصر الجمهوري؟ هل يعرف انهم فاسدون؟ طبعاً. هل يعرف انهم شركاء مزمنون؟ طبعاً يعرف. هل يعرف أن مقربين له فاسدون ايضاً وايضاً. طبعاً. وإذا كان لا يعرف، فمعنى ذلك انه ليس رئيساً عن جد. يكون بدلاً عن حاضر إلى جانبه. صهره، او مستشاره او أحد تجار الهيكل.

ـ بالفعل. هناك مفارقة تصل إلى حد الفضيحة المجلجلة. الخطة المالية والاقتصادية، على علاتها، وبرغم امتثالها لشروط صندوق النقد، لا يمكن أن توضع بين ايدي مرتكبي السبعة وذمتها، منذ أكثر من ثلاثين عاماً.

لبنان يعوم على بحر الفساد من زمان. من ايام السلطان سليم الخوري، شقيق رئيس الجمهورية آنذاك. السرقات، هي السياسات اللبنانية الحقيقية. لذا، لم نشهد محاكمة لفاسد من تأسيس الكيان.

ـ اذا، لماذا دعا الرئيس ميشال عون هذه الطغمة التي يعرفها عن جد؟

هذا يدفعنا إلى الشك به وبمن حوله وحواليه. اضافة إلى اننا سنتحول إلى خبثاء، لا جبناء، فنسميهم عندها، كلن يعني كلن، ولا أحد بريء من دماء واموال اللبنانيين.

ـ عن جد إني لا افهم. إذا سلمت نواياي فإن السؤال التالي، يجعلني في موضع الشك بالرئاسة. اذ، هو يعرف، كما نحن نعرف، أن هؤلاء الذين دعاهم إلى القصر الجمهوري، هم مرتكبو تفليسة لبنان، وضياع امواله، وسرقة ودائع الناس، وافقار الاكثرية، وسرقة الدولة، كل الدولة، اذ لا مؤسسة الا ولها نسب مع “الست ماريكا”، حاكمة “سوق المتنبي” يوم كان الجنس مرخصا به برخص شعبي واخلاقي.

ـ عن جد. هل هؤلاء هم الذين سيتولون تنفيذ ما سمي خطأ، خطة الانقاذ؟ عجيب. قليل من الاحتشام. قليل من الخجل. هؤلاء الحراميي هم الصورة الحقيقية للمرحلة المقبلة. حسان دياب يقول قولاً جميلاً احياناً، جريئاً احياناً.

لكن الدعوة إلى القصر الجمهوري تمحو ما يقول حسان دياب. يظهر رئيس الحكومة بخطابه، مراراً، انه مختلف. ونريد أن نصدق ذلك. ولكننا لا نستطيع ابداً، ابداً، ابداً أن نصدق ما يحدث في كواليس القصر.

ـ الا إذا كان هناك ضرب من الجنون. يا ليت. ان يكون اللقاء مناسبة لإلقاء القبض عليهم بتهمة إنهاك وافلاس وسرقة البلد.

ـ لا تخرف. هذا حصرم رأيته في حلب. هل تعرف الشيخ زنكي؟ هؤلاء جميعهم كانوا في دفنه. انهم عصبة وربما عصابة، ومستعدون لحضور مراسم الدفن والبكاء على أطلال، خلفوها اعمدة ذليلة ومنكسرة.

ـ إذا ما هذا الذي يجري؟

ـ لا تتوقع خيراً ابداً. الذين دمروا لبنان مراراً، عُهِدَ إليهم اعادة بنائه فنهبوه. وهذه المرة، سيكون النهب اسوأ وأشمل. إذا لم يسرقوا “طقوا وماتوا”.

ـ والناس؟

ـ لا تسأل. باستثناء شعب “17 تشرين”، هناك اتباع ورعاع وخدم وعبيد وجلاوزة وجواسيس.

ـ يعني أن اللبنانيين سيجوعون.

ـ طبعاً. لقد جاعوا وسيجوعون أكثر.

وليس بعيداً أن تندلع ثورة الجياع، بعد اقدام ثلاثة على السرقة الموصوفة: أولهم: الطبقة السياسية الحاكمة والمتحكمة والمستحكمة، وثانياً، شركاؤهم في المصارف، وثالثاً، شريكم الادنى، حاكم المصرف المركزي… اياك أن تبرئ احداً.

ـ ما العمل؟

ـ دع العواء السياسي جانباً. وانتظر ثورة الجياع. وان لم يفعلوا ويحملوا في قبضاتهم قوتهم، فقل، لا حول ولا قوة… أن شعبا بهذا الذل، يستحق هذا الاذلال.

ـ مستحيل. اللبنانيون سيثورون.

ـ اذا. إلى اللقاء. عنواني بعد اليوم: الساحات من الشمال إلى الجنوب. سنكون عابرين للطوائف والمناطق وال..

ـ والحل…

ـ …

ـ لماذا تصمت الآن؟

ـ لم يعد يجدي الكلام. السيف اصدق انباء من الكتب.

ـ انه لأمر مخيف. اليس كذلك.

ـ من العار أن تموت جباناً. وان تحيا جبانا.

ـ والذين في القصر الجمهوري؟

ـ لا نسأل. إما هم وإما نحن. انهم لا يشبهوننا ولا نشبههم. ولكنهم اقوياء جداً… انما إلى حين اندلاع الجوع.

ـ ثم ماذا؟




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