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“Trust me. Tomorrow will be much better”: the motto of every government in Lebanon

Trust me

The government: “I know I cheated on you on all the line, I know you know that I cheated on you, but I won’t do it, after everything that’s happened. You can really trust me.

Yes, I know I wasted the money (loans) I got in Paris 1, Paris 2 and Paris 3 and distributed to the militia/mafia leaders coffers to maintain our civil war cease fire… (where we had no victors, but wasted 100,000 killed and twice that number in injured citizens and a million of displaced to other sectarian contons)

I know that it is you, the poorer taxpayers, who maintained this expensive, archaic and sectarian system, but today it’s so different.

Trust me.

Starting tomorrow morning everything will change.

I’m going to cut spending to limit state needs and eliminate the deficit in a period of not more than five years, really, I know I shouldn’t have adopted the wage grid without reforming the administration, but all this is from the past, a folded page.

This wage grid was adopted before the elections, and I didn’t know that the officials recruited employees without jobs in the public institutions without my knowledge, an increase that doesn’t match with our economic/financial capabilities

And we rigged the elections and manipulated the system, just like the budget numbers, but that won’t happen again.

I’m sorry for this little mistake, but starting tomorrow it won’t happen again.

I’ve changed, honestly, I’ve really changed, at least I want to, I really want to…

I promise to…

Can you give me the money promised at the Cedars Conference so that I can act on changing my behavior and deliver on my promises?

All I need is a miser $4 billion dollars, out of the $230 bn we have already totally wasted and vanished…

Banks will finance the balance.

This will allow them to convert state debt recognition into real rights over its skinned heritage.

As a loan guarantee, I would guarantee the actions of companies specially designed to work in the strategic areas. You will be able to sell the shares received as guarantee, in loan refund.

Honestly I changed, I behaved wrong and I’m so sorry.

I’m going to get slim on state resources, such as electricity, waste treatment, telecom, port, airport, cannabis and gas and oil production, but it’s in the name of equality in despoliation and the sharing of public resources.

But after that, I will, as I promised, before Thursday afternoon, in three weeks, I will become a completely new person and everything will be different and I will attract and retain the best candidates in the institutions of the State.

True, the last nominations were not a model of transparency and meritocracy, but it was in the name of brotherhood among the mafia Capones

I’m sorry, but this won’t happen again trust me. In a blink of the eye, I’m going to be a new person and I’m going to fight nepotism, law passes, and conflicts of interest in the state,

It’s very important to Trust me: there is No stable currency without trust.

We can’t keep living without trust, you agree, right?

I would, I really want to… I promise to… can you advance me the $11 billion promised to CEDAR, that would, I think, be enough to cover the balance of payment deficit and rebuild foreign reserves

This misery amount would prevent the State to sink into chaos.

You understand, chaos is not pleasant, it’s not only the escape of capital, but also that of men, and it would be a shame to add new migrants to the older years migrants.

This time I’m not going to turn away or waste money, it won’t happen again, you can trust me, I’m going to change and everything is going to be totally different next year.

I’m going to start the structural reforms that relate to the structure of the state, a most important move to change our highway robber behavior

And don’t tell me you’re going to ask to control how this money is going to be used, I can’t accept that in the name of national sovereignty…

What, weapons out of state ? Is this also a violation of sovereignty?

I would like… Next term… I promise… Trust me…

And what is this virtual wealth that Lebanese enjoyed? Didn’t think Lebanon has any of these multinational financial “Moral Entity”

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing?

Since 1993, and during late Rafic Hariri PM, Lebanon virtual wealth was built on selling debts that nourish real estate and government bonds bubbles, in the name of maintaining the peg in a failed state, and end up in the pockets of the political and financial elite under a veil of bank secrecy.

Lebanon was promoted as a Prime Real Estates to be looted, seashore and entire mountain tops sold for cheap.

Open air, open investment on public facilities and infrastructures. What happened in Russia during this infamous Yeltsin.

Lebanon was to emulate the economy in Dubai and investment was to pour in from Saudi Kingdom and the Gulf States.

Downtown Beirut were structured under a company called Solidere for 30 years, and renewed unlawfully for the Hariri clan.

And the government and Parliament received loans to be distributed to the militia/mafia leaders. Everyone of these leaders were reserved a war treasure coffer. A small part was for the leaders to “invest” in their electoral communities and assign their members in the government institutions.

Suddenly we woke up and realized that this was an illusion….

They are trying to unite?

After dozens of years of virtual wealth, the Lebanese people are rocking irreversibly into real poverty.
And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.

After dreaming of leaving our children a better life, we can only promise them an existential regression, like that of thousands of young Iranian (initiatives), gifted, over-educated, broken dreams, whose only horizon is a career Taxi driver or home help.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the insecurity of the times we live, people’s savings have been eliminated in return for the cancellation of public debt, with impunity, irresponsibility of those responsible for disaster and increasing inequality.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the delegation of the International Monetary Fund, a divided, inconsistent team with divergent ideas, and conflicting diaries, which promises the failure of negotiations even before they begin.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
After years of collusion between double violence of money and that of weapons, we are fighting in the context of double violence, the lack of money and the omnipresence of weapons, which strengthens our failed state status to hold a monopoly on legal violence or to define and protect its borders.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
And then what? Without external financing, self-financing. Money flawed, stolen, corrupt, transfer abroad in an immoral way, will buy everything, public goods and private goods, and the return to normal will raise the wall between those who rule and the ruled, whose existence is likely to settle properly in misery.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
If the lack of sovereignty, lack of future, promised poverty, existential regression, impunity, inequality, the despoliation of private saving and public resources have so far failed to unite the groups of civil society, it’s that there’s a problem somewhere.

All the Lebanese militia/mafia leaders gathered in the Presidential Palace: What’s the deal?

Rage is mounting in Lebanon. Exponential increase in prices and drastic devalue of the currency is driving the citizens to the wall. This lockdown is degenerating into a total pocket bankruptcy for over 60% of the citizens

Tiny Lebanon is Not a productive State and import most of its goods, and the main Syrian border for importing non expensive agricultural products is Not wide open to tame the greed of producers.

And the “reforms” are snail moving and prosecutions of the non law abiding of the government decrees are barely noticed or considered serious by the 50% hungry citizens.

Slowly but surely, most Lebanese are ready to admit that every one who was and is in power share in this total bankruptcy of the state at all levels. Thus this article by Nasri Sayegh.

كتب نصري الصايغ:

ـ هل تعرفون أسماء الفاسدين والمرتكبين؟

ـ طبعاً. كلن يعني كلن.

ـ هل تجرؤون على التسمية؟

ـ قليلاً. فسادهم شرس ومصان. فسادهم محروس “شعبياً”. أزلامهم كلاب صيد. يركضون خلف الطريدة، ويعيدونها أمانة لصاحبها.

ثم انهم سلطة دائمة، اكانوا في الحكم ام في المعارضة. انهم يسرقون في كل الفصول والشهور والسنوات… ثم انهم محميون. القضاء، لم يهتدِ بعد إلى مرتكب واحد. ولن. هو يشبه اسياده. ومعروف أن الدولة التي يفسد قضاؤها ذاهبة إلى الخراب.

ـ اذ كان ذلك كذلك، فلماذا دعا رئيس الجمهورية هذه العصابات إلى القصر الجمهوري؟ هل يعرف انهم فاسدون؟ طبعاً. هل يعرف انهم شركاء مزمنون؟ طبعاً يعرف. هل يعرف أن مقربين له فاسدون ايضاً وايضاً. طبعاً. وإذا كان لا يعرف، فمعنى ذلك انه ليس رئيساً عن جد. يكون بدلاً عن حاضر إلى جانبه. صهره، او مستشاره او أحد تجار الهيكل.

ـ بالفعل. هناك مفارقة تصل إلى حد الفضيحة المجلجلة. الخطة المالية والاقتصادية، على علاتها، وبرغم امتثالها لشروط صندوق النقد، لا يمكن أن توضع بين ايدي مرتكبي السبعة وذمتها، منذ أكثر من ثلاثين عاماً.

لبنان يعوم على بحر الفساد من زمان. من ايام السلطان سليم الخوري، شقيق رئيس الجمهورية آنذاك. السرقات، هي السياسات اللبنانية الحقيقية. لذا، لم نشهد محاكمة لفاسد من تأسيس الكيان.

ـ اذا، لماذا دعا الرئيس ميشال عون هذه الطغمة التي يعرفها عن جد؟

هذا يدفعنا إلى الشك به وبمن حوله وحواليه. اضافة إلى اننا سنتحول إلى خبثاء، لا جبناء، فنسميهم عندها، كلن يعني كلن، ولا أحد بريء من دماء واموال اللبنانيين.

ـ عن جد إني لا افهم. إذا سلمت نواياي فإن السؤال التالي، يجعلني في موضع الشك بالرئاسة. اذ، هو يعرف، كما نحن نعرف، أن هؤلاء الذين دعاهم إلى القصر الجمهوري، هم مرتكبو تفليسة لبنان، وضياع امواله، وسرقة ودائع الناس، وافقار الاكثرية، وسرقة الدولة، كل الدولة، اذ لا مؤسسة الا ولها نسب مع “الست ماريكا”، حاكمة “سوق المتنبي” يوم كان الجنس مرخصا به برخص شعبي واخلاقي.

ـ عن جد. هل هؤلاء هم الذين سيتولون تنفيذ ما سمي خطأ، خطة الانقاذ؟ عجيب. قليل من الاحتشام. قليل من الخجل. هؤلاء الحراميي هم الصورة الحقيقية للمرحلة المقبلة. حسان دياب يقول قولاً جميلاً احياناً، جريئاً احياناً.

لكن الدعوة إلى القصر الجمهوري تمحو ما يقول حسان دياب. يظهر رئيس الحكومة بخطابه، مراراً، انه مختلف. ونريد أن نصدق ذلك. ولكننا لا نستطيع ابداً، ابداً، ابداً أن نصدق ما يحدث في كواليس القصر.

ـ الا إذا كان هناك ضرب من الجنون. يا ليت. ان يكون اللقاء مناسبة لإلقاء القبض عليهم بتهمة إنهاك وافلاس وسرقة البلد.

ـ لا تخرف. هذا حصرم رأيته في حلب. هل تعرف الشيخ زنكي؟ هؤلاء جميعهم كانوا في دفنه. انهم عصبة وربما عصابة، ومستعدون لحضور مراسم الدفن والبكاء على أطلال، خلفوها اعمدة ذليلة ومنكسرة.

ـ إذا ما هذا الذي يجري؟

ـ لا تتوقع خيراً ابداً. الذين دمروا لبنان مراراً، عُهِدَ إليهم اعادة بنائه فنهبوه. وهذه المرة، سيكون النهب اسوأ وأشمل. إذا لم يسرقوا “طقوا وماتوا”.

ـ والناس؟

ـ لا تسأل. باستثناء شعب “17 تشرين”، هناك اتباع ورعاع وخدم وعبيد وجلاوزة وجواسيس.

ـ يعني أن اللبنانيين سيجوعون.

ـ طبعاً. لقد جاعوا وسيجوعون أكثر.

وليس بعيداً أن تندلع ثورة الجياع، بعد اقدام ثلاثة على السرقة الموصوفة: أولهم: الطبقة السياسية الحاكمة والمتحكمة والمستحكمة، وثانياً، شركاؤهم في المصارف، وثالثاً، شريكم الادنى، حاكم المصرف المركزي… اياك أن تبرئ احداً.

ـ ما العمل؟

ـ دع العواء السياسي جانباً. وانتظر ثورة الجياع. وان لم يفعلوا ويحملوا في قبضاتهم قوتهم، فقل، لا حول ولا قوة… أن شعبا بهذا الذل، يستحق هذا الاذلال.

ـ مستحيل. اللبنانيون سيثورون.

ـ اذا. إلى اللقاء. عنواني بعد اليوم: الساحات من الشمال إلى الجنوب. سنكون عابرين للطوائف والمناطق وال..

ـ والحل…

ـ …

ـ لماذا تصمت الآن؟

ـ لم يعد يجدي الكلام. السيف اصدق انباء من الكتب.

ـ انه لأمر مخيف. اليس كذلك.

ـ من العار أن تموت جباناً. وان تحيا جبانا.

ـ والذين في القصر الجمهوري؟

ـ لا نسأل. إما هم وإما نحن. انهم لا يشبهوننا ولا نشبههم. ولكنهم اقوياء جداً… انما إلى حين اندلاع الجوع.

ـ ثم ماذا؟

How happy are those who were “saved” from a civil war?

Note: Re-edit of “Very happy I am; very lucky, indeed! (January 5, 2009)”

Note:  This article is extracted from the epilogue of “Thus Spoken the Killer” by Nasri Sayegh; the epilogue is entitled “Fuck it

Very happy the individual who emerges from a civil war with a simple insult on barricades; who received just a slap, a box, or a vengeful wait on barricades.

Very happy who escaped a civil war and was robbed a bundle of bread or his car trunk was vandalized.

Very happy whose wife’s body was just checked by fretful fingers, who was threatened to be beaten but was spared a beating, or by death or by kidnapping but these threats never materialized.

Very happy who was warned to vacate his house and obeyed gladly.

Very happy who was just fired from a job on confessional basis but survived a civil war.

Terribly lucky that you were kidnapped or made prisoner and returned safe and sound to your family.

Terribly lucky who you were estimated on any value for prisoner exchange, or because you were utterly worthless to waste a bullet in your head.

Terribly lucky that a bomb went off or a car explosion and it spared you of shrapnel.

Awfully lucky that you kept your property intact by bribing the appropriate leader.

Awfully lucky that only one of the members of your family was injured.

How lucky you were that a family lived in your vacated property and kept it decently maintained.

How lucky that you were out with your family when a missile hit your home.

How lucky that you found someone to whisk you out of a dangerous zone or you were a foreign national and were shipped out safely with your compatriots in identity paper.

You should have been grateful that you were allowed to be handed the body of a relative and that you managed to give him a proper burial.

How courageous you were when you demanded to know the name of the killer.

You must have been one of the rare courageous men to have just asked that you personal rights for freedom be respected, that embezzlements by militias are not part of human rights.

Thank your “God” that you escaped alive with an intact passport and a current visa, or valuable document to your properties, of cherished photos and souvenirs of those who died to safeguard “freedom, honor, and self autonomy”.

You have to be thankful a thousand times that you survived to re-experience another civil war as a meek sheep.

(Fuck it all; there are no grounds to be happy or thankful to have survived a civil war, where no party even won the war! No victor!)

And all the militia/mafia “leaders” returned to rule Lebanon for 30 years after this war ended

Lebanon Civil War (1975-1990) not Ended yet? And conditions getting worse?

After the war ended without any military victory for any side, the militia/mafia “leaders” ruled the country, and are still behind the current “power”

Note 1: Repost of 2012 article “Civil war not Ended yet? This time around…No more Blemish. Part 3”
Note 2: This report does Not cover the current worsening situation in Lebanon. Total deficit in all branches: government budget, banks, Central Bank, No outside influx of fresh money, No productive economy… And this Coronavirus…
Note 3: You may read this link to comprehending the context of the problem:

Two campaigns were carried out on social platforms to get the Lebanese engaged against the waves of internal instability that are reminiscent of the mechanisms of previous civil wars.

The first campaign, followed by marches in England, was under the banner “Silence means consent. Shout: NO TO CIVIL WAR, NO TO SECTARIANISM”.  The petition to sign said:

“We are Lebanese citizens who want a peaceful, stable and secular Lebanon. We are not connected to any political party or sectarian group”.

In light of the worrying recent events in Lebanon, we believe that time has come for the “silent majority” in Lebanon to speak up and shout: “NO TO CIVIL WAR, NO TO SECTARIANISM”.

Joanna Choukeir Hojeily was with Cedric Choukeir.

We call for:

• An “arm free” Lebanon

• A new law prohibiting the purchase or use of arms by civilians under any circumstances

• Civil peace to be guaranteed and reinforced by the government, the army and the security forces

• Unbiased and “non-sectarian” media coverage of the events as they unfold

• The prosecution of every individual who has directly or indirectly participated in the clashes and violent events of this past week in Lebanon

• Political leaders to seriously and actively stop arming their partisans and work towards containing the tension

• The civil society in Lebanon to take urgent action by lobbying, raising awareness, actively engaging in conflict prevention and starting peace initiatives targeting “at risk neighbourhoods

• Friends and family members of individuals involved in the violence to deter their loved ones from taking part in future clashes

Remember, silence means consent… so speak up!

The second campaign “Lebanon must have a War Free Zone…”
The two campaigns demonstrate the excellent intention of the majority of Lebanese to avoid another civil war and their serious engagement to confront the dark forces.
That is not enough:
The professional dark forces are receiving the strong signal that the peaceful and secular communities in Lebanon are not aware of the mechanisms for starting a civil war and how to effectively prevent a planned civil war.
The slogan asking for a War Free Zone for the secular Lebanese is hilarious: As if the UN job is to allocate a region within Lebanon for those Lebanese who want to stay clear from the consequences of a civil war, instead of immigrating to better pastures…
The professional dark forces are trained using a textbook on “How to Start and sustain a civil war”.
The key tactic in fomenting a civil war is to ease the youth into “shameful” activities, unaware of the gravity in participating in these activities, and cow the youth into silence, during the war, and years after the war has ended.
Many die, feeling pretty reluctant into divulging how they participated in the slaughter-hood and crimes against humanity.
My dad told me how at the beginning of the civil war in 1975, the local militia (the Kataeb, Phalanges) forced him and many other local middle-age men to carry old and non functional rifles, just to walk the streets at night in order to recognize “foreign elements” not from the village…
My dad and his team used to hide when a car or a truck, loaded with loot from the port of Beirut, showed up: They preferred not to recognize the people or to be recognized…
Many youth, frankly opposed to the local militia ideology, were hoarded into military training camps: The peer pressure was enough to sending these youth into participating actively in the civil war.  The blemish projected by family members and friends for getting military training  was another factor into keeping the silence…
As the youth is immersed into this madhouse of ugly activities of humiliating people, getting used to drugs, and the feeling of illusory power…things get out of hand.
After the war, many militia fighters got nostalgic: They were no longer “cared for” and the feeling that everything was available and handy had vanished, and they had to fend for their daily survival…
It is about time that the “anti-war” in Lebanon start doing their due diligence in amassing materials on how civil wars start, are carried out, and who are those dark professionals returning to Lebanon, and naming names, and quickly getting mobilized against the slightest sectarian and feudal innuendo…
Best of all, get communities to meet, face to face, and let this human connection shred the myths of the sectarian leaders and clerics they weaved against ”illusory enemies” to maintain their hold of the chattel…
 The US is sending the strong signal that it intends on pressuring Lebanon into policies that are against the Lebanese interest, otherwise, another round of civil disturbances is on the burners…
For example:
1. Maura Connelly, US ambassador to Lebanon, was seen having lunch in Zahleh with engineer Richard Jraissati, former “Lebanese Forces” foreign contacts during the civil war. Is the US blatantly sending the strong message that the planning for another round of civil war in Lebanon has reached the preparation stage?
2. The “Bagman” Jeffrey Feltman, former US ambassador to Lebanon and soon to be transferred to the UN as assistant to foreign affairs policies position , visits frequently Lebanon. The visits precede by a few days the “US warning its citizens not to travel to Lebanon”.
Feltman programs the destabilization of a country he was supposed to protect and insure its stability.
Feltman accompanies the visits of Zionist US Senators and Congressmen, like Joseph Lieberman who pay visits to North Lebanon in order to establish a Free Zone for the Syrian armed insurgents to start a civil war in Syria from a safe zone in Lebanon…
3. I am just finishing reading the column of Sarkis Naoum in the daily Al Nahar, who is conducting interviews with US politicians and policy makers.
Naoum wrote that the US is studying and analyzing every single piece of intelligence on Lebanese banking transactions with the Syrian regime, its business leaders, and with Iran and Hezbollah…If this is not a hot preparation to fomenting a civil war, what is it?
The worst part is that our Prime Minister Mikati divulged to the US representative a list of Syrian businessmen…Why? Mikati wanted to know if these businessmen (he is dealing with) are on a blacklist! The US is glad to investigate more names it didn’t have…
While the Lebanese are very worried of the resurgence of any civil war that never ended, Seth Sherwood posted on May 13 “The Urbanist’s Beirut: Contemporary art, notorious nightclubs, and Frenchified cafés…”

La Plage Beach Club on the Corniche Beirut.

(Photo: Paul Blackmore)

“While much of the Arab world has been blown apart by social upheaval, mass violence, and political turmoil, Beirut has been kicking back quietly on its Mediterranean perch, happy and astonished to be a spectator for once. (Even the New York Times recently hailed it a ­“haven amid turmoil.”)

By day, buzzing scooters and battered old Mercedes taxis honk their way along palm-lined boulevards, unimpeded by demonstrations.

By night, their occupants stroll on the seaside Corniche, smoke water pipes in cafés, and indulge in the Lebanese capital’s legendary nightlife. But of course all is not rosy.

Neighboring Syria remains a battleground. While there is a vibrant gay subculture, homosexual activity is technically illegal, and travelers with Israeli stamps in their passports can still be arrested and detained.

Tensions among rival ­politico-religious factions, some heavily armed, simmer under the surface.

But a relative calm in recent years has prompted a development boom.

Indeed, the razing of historical buildings to create luxury shopping malls has led some to decry the “Dubai-ification” of downtown Beirut. 

And a parallel blossoming in art, fashion, and gastronomy, propelling the famously bullet-riddled city to emerge as the Arab world’s creative center…”

For today, Lebanon needs urgently to prosecute the last phase of the unfinished civil war: Lebanon wants a Victor in order to establish a modern State.
For today, Lebanon needs urgently to prosecute the last phase of the unfinished civil war: After 65 years of a pseudo independence and pseudo State, and the impossibility of regular and gradual reforms for our political/social system, there will be a definite victor, this time around.
This time around the Lebanese want to securing a central State, engaged on the side of the people, the citizens.

Money transferred by Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” since the start of the upheaval in October 17

خلال الشهرين قبل الحراك:

No photo description available.

How the Lebanese are feeling in their daily life, since the upheaval started on October 17?

Personally, I don’t see how Lebanon will undergo a productive change in its economic unless a full political engagement with Syria is resolved. Syria is our only trade route outside our borders and it is through Syria that we can trade with the promising Iraqi market.

And then our business laws must be modernized and facilitated by eliminating many red tapes used by our militia/mafia “leaders” who controlled our political system since 1992 and heaped on Lebanon a State Ponzi scheme for 3 decades.

الوضع الاقتصادي الى أين :

بتمشي بشوارع المدن والقرى بتشوف كل الناس معصبة ومضايقة وعيونن حزينة جدا وكل تفاعلن العملي عم يكون فيه الكثير من اليأس..

كل الناس عم تحكي نفس اللغة ونفس الأسلوب .. بتفوت عالمصارف بتشوف جوا موظف منو مسؤول ولا الو علاقة بقرارات الإدارة عم يتعرض للإهانات من مودع لأنو بدو مصاري …

التجار مخروب بيتها وما قادرة تستمر ، الموظفين مخروب بيتن بسبب فرق الدولار وأكثر الموظفين بالقطاع الخاص ما عم يقبضو اكثر من نصف راتب اللي يمكن ما بكفيهن بنزين وتلفونات واشياء بسيطة …

شو اللي عم يصير ؟ هون هوي السؤال …
هل حقيقة البلد انتهى والمصارف رايحة عالافلاس ؟؟
هل حقيقة نحنا بطل عنا ولا حل ؟

قراءاتي بالموضوع الاقتصادي بتقول انو لا … في مشكلة كبيرة اكيد بس مش لدرجة انو البلد رايح عالافلاس والمصارف ما معها أموال المودعين ومع احترامي الشديد لبعض العم يقولو هيك بس ما بعتقد اتطلعوا بشكل جيد عالحقيقة..

١- أموال المصارف موجود بنسبة كبيرة سيولة وفي جزء موجود بالاستثمارات بلبنان وخارجو.
٢- في ناس عم تقارن مع بنك انترا بالثمانينات والحقيقة انو بنك انترا كان في قرار سياسي بإفلاسو وللعلم انو بنك انترا كان يفتح ٢٤ ساعة باليوم وكان يسحب العميل كل اللي بدو ياه وهيدا جزء من اللي ساعد يضربو للبنك وللعلم انو بنك انترا لحد اليوم بعد عندو كتير املاك بلبنان وخارج لبنان…
٣- لبنان مركز تجاري ومخابراتي لكتير من دول العالم وما حدا منهن الو مصلحة انو لبنان ينهار .. يمكن ألن مصلحة انو يخنقو تا يحققو مكاسب بس مش يقتلو …

٤- مصرف لبنان وهندساتو المالية عملت مشاكل كتير وكرمال هيك إذا انتبهنا مصرف لبنان عم يجبر المصارف انها تخفض فوائدها حتى تشجع الاستثمار بشكل مباشر للمودعين وخاصة انو الحركة رح تكون بنكية داخلية مش كاش وهيدا الشي لمصلحة البلد ولمصلحة الاقتصاد بتشغيل يد عاملة وتحقيق أرباح منطقية.

٥- فرنسا وروسيا وبعض الدول الأخرى رفضت رفض قطعي انهيار الاقتصاد اللبناني.
٦- ما ننسى انو صار عنا غاز وهيدا الشي صح عملنا مشاكل بمكان ما للدول اللي الها مصالح وبدها تسيطر عا هيدا القطاع بس كمان بنفس الوقت هيدا بيمنع التدهور الاقتصادي من جهة ثانية وخاصة إذا كان في إدارة سياسية صح بهيدي المرحلة.

٧- مجرد وجود حكومة بالمرحلة القادمة هيدا رح يكون عامل ثقة للداخل وللخارج ورح نشوف استقرار اقتصادي بعد فترة مش كتير طويلة بغض النظر عن شكل الحكومة او مين رئيسها مع انو وجود الرئيس الحريري بشكل ضمانة أقوى خارجيًا .

الانتفاضة كل اللي عملتو من اول ما بلشنا لليوم ما خصها بالوضع الحاصل هيي يمكن سرعت المشكلة شوي بس هيي مش سبب فيها .

ورب ضارة نافعة. وانا رأيي انو التركيز الإعلامي على انو البلد منهار ورايح للمجاعة وغير هيك مقصود، وفي من وراه اهداف سياسية.

بالنتيجة انا ما عم قول ما في مشكلة ولا عم قول انو الوضع تمام بس عم قول انو الوضع مش بالخطورة اللي البعض بيحكي فيها. انا ما دخلت هون بلعبة الأرقام لأنو ما في حدا عندو شي رسمي وكل الأرقام اللي بتسمعوها هيي تحليل او ارقام وهمية .

لمرحلة القادمة حساسة وضاغطة بس ما في انهيار ولا رح يصير … هيدا لبنان حبيب الكل يا اصدقاء والكل ألن مصالح فيه عا جميع المستويات…
الحل الحقيقي لبعدين : اقتصاد منتج مع الاقتصاد الريعي وتجربة تركيا لازم كتير نستفيد منها.
اكيد واكيد وقف الهدر والفساد واستعادة الأموال المنهوبة واستقلالية القضاء وغيرن ….




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