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Gravity is not a Force: A term designed to explain state of nature

Maybe I’m  not saying anything new: Taking a new perspective might be the proper way for education.

The  term of force, and all types of forces are terms invented to explain the state of nature, its equilibrium and unstable nature.

Two terms have material reality, and all natural laws are deduced from them:

1. Mass of bodies, including  particles and the tiniest of elements

2. Movement of bodies or trajectory

Speed is a mathematical derivation of movement, and Acceleration is a derivation of speed that is linked to the notion of force on a mass or by a mass.

It is the revolutions of big masses (planets, asteroids…) on themselves and around other planets that engendered natural laws due to their respective masses.

The mass of the immediate outer atmosphere is included in the total mass of a planet, so that their volume is commensurate  to their total masses.

If a planet is constituted of gases, its volume is as large as its total mass represented by the movements of the planet on itself and around the other planets, Sun and the nearest galaxy.

The shape of the movement of the planet and its mass is described by their speed and distances from the other adjacent planets, the sun and galaxy.

If the mass of a planet is changed (reduced or augmented), the shape of its movement is changed to maintain equilibrium.

As the mass of the Sun is reduced, the shape of movement of earth around the sun is altered to keep their distance in equilibrium.

Consequently, the shapes of movement of all planet are continuously changing: The ellipse shapes are altering accordingly.

For example, the speed of revolution of earth on itself is exactly the consequence of its mass in order for all “massive bodies” on it to remain grounded, otherwise, everything will be navigating off the ground at the speed of earth around the sun?

The bodies will be circulating (levitating) in levels (altitudes) according to their masses: The heavier circulating closer to the ground?

It is the centrifugal force of this rotation that keeps masses directed (falling) toward the ground

The tangential force direct earth forward on its trajectory around the sun in an elliptic shape.

For example, this zone of weightlessness (no effect of gravity)  between earth and the moon is determined by the respective masses of these two bodies.

Now, as a corollary, if we need to create a reduced weightlessness  atmosphere on earth, we might build an enclosure that rotate counter clockwise to earth: The closer the speed of the enclosure is to the speed of earth the more weightless is the body inside the enclosure.

For example, the “magnetic force” of the core of earth is the result of the movement and total mass of the liquid and gases in the core of earth. Reduce the mass of the core and the shape of the movement of this hot amalgam will be transformed to compensate for the reduced acceleration of the mass.

Question: What set in motion the revolution of earth on itself?

Possibly the Sun winds? These highly dense and charged particles that have great effect when earth was mostly a gaseous entity?

As earth began to acquire its own rotating cycle, matters (particles with masses) settled firmly on the surface and then created this magnetic field to repulse further “sunny winds” attacks, thus allowing organic or living creatures to be created and evolve.

Question: Has the moving magma in the core any effect on the velocity of earth on itself?

I tend to conjecture that it is the rotation of earth that set its liquid interior into movement, and thus creating the magnetic field that is preventing the outer dangerous radiations from reaching earth surface. All these radical transformation of ice ages and desert ages are the direct consequences of the altering of the magnetic field.

This alterations of earth magnetic fields were consequences to the alterations in earth speed rotation due to galactic changes, in the sun location to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

With mankind tampering with earth environment, it is highly plausible that the movement of the core will have direct impact on the speed of earth rotation.

What make the comets and other celestial bodies (not classified as planet) so dangerous?

They don’t have magnetic fields and earth magnetic field has no repulsive effect on them to change their trajectories away from earth when they come close.

What about time?

Since nature behaviour has nothing to do with time, time is used as a mathematical factor to facilitate the derivations of many natural phenomena laws.

Attaching time as a fourth dimension for the structure of the surface of planets’ movements is purely a mathematical manipulation in order to explain a few relativity laws.

What do I know?

Just an essay to draw professional responses and get you to reflect on our state of existence and check your hypothesis.



Earth climate shifts every 12,000 years. So what?

Every 12,000 years, earth climate starts a new trend in weather changes, as earth approaches closer to the sun or moves away; and factoring in the position of the sun in the Milky Way galaxy.

Earth is beginning the phase of coming closer to the sun or the wet shift with abundant rain falls: The ice in the poles are melting, the land mass will shrink, the level of oceans will move upward and forcing 130 million currently living on the low coast lines to be displaced to higher grounds. The weather will become wetter , the land mass will shrink, and current deserts will revert to lush savanna in the coming climate shift.

Our current 12000-year shift is labelled the ice age: Earth was moving away from the sun and ice accumulated on the poles and lush savannas in the Sahara Desert evaporated, along with the fertile vast land masses around the river beds.

During this drying up period in the last 12000 years, it takes time for the poles to amass enough ice to reflect sun rays, but as the lakes start to dry up the process of desertification is quick.

In the first phase of the ice age, the early civilizations didn’t feel a major shift in the climate as the planet was wet and lakes and rivers were overflowing.

In the next 9,000 years, each civilization instituted stable social and political structures that withstood minor upheavals since the civilization relied on a period of abundance.

And suddenly, the drying climate felt its impact in less than 500 years on the existing social structure.

Lakes and sources of the rivers shrank and massive waves of people were displaced to greener pastures, northward and southward.

Consequently, around the year 2,300 BC, major social and political upheavals swept earth civilized regions. Centralized Pharaoh-God like institutions were questioned, monarchs were assassinated and toppled and people felt this urge for egalitarian status when facing scarcity to survive.

Grandiose tall and perfect Pyramid-like monuments around earth gave place to less awesome, smaller, and less skilled work monuments: The workforce and talented artisans had fled to other fertile regions.

Barley fields to produce the non-alcoholic beer shrank and the quantity of beer was not enough to barter with the workforce.

Powerful and war-like empires began expanding their territories to neighboring rich State-Cities along the major rivers.

For example, the empires of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Ashur and Persia along the Tiger River occupied city-states along the Euphrates River.

Massive exodus to the Turkish Anatolia Plateau generated the establishment of new empires such as the Hittites (Hyksos), Parthia, Medea, and the Ottoman empires.

Seafaring developed to reach further known civilizations and for trading goods and exchanging skills.

That was a period of advanced and extensive aqueduct network constructions to provide water to major cities and Capitals of empires, such as the Suspended Gardens in Nineveh during King Senharib of the Assyrian empire in current Mosul region.

The old Egyptian dynasties that built fantastic pyramids were replaced by dynasties north of the Nile River.

Dynasties on the lower Indus river moved upward the river.

And the exodus is continuing. On a larger scale with 7 billion battling for a piece of green land and scarse potable water.

Exacerbated by ugly capitalist systems willing to mass transfer entire population for raw materials under the new “soft policies” of empowering local ethnic people to massacre their neighbors. and displace them.

There are currently 50 million refugees living in abject conditions according to the UN and the number is increasing dramatically.




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