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How’s the Future is calling to you?

The future is calling~

by ~mimo~

Never before have I felt so unsure about what the future holds as I do today.

Every morning, a new story in the news that are stranger than the next, and world leadership trying to force the strangest and lowest of standards as the new norm.

And at the first signs of tremors we feel as the future threatens to eradicate the past.

Anyone not feeling this must be sleep walking through life and bouncing from distraction to escape.

How did we get here and what will our children’s world look like?

Gray Mountain Murals

by danielwalldammit

Good Question

The reddish figure has been there awhile. Each of the other murals seems to have replaced earlier pieces.




Impressions from Bruges~

by ~mimo~


The greatest part of living in Europe is the proximity of different cities with their varied history and culture and if you enjoy photography and travel as I do, then magic is just a few hours away.

Now being back home in Germany, the short journey feels like a pleasant dream added to my visual diary of this amazing world we live in.

The greatest part of living in Europe is the proximity of different cities with their varied history and culture and if you enjoy photography and travel as I do, then magic is just a few hours away.

Now being back home in Germany, the short journey feels like a pleasant dream added to my visual diary of this amazing world we live in.


Iphonography? Really?

by ~mimo~

walking in the rainwalking in the rain
loving the rainloving the rain

dreams in puddles~dreams in puddlesMimo posted:

“There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought there is no way for me to consider using my iphone for anything but light image and sharing if I had no other choice.

I happened by chance on Michael a brilliant photographer and  iphone artist who has a masterful over his photography style and words, completely unique to him, and that “meeting” on Flickr and on Instagram turned my photography upside down in such a magical way.

I think other people are the most potent providers of inspiration when we are able to have an honest, robust exchange of both mind and spirit that can take both people far into realms of the unknown. It is magical when that happens.

It drew me to a circle of more incredible artists like Brendan, who creates phenomenal images daily and is now blogging here.

So yes, the iphone, a brilliant tool for creating and altering realities, for giving form to visions and for capturing the invisible..

Please check out these two amazing artists

Michael’s flickr, website, facebook

Branden’s Flickr, Blog

Does the Future has a Path?

Has the Path to your Future been a surprise to you so far?

Do you have this feeling that, as you resolve a problem, you were necessarily focusing on something that already happened?

Do you feel that a real problem necessarily must draw you into the past?

How can anything be fixed or resolved, if the past was not the catalyst or the cause for actively trying to improve anything?

Can you create anything new if the process is not generated from an already older known process?

What you are seeing of stars in the sky are objects that happened thousand of years ago: The time for the light to reach your eyes…

When you hear a thunder ball, bomb, a canon ball or a military jet, consider yourself lucky: The missile has already hit its target…

Invest 10,000 hours on a talent when still a youth and you’ll secure a good paying job for life, no matter what is the economic downturn.

In particular periods, you may become a famous millionaire, putting your talent to good use…

Other skills do not require you to start young, but the investment in time is higher than 10,000 hours on a continuous basis without lengthy breaks…

If you are past a certain age, with diminishing memory capabilities, poor eye sight… the odds for acquiring higher educational degrees or expertise in a new field… are extremely low.

Is it already a problem as we prevent problems?

They say: “Teams never win if defense is all they play. Organizational success is about doing not preventing”.

They say: “Fixing and preventing are necessary components of leadership. Sadly, fixing and preventing dominate organizations because it’s useful, measurable, and necessary…”

They say: “Leadership always has trajectory. You move forward or backward but never stay the same. Standing still is a fantasy for those oblivious to decline…”

And what gratitude has to do with the past and the future?

Anger, fear, frustration, disappointment, even resentment are part of leadership. But the path to the future is paved with gratitude.

Gratitude frees you to create your future.

Gratitude energizes leaders and organizations to release the past and create the future.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others,Cicero.

“I’ve walked the dingy path of ungratefulness that springs from arrogance and revenge. It’s a black-hole dragging you inward, downward, and backward”.

Benigni says, “It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.” Express gratitude aggressively

Here what mimo has to say:

Day 30~ December 30th~ Guilin

by ~mimo~

future unknownfuture unknown~ children~ Long Ji

One of the most stark truths about the future is that it remains unknown until the moment when it happens.

We project, we plan, we dream, we wish, and almost always we are surprised by what unfolds.

If it is the past that holds sway on our emotions, then it is the future that triggers our imagination and creativity,

And the now is the bridge we build to take us into the great unknown.

A new year unfolds, and so do many contemplation in my mind …

Your future begins when you own your past.

Dan Rockwell listed 6 ways to find your future:

  1. The unknown has more potential than the known. Everyone who pretends they know when they don’t, repeats the past.
  2. Reject past methods and strategies. In a turbulent world, methods that become moral imperatives destroy new futures.
  3. Build new relationships. Your future is about people not projects or accomplishments. Current relationships maintain stability; new relationships disrupt and extend. Treasure both.
  4. Embrace social media. Meet people succeeding where you wish to succeed.
  5. Overcome timidity. 70% to 80% certainty is enough.
  6. Systematically build the future alongside the old present. Once your future is strong enough, release the old and embrace the new.
How are we handling the balancing act: Current environmental Status and children fast coming realities?

We really have most fun when kids.

Later, we never have so much fun until we act as kids

(On ne s’amuse vraiment que quand on est enfant . Plus tard on ne s’amusera que comme des enfants …).

“How do we handle the very fine balance of preparing our children?

Without having to weigh them down, to inspire them without hiding the reality, and to train them when we ourselves are not sure what to do?

Of all the significant issues in the world, nothing strikes as more crucial than the future of our children.

It is our children who will inherit our planet in its current state,

and it is our children who will have to cope with the changes that are on setting…” by mimo

hanging in the balanceHanging in the balance~ mother and child in Yangshuo

I am awed by pictures of children, from all kinds of countries (rich countries, desolate countries, and famished countries…) looking straight in the camera lens, wide smiles, teeth all showing, giggling, happy, surprised…

All the attitudes, except bitterness…

Here are a few pictures of children considered “impure” in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, and unless they are saved and homes found for them, they are killed…

The Omo River Valley is located in Southwest Ethiopia, Africa. It has been called “the last frontier” in Africa.

Lale and his wife Gido Labuko

Steve McCurry in the Omo Valley

Help John and Lale rescue and care for these children.

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