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Best prank on Lady Gaga? And what is this “Marina Abramovic method”? A mind game?

Apparently, Serbian conceptual artist Marina Abramovic admitted today to pop singer Lady Gaga that she was “just messing with her the entire time” and that she actually really hates her music, style, and “art”.

TheGlobal Edition published this August 16, 2013

Marina Abramovic Admits: “I Was Just Fucking With Lady Gaga for years…”

Abramovic said that she decided to come clean to Gaga after watching her go through the “Abramovic method”, something she says she made up just to see if Gaga would really do it.

“When I said couple of years ago that I admire Lady Gaga, I thought that she and everyone else would get the sarcasm, but no. People actually believed me when I called her “the future of art”. So I said, what the heck, let’s just go with the flow and see what happens,” said Marina Abramovic.

marina lady gaga

Abramovic, who kept the singer in belief her music was “revolutionary and groundbreaking” for more than a year, says that the joke has gone too far.

“In the beginning it was funny, because she is so gullible. I tell her to do some crazy shit and she does it. Now I am afraid that she will do something dangerous if she continues to draw her inspiration from my words,” concludes Abramovic, adding that this was her best prank she pulled in years.

Lady Gaga was unavailable for comment, but The Global Edition found out that the young singer was “convinced that this was just another of Marina’s motherly ways to express positive emotions.

(And I am wondering: “What is this fucking Abramovic method”?  Method doing what? Can anyone give details?)




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