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Are we confounding brain, mind and Evolution with neurosciences?

Professionals in a discipline explain evolution and mind with respect to the perspective and terminologies of their discipline.  This tunnel-vision of explaining serious matter is skewing issues.

In Mind and Cosmos, Thomas Nagel had scientists up in arms because Nagel had the gall to question the neo-Darwinian belief that consciousness, like any aspect of adaptability, is evolutionary in nature.

It is prima facie highly implausible,” Nagel writes, “that life as we know it is the result of a sequence of physical accidents together with the mechanism of natural selection.”

Nagel claim is not based on evidence that nature is predisposed to give rise to conscious existence, since no mechanistic explanation seems commensurate with the miracle of subjective experience and the ability to reason.

There are very few  scientists who hypothesize that human life was inevitable.

Robert Hazen, a mineralogist and bio-geologist, put it this way: “Biochemistry is wired into the universe. The self-made cell emerges from geochemistry as inevitably as basalt or granite.”

Indeed, the tendency to think that organisms increase in complexity over time seems natural. So why not actual laws of nature to vouchsafe this eventuality?

According to Stuart Kauffman of the Santa Fe Institute, the universe gives us “order for free.”

Kauffman believes that all molecules must sooner or later catalyze themselves in self-sustaining reactions, or “autocatalytic networks,” crossing the boundary between inanimate and animate.

The more common view is that while natural selection encourages the development and retention of traits that help us to survive, evolution is essentially directionless; it has no goals, no set outcome.

Do you want to get a handle on your mind? (November 27, 2008)


Are you disturbed that your mind has this nasty habit of wandering every which way when you need to focus?  I guess it depends on what you are focusing on?  There are moments when time fly by working on something and you know then that you were focused. There are systems (religious, political, ideological, philosophical, and disciplines) with a definite purpose to controlling your mind (brain washing?) and rob you of your rights for individual reflections.  You can learn to control your mind but the trick is to have total faith in the methods or the philosophy or the guru.  The benefit of what you learned is not guaranteed to be what you really wanted in the first place or that your new skills are directed to doing the right thing.  Faith is a very effective knife with two sharp sides and the probability is 50% for satisfying your desires. Critical thinking is also a knife with two sides but they are relatively blunt and the wounds can be reversed and healed; man can learn and develop with critical thinking but faith is definitely lethal when applied against the rational mind.

Since time immemorial, man knew that when he named an object, a feeling, or an emotion then whatever was named started to exist to him and acquired real value.  After naming came the desire to define what was named along with the necessary constraints, limits, and boundaries in order to control the urge for classifying, categorizing, and putting everything that was defined in the proper slot.  Naming created an entity in the mind but it required a definition to attribute connotative values. Thus, a civilization that borrows definitions has forsaken the spirit of its civilization.

It all started with a desire for giving individual values to existing things, living things, the surrounding, and the universe. It ended with man creating the science of law and order.  The ultimate science was establishing mental paradigms that the whole community should believe in regardless of individual reflections; failing to do so result in ostracism as an individual unfit for the unity, safety, and security of the tribe.

Everything in this universe is in waiting. Light is in waiting for man to decide how it should be; it would be wave and it would be particle and it would be a combination of anything that man set up his experiments to discover. Light can have a fixed speed or changing speed. Particles in atoms can rotate around a fixed boundary or be in three places at the same time or they might not. The Universe is in waiting how man wishes it to have started, existed, developed, transformed, and how it will end. The particles, light, and the universe are not affected and don’t care but our mind is.

God is in waiting; He is waiting for man to get his mind straight of what and who is God; He can be the compassionate, the forgiving, the cruel, the neutral, the all knowing, the pre-destined future actions of man, or the free-willed man. God is in waiting to satisfy the wishes of man.  The sets of moral values are in waiting; they are waiting for your conscious to decide what is right and what is wrong.   As long as man is in the conceptual phase then there is no problem: man can clap his hands or rub the magical lamp and every wish would be accorded.

Man survived in the paradigm that the sun revolved around earth and he survived when earth revolved around the sun. The universe didn’t care but the quality of life might have been affected since what exists is the making of man’s mind.  If you feel confused about a theory or a concept or an opinion just recall the fundamentals of the game: man set up the boundaries, the conditions and the constraints.  Decide to change the parameters of the game and your mind will see another universe and live happily in another universe; the universe does not care.  It is your individual right to change parameters in the game; remember though that the concept of individual right is related to personal investment in time, energy, and dedication; individual right is also atrached to responsibility and sacrifices or you have to check in mental hospitals.

Once man crossed the conceptual to its applications in the real existence (like dropping atomic and hydrogen bombs and affecting the equilibrium of the atmosphere), once man desired greed for greed’s sake then man has to pay for crossing the red line.  Man tempers with Earth and the universe for crazy needs not related to survival of the species and the real world goes into smithereens. The game has crossed the limits of the virtual.  Man can still clap his hands for a time; let what we wish for be of values




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