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Applying procedures For A Schengen Visa By Lebanese

The EU and England making a mockery of Lebanese passport?

Even though it started the biometric standards.

Listomania on Aug 16, 2016

By Mira Mawla.

Only 200 more forms to gather!
1. Too Many Confusion.

2. I have a degree-this shouldn’t be so difficult.

3. Wait, so I apply on this website, but the application form is on another one? And I have to go somewhere other than the embassy for the interview?

4. Yeah I’m never going to see Europe this link is impossible to find.


*starts googling places Lebanese people can go without a visa*

6. Okay there’s no way they need all this info.

7. Purpose of travel…Business? I wish. Tourism? Mmmm yes, maybe a couple of free museums (see #8) but mostly I’m coming to sample your hipster bars and cafes. Oops can’t put that in ran out of characters. Tourism it is.

8. Income: N/A?

9. How the hell am I supposed to know how much my household spend on groceries and shit?

10. Oh, they need like an official bank statement.

11. Oops. Guess my parents are “sponsoring” my trip.

12. Maybe I’ll just go to the Seychelles.

13. The next appointment is WHEN?

14. Ah I’ll just pay a little extra for priority! What is it 10 euros more? Psh.

15. Euh, never mind I’d rather miss the flight.

16. Why has this center changed its address 400 times in the past year? Everyone I ask tells me something different.

17. Malaysia. Malaysia’s nice this time of year.

18. Ugh and this shit needs to be translated too? Sworn translation? I’ve seen a million signs for that and now I know I’ll never find one.

*finally at the center* Now what could this interview possibly be?

19. Wait you’re not going to read my employment letter? I waited a whole week for that shit!

20. 9 AM my ass there’s 10 other people here who were given the same time!

21. Oh, how nice of you to call my name an HOUR later.

22. Yes I’m sure you’ll let me know when my application is revised. A week after my friends leave.

23. Screw this hassle I’m walking to Turkey.




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