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George W. Bush explains: “Why I launched the preemptive war on Iraq?”

I am reading the French version of “George W. Bush: Decisive moments”.  I consider this book an “Official documents”: A President of the USA is not entitled to lie on facts.  It is our duty to mine this document for another set of facts in order to rectify distorted images and impressions.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

“The National Security Council is meeting in the Situation Room in the White House. I see on the wide video-conference screen General Tommy Franks surrounded by principal assistants in Price Sultan airbase (Saudi Arabia).  Five other split screens show the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Marines corps, Air, and the Operations specialists.  The British counterparts are also present.

I ask every individual two questions: “Do you have all you need”, and “Do you agree with the strategy”.  They answered by the affirmative.  I said to Don Rumsfeld (Defense Secretary): “In the name of peace around the world and for the good and liberty to the Iraqi people, I order you to execute Operation Liberty in Iraq”.  (Sure, Bush Junior didn’t forget to add: “God bless our troops”, (like all leaders  who have the habit of fumigating the common people with smokescreens).

Saturday, September 15, 2001, Camp David in Maryland, (4 days after the Twin Tower attack).

“We are discussing the three options for invading Afghanistan.  Colin Powell, Secretary of State) did a good job with Pakistan General and president Musharraf. (He had threatened Musharraf “You are with us or against us”).  Dick Cheney is worried that the land military intervention might destabilize fragile Pakistan and the fall of its nuclear arsenal in the hands of the Islamic extremists.

Suddenly, Paul Wolfowitz (secretary of Rumsfeld, and the guy with large holes in his socks) butts in and suggest to first attack Iraq or conduction joint military maneuvers against the Iraq and Afghanistan. (Six months before the 9/11/2001 disaster,  Rumsfeld and the Pentagon had worked out a plan of invading Iraq. Bush Junior mentioned that two months after 9/11, 2001 he asked Rumsfeld to prepare a battle plan against Iraq.  General Tommy Franks was to mobilize 400,000 soldiers and to rely mostly on special operational forces to eliminate strategic targets against centers of mass destruction.  The strategy changed fundamentally as the decision approached)

Rumsfeld agreed with Wolfowitz saying: “By taking care of Iraq right now, we will be sending a strong message to terrorists”

Colin Powell replied: “Attacking Iraq before Afghanistan will be viewed as a dishonest maneuver.  We will lose the support of the UN, Moslem States, and even NATO (European military support).  So far, there is no links between 9/11 attack and Iraq.”  George Tenet (CIA chief) agreed with Powell: “Our priority target should be Al Qaida right now.” (Read note 2)

Dick Cheney agreed to postpone attacking Iraq for fear of losing the dynamic process.  I postponed my decision for the next day.

Former President Clinton had declared in 1998: “As long as Saddam Husein is in power, he is a serious risk to the well-being of his people, peace in the region, and the security of the world community.” (Saddam had to go long time ago, 20 years earlier, when he invaded Iran in 1980 at the instigation of the US and the obscurantist extremist absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia, and then after invading Kuwait, and exterminating Iraqi Kurds using chemical weapons…)

Bush Junior wrote: “Colin Powell spent four days and nights at the CIA gathering evidence of Iraq nuclear arsenal before speaking to the UN.”  Powell said a few years after the invasion of Iraq: “I was misled by the CIA”  Who is lying? Is Powell not capable of sorting out the good and suspicious pieces of intelligence? Even Bush admitted that he was mislead on that subject after years of fruitless search in Iraq for any misery evidence of atomic arsenals. The US failed to even find any shred of chemical or biological weapons.  Every rusty container was dug up, but nothing materialized.  Bush said that he felt frustrated and his credibility vastly tarnished.  Fact is, Saddam had disposed of all Iraq mass weapon of destruction after the embargo imposed on him after the failed invasion on Kuwait.  The UN kept constant inspection for years.  If the US decided to invade Iraq, it was because they were 100% sure of the non-availability of weapons of mass destruction. Period. (Read note 3)

Bush Junior based his decision for launching a preemptive war on Iraq because his intelligence services and the European services, and a major Arab State services have confirmed potentials that Saddam possesses mass destruction weapons such as chemical, bacteriological, and nuclear power.  Bush Junior mentioned the declarations of Hans Blix for the existence of nuclear arsenal (the same guy who several times declared to the UN and in open letters that Iraq does not possess any nuclear weapons)

England PM Tony Blair asked for a second UN resolution on Iraq before declaring war.  This time around, the US failed to gather the required votes.  Even Mexico and Chili refused to vote for the war, in addition to the veto of China, France and Germany.  The US went to war solo, without UN agreement, and then started to whine of “Old Europe” failing to come to the rescue of liberty…

Note 1:  Apology of G.W. Bush: “The information and pieces of intelligence I had, the principles that I followed, and the decisions that I took…In a few decades, I hope to be appreciated as a President who kept his promises to protecting his country…A president who took advantage of the influence of America in order to disseminating liberty…Whatever is the verdict of History, I wish I am no longer among the living.” G.W. Bush.

I wonder is it GWB principle to lie to the world community that Iraq had a nuclear arsenal?

Note 2: How George Tenet proved to Bush junior that Al Qaida is behind the attack, an hour after the catastrophe? Tenent said: “We intercepted phone calls on the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan of people congratulating one another for the success of the attack on the Twin Tower”.  Bush Junior is not a lawyer, still, isn’t that a very stupid affirmation based on such evidence?

Note 3:  The 5 States with veto power in the UN (USA, Russia, China, France, and England) are entitled to own nuclear arsenals.  Fact is, any other State that managed to acquire atomic capabilities was feasible with the agreement and support of one of these veto power States.  France offered an atomic facility to Israel in 1955, six years after Israel admittance in the UN, and even as Israel behaved as a rogue State in displacing savagely Palestinians from their homes and committing genocide activities in Palestinian towns and villages. Pakistan acquired the nuclear facilities with the support of the USA and France…




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