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Missing Hunter: A male cat?

My niece is living in London and decided to shelter two cats, a male and female cat.

The Hunter male is missing and Joanna has taken a day off to search for him.

That behaviour would not have happened in Lebanon.

Here our cats and dogs live outside homes: They are fed for a various purposes and Never to be kept in the warmth of a house.

Joanna Choukeir Hojeily's photo.

Hello everyone, I’m afraid Hunter is still missing.

It has been 4 days now. If you live on or near the Progress Estate (Eltham SE9), please kindly check your garages and sheds in case he should be locked in?

Also please check underneath bushes and shrubs.

If he is injured he might be hiding and unable to jump over fences to make it back home.

If he has been chased by another animal he may be disorientated and hiding in fear.

He is a confident indoor/outdoor cat with a strong attachment to home and to his sister at home.

He has never gone away for more than an hour or two or missed a meal so this is very unlike him.

Thank you for spreading the word and helping to bring Hunter back home.

Note: Hunter might come back to check on his sister and then vanish again.

I guess Hunter decided for a diet cure. People keep feeding them around the clock.




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