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Is the US readying for another preemptive war? The capitalist system will confirm it by electing Mitt Romney 

The presidential candidate Romney boasts that, as governor of Massachuset State, he balanced the State budget, as he managed to balance the budget of his multinational company. As if balancing State’s budget is the same as balancing Federal budget!

These balancing gimmicks in Federal budgets have been disposed of six decades ago: Once the federal government want more spending leeway, all it has to do is preparing to lunch a preemptive war so that Congress and Senate sign to increase the level of budget deficit.

Basically, the money printing machines in the Federal Reserve start churning out worthless dollars 24 hours a day, increasing inflation and abusing the tax paying citizens in additional disbursement from their pocket.

The only worthy statements in these debates are acknowledgment that the US sovereign debt has reached $16,000 billion (a number no president in exercise would have admitted), and that no matter who is elected for the next term, the deficit will shoot to $20 trillion. An amount that represents a third of the total federal worth in State property, which will have to be sold in order to pay back the national debt…

The role-playing of the two parties, Democratic and Republican, in the last 6 decades are as evident as finger prints in the US capitalist structure.

Let’s start from somewhere and comprehend this vicious cycle on how the US citizens are being played in this ping-pong game.

After each calamity, usually a major preemptive war (outside US boundaries), the middle class shifts: 10% ease their financial status toward the richer classes, and the remaining 90% descend to the lower level of middle class opportunities.

The mostly unemployed lower middle class citizens are ready to join the armed forces or enlist in order to secure a job and health insurance for their family members…and they are the most vocal in encouraging another round of preemptive wars…

One president throw money at the Defense department to replenish the weapons warehouses of all kinds of necessary arms and ammunition, and ordering the chief of staff to set up a wra-game planned for the next war field…

Congress and the Senate had agreed to increase the level of federal budget deficit so that the government can start borrowing money to cover the intended deficit.

Usually, the war ends with the US military withdrawing after several years of harrowing calamities, deaths, collateral damages in civilians, handicapped soldiers, physically and mentally…And who win?

The richest classes get richer, and the top 100 US companies (mostly the weapon and communication industries,  heavily subsidized by the federal government, stay afloat) since there are no market for their “specialized” products that need special permission for export…

The next president is required to just play the “balancing budget” at the higher deficit level, not repaying a dime from the original national debt… and licking the wounds, and providing job opportunities, and sustaining the social acquisitions…

The capitalist system knows better not to abuse the citizens repeated in preemptive wars: This term is for the US to focus on its internal problems…And the cycle is repeated ad nauseum…

While Greece has already sold almost all its State properties in order to pay back its sovereign debt, followed by Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy…the US keep accumulating national debt with every presidential term, regardless of the political party…

Who is purchasing States properties? Mainly two kinds of money:

1. China and India sovereign saved funds, from the blood and sweat of their little people, working as slaves in sweat shop factories and fields…

2. The US and multinational financial companies, paid for from the “others people” pocket-money. And who are these “others people” pocket-money?

How the US keeps increasing its sovereign debt as if it is of no consequence, and nothing to it?

They are the 10% of the richest people from every other countries: They buy US federal bonds…The return is minimal, but that is the price these “other” rich people have to pay in order for the US financial establishment to “acknowledg or accredite” that they are indeed and “actually rich people“.

Strong with this “admission”, the “other rich people” can invest and develop “on credit”, money from other people pockets, the way capitalist system function…Transfering useless paper money and purchasing real properties…

Note: And what about the sovereign funds of the absolute Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Emirates?  These funds are basically US reserved funds to dip in, when Congress is in the mood of confronting the Executive administration.

“I refuse to represent these 49% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…”

Actually, the citizens who enjoy some kind of social benefits and government coverage are about 10%, and they are the elderly, the retired, and the utterly destitute…( Far behind the rate of 40% in the western European States)

When the presidential candidate Mitt Romney voiced his opinion in a secret meeting with the rich contributors: “I refuse to represent these 47% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…” he had no idea that it was being filmed and recorded.

Romney went on to blurt out: “These subclasses of citizens consider themselves victims and refuse to shoulder their responsibilities and carry on a decent life…”. Romney was sending the strong message:

“I am one of you elites, and I feel most comfortable to converse with the rich elite classes. I am at the same wavelength with your concerns, and I will promote your ideology that unless the US citizen behave and act as a liberal capitalist, this citizen cannot be valued and considered to enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as we the elite Americans…”

This number of 47% is a symbol. And it means: “As long as the majority of Americans (53%) are above the (high median income) and able to pay taxes, the US is all right, and particularly the Republican Party…and the remaining so-called citizens can go to hell and good riddance of these poorer US citizens…”

Mind you that Romney is running an enterprise that was founded by money laundering gangs, and he is practically illiterate and has no clues in foreign policies…

The very conservative critics David Brooks commented that “Romney does not understand the American culture…and has forgotten the social contracts that the US has engaged itself to…”

And the other conservative commentator Bill Christol said: “Romney is a total ignorant and overbearing candidate…”

2. Romney paid a quick visit to Israel to amass some funds for his campaign and to woo the US Jews. And what was the price for sucking up to the Jews? “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel” Romney declared. As if he has no idea that the US embassy is located in Tel Aviv and the UN and the US never agreed to his wishful thinking.

Romney is considering himself as defacto President, a dictator for the duration of his term, and he has no concerns for the opinions and decisions of the Senate, the Congress and the US people…

And Romney goes on: “The Palestinians are no people, they don’t want peace with Israel, and they want to destroy Israel, and their very low standard of living is proof enough that they should be occupied by Israel and be under mandated powers…”

3. And what about Iran? “If I was ruling radical Iran, I would give Hezbollah of Lebanon radioactive materials and drop them on Chicago and threaten the US with an atomic bomb if the US refuses to desist from the embargo… I will bomb Iran and wipe out those dirty Iranian people…” 

4. What about the safety in commercial airplanes? “If there is a fire in the airplane, what can you do? You cannot go to the rear of the craft, open a window and inhale some fresh air. It is such a dangerous place to be in…” The US people should now sleep at ease: Romney will pressure the airline companies to have a few windows designed to be opened in dangerous situation, so that the passengers die from trampling, or being sucked outside, as a result of too much inhalation of the freshest of air…

Should be very exiting moments to watch the coming media confrontations between Obama and Romney? And what Romney has left in his bag of bunches in non-sense and stupid opinions and arguments?

Is it time to reconsider the dismantling of the two-party system so that the people won’t have to voting for the “Lesser of two evils?”

Wrong numbers, wrong reasons: What is the income of Palestinians under Israel occupation? 

At a morning fund-raising breakfast, largely populated by ultra-rich Jewish Americans, Mitt Romney (Republican Presidential candidate) blurted out that Palestinians are poor because their culture is inferior to that of Jews.

Is Romney faking Not to know the reason most Palestinians have low third-world income levels? Romney must know that:

1. Palestinians under occupation are born into impoverished towns or refugee camps inside the gerrymandered Bantustans of the Palestinian Authority,

2. where border crossings are controlled by Israeli military authorities checkpoints by the hundreds (over 600 checkpoints). The trip from Ramallah to the Jordanian borders should take less than 45 minutes, but the trip last 8 hours for the Palestinians.

3. water sources are tapped to feed Jewish settlements.  All the wells in the occupied territory have been depleted so that the settlers enjoy lush gardens. Every Jew in Israel enjoy ten times the amount of water reserved for the Palestinian

4. Israeli-built infrastructure bypasses the occupied Palestinian villages. The Wall of Same is 800 kilometers long and cut through Palestinian towns and villages. Why? So that the Israeli want have any opportunity to see a living Palestinians across from them…

5. the education system is funded by paltry international contributions and paltrier taxes,.. The UN has cut down on the budget to educating the Palestinians in the occupied land and in the refugee camps outside of Israel

6. agricultural land is periodically taken by Jewish settlers whose illegal seizures are retroactively approved by the government,. In period of harvesting olive or fruit trees, the settlers are instigated by the government to harass the Palestinian peasants and let the harvest rot…

7. land values are undermined because of the overhanging threat of expropriation by Israel…Israel routinely demolish villages on the ground of expanding military training ground…

Through all the savage indignities and economic violence of a 50-year-long occupation, by Zionist people whose ultimate goal is to force Palestinians off as much of the territory as possible, it is a miracle that Palestinians still have the energy and will to keep struggling and surviving.

An article in The Economist read:

“Gross corruption by Palestinian officials and counterproductive political and economic, attitudes on the part of Palestinian citizens, mainly a typical adaptive behaviours that any people tend to develop when they’re confined to massive donor-supported detention zones, have made the situation much worse.

Palestine was not going to be a wealthy nation under any circumstances. But without the occupation they might have been as wealthy as, say, Jordanians, who have a per capita income (purchasing-power-adjusted) of $6,000.

BUSH Jr. was never much of a CEO, but Mitt Romney, by all accounts, was a killer CEO; his campaign so far has been lackluster, and his first trip abroad has been a bit of a horn-honking, floppy-shoed clown show.

After spending several days getting flayed by the British press for insulting the country’s handling of the Olympic games, Romney moved on to Israel, where his campaign promptly involved itself in a diplomatic scandal (this time with actual consequences) over whether it had said that Mr Romney would back a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.

Mr Romney went on to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a position no American administration has ever taken because discussions over the final status of the city are the most explosive subject in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

At a fund-raising breakfast of ultra-rich Jewish Americans, Mr Romney managed to blurt that Palestinians are poor because their culture is inferior to that of Jews:

As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality,

The Republican presidential candidate told about 40 wealthy donors who breakfasted around a U-shaped table at the luxurious King David Hotel…Romney, seated next to billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson at the head of the table, told donors at his fundraiser that he had read books and relied on his own business experience to understand why the difference is so great.

“And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things,” Romney said, and went on to citing an innovative business climate, the Jewish history of thriving in difficult circumstances and the “hand of providence.

Palestinians were less than thrilled. Saeb Erekat, a top Palestinian official said:

“What is this man doing here?Yesterday, he destroyed negotiations by saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and today he is saying Israeli culture is more advanced than Palestinian culture. Isn’t this racism?”

To make matters worse, Mr Romney got his numbers wrong. Per capita income in Israel is over $31,000; in the Palestinian territories it is closer to $1,500.

Those aren’t the kinds of numbers that divide industrious Protestants from happy-go-lucky Catholics. They’re the kind of numbers that divide South Korea from Ghana. You don’t get those kinds of divisions because of cultural differences.

Comparing the income of the average Israeli to that of the average Palestinian, as though their prospects at birth had been equivalent and their fortunes today are largely the result of their own efforts and their “culture”, is gratuitously insulting and wreaks damage to American diplomacy.

And it’s just wrong. Mr Romney may have noticed a rather large concrete wall running between many Palestinian towns and the roads (Wall of Shame) that might otherwise connect them with markets. To coin a phrase, Palestinians didn’t build that.

If one were looking for a country in which citizens of different religions are born into relatively equal positions and have equivalent levels of economic freedom, one might try comparing income by religion in the United States.

Perhaps at a fund-raising breakfast in New York, Mr Romney might compliment the city’s wealthy Jews and Hindus on their culture of educational excellence, which has made them so much richer and more accomplished, on average, than America’s evangelical Christians and Mormons.

Maybe it’s not just culture; perhaps the “hand of providence” plays a role, as well. With the political deft touch Mr Romney has displayed so far on his trip abroad, I wouldn’t put such a remark entirely past him.”

Does Romney forget that the State of Israel received more then $1,000bn of clear money just from the US, and not counting another $trillion from Germany and France and Italy and England…? Excluding the yearly funding that private corporations and Jews sent (tax free) to expanding the settlement grid?

Note: I doubt that Gaza was included in that picture. Over 1.5 million Palestinians are crammed in Gaza, totally blocked from the outside world and unable to trade or communicate with even the West Bank.  Israel destroyed all the infrastructures, hospitals and schools in Gaza and frequently cut off the power supply and water sources…

Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: High Price of Education Reform (Episode I)

There are many US citizens who are frustrated of this “high-perched” Presidential candidate. Former Governor and former Bain Capital CEO Mitt  Romney is now portraying himself as a civil rights hero: He is  fighting against systemic racism and inequality that provides American children a “third world education.”
And the cause of this emergency?
It’s not the foreclosure crisis, persistent unemployment, nor the 21% childhood poverty rate. This multimillionaire candidate, who made $27 million in 2010, is “not very concerned about the very poor,” as they’re already taken care of.
And how this grave civil rights injustice has been inflicted?
Romney blames the excessively powerful “special interests” and “union bosses” that put their needs in front of the poor, minority children. And Romney plans to be the 1% very own Martin Luther King Jr., a “champion of real education reform in America.”

Romney’s speech on education would be hilarious – if anyone seemed to get the joke. Indeed, Romney’s topsy-turvy view has become so commonplace in the corporate media – stated by both Republican and Democratic politicians, along with countless pundits and reporters themselves – that it verges on the cliché.

Dan Archer and Adam Bessie posted  a comic journalist piece on 31 May 2012 in Truthout /Graphic Journalism “The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price Education Reform (Episode I):The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced in a recent press conference “Education is the civil rights issue of our generation and our public schools are in a state of “national emergency.”

“And we thought, what better way to capture the Bizarro world of education reform than with a serious work of journalism, disguised as a comic?

Our three-part series – published over the next three months – is not intended to be funny,bu to pull back the progressive propaganda disguising the neoliberal, corporate nature of education reform.

Our goal is to expose the free-market policies that really make up “education reform”:

1. how these policies threaten our public education;

2. who supports these policies; and

3. what we might be able to do about the “Disaster Capitalism Curriculum.”

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum: The High Price of Education Reform

Did you get the joke?




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