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Atomic Anne”, Nuclear power plants, Areva, Fukushima

Atomic Anne” was a nickname bestowed on Anne Lauvergeon by the US media. She was heading the French power plants conglomerate AREVA.

Why economically decrepit France is shifting its policies to military preemptive strikes war games, in every location that France was a colonial power or had a mandate power over the people after WWI?

France has sound industrial sectors in space, telecommunication, high-speed trains, nuclear power generation and aerospace…

All of these sectors are of no use to the former colonial and mandated States who earned their independence. These states wants industries and an economy that keep them floating for survival, and France has lost the industries that can profit the needy States for export and France has no economical policies to encourage importing products from its former colonies to keep the ties strong and sustainable.

Consequently, currently France is of no use to the Middle-East countries and North Africa, and has not much to offer in matter of trade.

In the last decade, France failed to offer any cultural alternatives: Instead, France shifted its strategic priorities by waving the stick, a ridiculous stick that nobody care to take seriously.

France wants to export sophisticated and useless products to these under developed countries, hardware products that do not fit the needs of these States.

All that France wants is the oil and gas and showing off its fighter jets, nuclear submarines, space launching of spatial vehicles…

During Nicholas Sarkozy tenure as President, he behaved as if he was Louis 14 “The State is I”. The French government ministers and the Prime Minister were mere counselors and their decisions were frequently reversed at will of the President…

France was run by a parallel government, counselors to the President like Henri Proglio (who knew nothing about nuclear power but behaved as if he was the boss of this industry), Herve Marchenaud, and Claude Guerant

Sarkozy economic policy was to desist funding industrial enterprises that the State owns share in it. The predominant idea was to rely on Chinese and other emerging nations products that are cheaper…

This parallel government excited Gadhafi and Tunisia Ben Ali to purchase archaic first generation nuclear plants, against the adamant refusal of the safety minded authorities in France.

In 2007, Mohammad al Mubarak of the Gulf Emirates approached France saying: “We want to do nuclear…”

No problem, Sarkozy was ready to expedite this trade, even if the safety of running nuclear plants was not taken seriously.

The harshest among the barriers was to create the authority for the Safety of nuclear plants, and by magic, this serious constraint was crossed quickly.

Mind you that Areva cannot sell nuclear power plants to a client who is NOT a nuclear electrician, and is not capable of making the plant function properly…

Historically, the French Safety Authority has trained the Chinese, South Africa, Finland…  Usually, The safety training procedures take 3 years to complete forming and instituting the proper staffs.

Actually, it was France that built most of the nuclear plants in the third world, like in Iran, in Iraq in the 1980’s and in Israel in the 1960’s…

The problem was that Sarkozy had planned to destitute Atomic Anne Lauvergeon who headed Areva for 10 years and made this nuclear company first among the international power companies.  Why? Anne was perceived as more powerful than the President by the developed nations. And the deal failed and the American picked up the pieces in the competition.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster shook the world of nuclear power, Anne tried hard to extend AREVA expertise, but the Japanese refused to reply. In the meanwhile, Areva airlifted two cargoes of:

1. 100 tons of boric acid, an excellent absorber of neutrons that aid in regulating the fission processes

2. Safety materials for the workers engaged in the cleanup of the plants…

Three weeks later, on March 29, Japan asked Anne to visit Japan and help with her suggestions and the expertise of Areva.  Everything has melted down and the catastrophe had set in.

Anne landed and conducted a chain of meeting with the high level persons in charge of finding a resolution to the catastrophe. Anne was the main foreign personality who grabbed the Japanese media.

It happened that Sarkozy was visiting Far Eastern countries and paid a short 4-hour visit to Japan, and refused to invite Anne to any French gathering: Anne had snatched the front page attention in japan, which angered and antagonized the President even further.

What happened in Fukushima according to Anne in her autobiography “The Woman who resists“:

The painting of the Japanese Hokusai Great wave of Kanagawa” takes shape on March 11, 2011.

An earthquake of magnitude 9.1 hit the coast of the Island of Honshu. The tsunami generated waves as high as 30 meters (90 feet).

The sea entering 10 km inland ravaged 600 km of coastline (towns, villages…)  Over 21,000 people were killed from this monstrous tsunami.

The nuclear power plants in Fukushima of 1,000 Megawatt is halted for electrical production. There is just 60 Megawatt of heat generated from the combustibles that need to be evacuated to cool down the engine, and this was to be done by Diesel engines.

All is functioning smoothly, until a gigantic wave demolished the barriers designed to protect the reactor.

The sea water invades everything and destroys all in its passage. The Diesel engines are submerged and ruined.

The tubes of Zirconium enveloping the combustible might melt and hydrogen explosion will start a chain reaction that will contaminate the environment.

A hydrogen recombinator might have saved the situation, but its cost of a mere %00,000 Euros was turned down by Japan Tepco, a year earlier.

Without cooling, the lozenges (pastilles) of refractory combustible melted in the bottom of the tank or vat.




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