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Every thing illegal is for sale: Driver licence, tampering with electrical counter, selling fraudulent graduation certificates…#‎dekkentelbalad‬,

Sakker El Dekkene” is a brilliantly executed campaign to fight this gargantuan tumor that is corruption in virtually every single governmental institution in Lebanon.

“Dekkene” is a Lebanese word for “local convenience store/deli”. It’s the rickety place that sells you everything, and where everything is disorganized and haphazard.

If you’ve ever done any official paperwork, you’ll know that the video didn’t exaggerate at all, it just made it more believable in my humble opinion, because the reality can be much, much worse.

Lebanon is a “dekkene” in many ways, and the rampant corruption that festers in its every nook and cranny has become the only way to get anything done.

Bribes, “wasta” and third-party “facilitators” are a must if you want anything done fast, or done at all in fact (even when it’s obviously illegal).


Even during the event, ISF officers would come and badger the organizers for paperwork, even though everything was in line, which begs the question what was their real intention of coming not once, nor twice, nor thrice but more to harass everyone there? Dekkene…

The website’s platform is amazing, and they have apps for Android and iOS where you can anonymously report corruption you see.

The data gathered will be analyzed and made publicly available to help us exert pressure in the reforms direction. Also, a branded Smart car will be parked at the door of the most corrupt institution of the month, letting everyone know which ones to be careful of, and pressure to reform.

The shop is also brilliant, and it’s on Gemmayzeh street right next to the Lebanese Red Cross center. It’s full of very sarcastic items, signs and stencils, and you’ll have a laugh or two as you browse around.

Rita Chemaly posted:

here we are, in a big Boutique, you can buy all what you want, there are more from the ‪#‎dekkentelbalad‬, for you here is the movie!!! and its description below Rita Chemaly … [ 175 more words. ]


‎الدكنجي بدكانة البلد جاهز لكل طلباتكن!<br /><br />
دفتر سواقة، رخصة فوميه، رخص عمار...<br /><br />
دكانة_البلد ناطرتكن بالجميزة اليوم وبكرا‎

الدكنجي بدكانة البلد جاهز لكل طلباتكن!
دفتر سواقة، رخصة فوميه، رخص عمار…
دكانة_البلد ناطرتكن بالجميزة اليوم وبكرا

Note 1: Monster marches from all syndicates and associations (public teachers, public employees in all administrations and institutions…) are demanding the ratification of long delayed increase in grades and pay. Yearly increase in pay is the law, but for the last 18 years the law has not been applied.
When the deputies of the Parliament were called thieves the Chairman Nabih Berry demanded an apology. Instantly, the social media responded by confirming that every deputy is a “thief and a half
And that a dozen of eternal deputies are the main chairman of the “money whales” refusing to pay taxes and selling this country public institutions.
We all live in a prosperous ‘Dekkene’ which has a broad customer base, diversified merchandise, and branches all over the country.
The gross ‘Dekkene’ revenue has exceeded 1.5 billion dollars per year, the equivalent of 10% of our GDP. This means that one-tenth of every person’s income is sucked away by corruption.
Sakker el Dekkene proposes an antidote to this virus: to hold public administrations accountable for lack of integrity and put pressure on politicians to initiate change and fight corruption.
The initiative adopts a multi-tool and multidisciplinary approach that starts with the collection of corruption-related data through its , smart phone App (iOS and Android), complaint boxes, and hotline +961 76 80 80 80 where people can report and help quantify instances of corruption in public administrations.
The portal then collates incidents posted by citizens and highlights corruption trends. By doing so, the NGO wishes to raise public awareness, engage citizens in the process of change, trigger public debate, exert pressure on politicians, and lobby for genuine reform.




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