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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 171

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

At a packed dinner held by the Global Business Blockchain Council, few hands went up when the moderator asked how many people worked in crypto, 5 years ago. That could make it the richest room at Davos this week; bitcoin is up more than 200,000% since then. (Since then, bitcoin is down in value)

Tammy DuckworthA US senator, will become the first sitting senator in history to give birth later this year. The Illinois Democrat, a double amputee, was a helicopter pilot in the Iraq War and has slammed Trump for being a “5-deferment draft dodger.”

“I loved justice and hated iniquity. Therefore I die in exile”

Uruguay was best country to live in recently, until the Israelis took over the illegal activities in a society soft on diversity.

Never mind the earthquakes: New Zealand is still best country for social progress

“After climbing a great hill, you only finds that there are many more hills to climb – Nelson Mandela.” yearly review: Comments closed? What of individual yearly Monkey Stats? Too big to care for the early users?

Will the issue of Palestine/Palestinians be brought up in Davos? Especially the economical hardship that Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza are suffering from? In the refugee camps of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan?

About time to consider the Palestinians as people on this map of rich people abusing of the humiliation and indignities of apartheid systems

We are finally engaged in a slow cruising speed in our daily life (elder mother and eldest son): I’m adapting to her doing whatever she want to do and taking care of her suffering at the end. And her is trying to admit that I should be doing whatever I want to do. In moderation.

The door is constantly open. Yet, no one come in to tell her hello. Mostly, they come and leave without us noticing. All she is asking is a couple of minutes a day is for the visitors to listen to her babbling.

Turkey of Erdogan incursion into Syria Kurdish territory of Afrin is claimed to secure a “buffer zone” from terrorist activities. Fact is, unintentionally, Syria is currently enjoying a buffer zone from Turkish aggression and infiltration of terrorist factions from Turkey. 

The Syrian army has two main tasks up north its frontier with Turkey in the coming year: 1) controlling the province of Edleb and 2) closing the gap between the Kurdish provinces of Afrin and Kameshly to terrorist factions infiltrated by Turkey.

Turkey is controlling and supporting 8,000 terrorists that came from Chechnya, Dagestan, Turkmenistan and China Ouigour. 

Russia knows that the current military incursion of Turkey into Afrin province will be short lived, even if it enters and occupies this Kurdish/Syrian canton. This incursion is to give Turkey more time to find a pragmatic alternative to her failed policy toward the political settlement in Syria.




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