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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 48

Si les classes ouvriére, paysannes et opprimés sont foutues au Liban, pourquoi retenir des partis politiques?
Nous allions á la rencontre de choses terribles, qui existaient avant nous, mais qui n’attendaient que nous
Quand on est au monde depuis peu de temps, one ne sait pas la source ou l’origine du désastre, que lorsque la desolation nous surprent á un age avancé.
Si les hommes du Moyen-Age ne dépassaient pas 155 cm, comment peut-on imaginer ces gens faisant la guerre sans se sentir hillare? Bardés de cuirasse et d’épées plus longues qu’eux? Si on réflechit aux faits, l’histoire ne serait que contes de bardes lilipuciens malins.
Ceux qui ne s’incline devant personne sont dans les prisons ou sous-terre.  Et la servilité pour tous les autres.
Ce qui me manque de toi c’est la minuscule accumulation des petits fait quotidiens. Ces mouvements particuliers qui te personnalises
Le Dieu Incarné en Jesus fut dérobé de ses pouvoirs par les nations colonialles. Chaque nation usurpa le role de Chancellier pour dominer d’autres peuples et les dépouiller de leur religion et culture.
Egypt President Sissi suffered 2 resounding slaps from Saudi Kingdom in less than a year. He failed to respond: What a sissie.
Saudi Kingdom had announced 2 years ago that Egypt is contributing fighting forces in Yemen without prior informing Sissi. It again released this Trump/Selman statement without Sissi’s input or feedback.
Tiny Qatar in population is to desist playing world politics and focus on economic development and investment, like Dubai.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Steve Jobs used to say: the 21st century is the intersection of technology and Art designs. Afterward, it changed into the Intersection of technology and Biology

Remember: all kinds of accidents take place close to home, or at home, and frequently at older age.

Avec l’arrivé du monotheism, les discussions libres sont morts, et les veritiés avec. Toutes les sciences ne font qu’obscurcir les véritiés absolues.

Betnaffass 7orriyyeh et tu me manques comme on manque d’air

Si je préfere adopter parfois le ton de mes mauvaises plaisanteries, tout en moi est grave quand je pense á toi.

Je m’ennuie sérieusement de toi: Je ne cesse de songer et de revisiter chaque moment de notre rendez-vous

Les signes annonciateurs? Ils supplient que la catastrophe s’abat pour acquérir une légitimité. Trop tard: les futures signes suivront les precédents sans des prenants collectives zélés

Si tu ne peux imposer Ta Vérité que par les guerres et les occupations, c’est que votre vérité est du charlatanism.

Il est inutile de trouver la vérité si on n’ apprend pas á débusquer les mensonges et erreurs. C’est la definition même de la recherche. Les mathématiques pures ne sont pas faites pour découvrir les vérités, si ells ne sont pas “appliqués”

Ce qui nous transporte ailleurs, tout un jour et une nuit, est nécessairement Beau.

Les circonstances du vide sont des catalysts.

Elle monte le champ de ronces et traverse la fécondité des roses qu’elle n’a pas cessé de cultiver.

Cette clandestinité du sentiment, amertume paraissant blasée

C’est inevitable: á force de détruire des mythes, on les remplace par des hybrides, souvent plus vilains. Cas of “Promised Lands” and “Espace Vitales”

3am emsheh metel modéles féminines. I am walking very slowly: b7ot ejer wa bensa addem al thania

Twice last week, I dreamt of driving totally malfunctioning cars. Can’t believe my brain could invent so many malfunctions. I survived countless near-miss accidents.

My dream should have let me stop by the road side and let my lucid dream let the car rot and wake up. If it were Not for a terrible dry-throat and nobody to offer me a cup of water in order to wake up, I might have passed away from a heart attack.

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I demand freedom to pay tribute to my Idol

People are more inclined to be loyal to a saint, a shrine, or an honored Imam, or apostle.

People have need to use their senses to get connected to a spiritual entity: you cannot expect human to think exclusively on abstract notion without the intermediary of their senses of seeing a representative picture, of smelling incense, of touching a bust, or of listening to a hymn.

One God who created man and the universe is fine, but is not sufficient for man.  Several Gods doing the job is more convincing and pragmatic: specialization is highly valued.

Monotheism is a totally abstract concept that no human was yet able to feel physically loyal to a one, all encompassing God.

Ever since man descended from his tree, his prime concern was struggling for his freedom to pay tribute to his favorite Idol God.

Fear of the many dangers threatening his survival forced man to seeking a much more powerful ally to protect him and come to the rescue.  Depending on his wide spectrum of phobia, man wanted the total freedom to worship and be loyal to his “loyal” companions in times of imminent dangers.

Man would not take for granted Idols imposed upon him; he wanted his personal choices that most satisfied his psychological world.  Freedom of belief is not a modern concept; man fought all his life and for millennia for this natural right and is continuing the struggle.

I noticed lately that my dad, at each pass in front of the Virgin Mary or Mar Charbel (a Lebanese National Saint), has to touch these pictures in the house with his index, kiss his index, and then sign the cross.

Dad is 85 years old and has refrained attending mass for years.  Mother is also devoted to the Virgin and all the national female saints such as Rafqa; she never misses an occasion to get in the car or a bus going to pay tributes to shrines; she pay money, that she has not, for the Saint so that the church make “good” use of it.

Obviously, Mar Charbel is in her pantheon too, along with the newly beatified Hardini.  Interestingly, miracles have a way of occurring at election times.

In all ages, whether a religion claim to be monotheist or polytheist people end up selecting a particular idol to pay allegiance to and write ex-votos to Him in order to be cured, enjoy prosperity, safety to the family, and safe travels.

Indeed, people are loyal idolater to whom they perceive to be pretty much handy, accessible, and an excellent intermediary to the One God.

For example, in Latin America people are loyal to the Virgin Mary and cannot think of any other Saint to turn to in time of distress; thus, St. Mary of (name a city or a village), or the Virgin of (name a city or a town) and you have hundreds of Virgin Maries, tailored made to a specific locality, ready to come to the rescue.

The Greek Orthodox Church cannot think of more than three female saints to name girls at baptismal ceremonies: it must be either Mary, Ann, or Elisabeth; as for male kids you have an assortment of complicated and long Greek saints with plenty of X and Ch.

In predominantly Moslem Egypt, and generally in North Africa, you have St. Fatima, Aicha, Ali, Hussein, the Imam of the regional legal sect, or the shrine of the veneered Sheikh of a locality is paid more attention and visits to any other worshiping figures.

Pictures of Moslem saints are prohibited in public places or in mosques but that do not prevent homes to hang pictures of their preferred saint as relevant to current standards of beauty for both genders.

There is this myth that the Jewish religion is the first to adopting monotheism; it is just a myth. 

Ancient civilizations were never monotheists; they all had an overall God, nominally superior to the other demi-gods but that nobody paid much attention to or prayed to Him or even remembered asking his help in ex-votos.

God El was the all encompassing God in the Middle East as was Allah in the Arab Peninsula or Zeus for the Greeks, but He never generated a dime to tribes that had exclusive rights to his worship.

People converged to more palpable and understandable demy-gods; cities and towns adopted one of them as symbol and recognition of their trades or power.  In general, more weight was given to the “messengers of a God” (they were written in plural) than to a specific God.

Yahweh (God of thunder) was one of the Gods to the Jews after Moses introduced Him during the long crossing of Sinai and the worship of the “golden cow”: the Jews had, before and after Moses, many regional demy-Gods who did exist even if at periods they were forbidden to be worship.

Jews might have converged to a unique God in Judea in the second century BC.  Many of Canaan demy-Gods were far more beneficial and interesting than this newly created Yahweh that came into the picture during war periods. In war time, Jewish mercenaries were asked to support Baal under the banner of the dusted off Temple and bust of Yahweh.

Salomon worshiped Ashtarout (the Goddess of Sidon in Lebanon), and idol Baal had many Temples in Jerusalem while Yahweh had only one.

One common denominator to all salafist or extremist religious sects (Christian, Jewish, Moslems, or cults) is being totally peeved and obfuscated that the One True God is being sidetracked for substitutes.

Joshua offered the Jews choices of keeping Yahweh as sole God or accepting other demy-Gods.  When the Jews decided to keep exclusively a “tribal” God then Joshua ordered all strangers’ Gods destroyed. In ancient time, destroying the bust of a God didn’t mean that he no longer existed, but that the local God was to be more efficient to the survival of the tribe or community.

When Prophet Mohammad entered Mecca without a fight, after 9 years of taking Yathreb as his headquarter for his companions, he ordered all the 160 idols destroyed or effaced (pictures) save two: Allah and the Virgin Mary.

Mary was not bestowed virginity at all but she was veneered as the mother of the latest great prophet Jesus (Issa).  In Islam, idols were no longer Gods and never existed as was the case in ancient cultures.

The early Protestants erased pictures and destroyed busts of all Saints except crucified Jesus.  For the Protestants, erasing pictures of Saints didn’t mean that Saints didn’t exist but they were not that worthy to be worshiped and supplant God through the interceding process.

The most honest monotheists were the “heretic” Christian sects that the Orthodox Christian Church during the Byzantium Empire persecuted relentlessly.  Most of these sects would not even bestow a divine nature to Jesus, and Marie was not virgin by any means; no pictures or drawings were permitted for any Saints.

The farthest that these sects could indulge in is to veneer the apostle whom they claimed to have written the “true” Testament they adopted and read in.  The Nestorian sect proselytized in China and translated its Bible in Chinese in around the year 600; it built churches all along the “silk road”.  Thus, you don’t need to create saints along with pictures and busts to have the faith that travels to China.

I have noticed that:

1. centralized churches promote many saints with pictures and busts; it is a tactic to please the people so that it may enjoy total control over their temporal existence;

2. that these centralized churches inherited pagan religions aided a lot to the widespread propagation of multiple idols for each locality.

Decentralized religions have no urge to promote idols and pictures such as in Islam: it is the temporal power at every state that appoints clergies, Imams, and sheikhs.

I don’t see why all that fuss for monotheism.

If a few tribes still refuse to believe that it is earth rotating around the sun or that earth is flat, why then submerge them with an extra abstract notion?

Killing and committing suicide attacks in the name of a God is not an abstract act; this does not mean that human mind cannot reach a level of distortion that far surpasses the mere abstraction of a One God, creator of man and the universe.

Note 1:  This is a revised version of my post “Mono-idolatry (monolatry) or monotheism? (Nov. 6, 2009)

Note 2: The Christian Greek Orthodox is the church of Byzantium that persecuted the “heretic” Maronites in the year 1,000 and forced them to settle in the northern mountain chains of Lebanon. Decades later, the Maronite allied to the Church of Rome  and has been a steady ally to France since then.

These persecutions took place at a period the Moslem Arabic empire was disintegrating into small fiefdoms and Byzantium re-conquered the coastal portion in Turkey and Syria. The second crusade campaign burned Constantinople and occupied the lands of Byzantium in Turkey, Syria, all the way to Jerusalem.

Note 3: The various Protestant sects have similarity with the Wahhabi Moslem sect by discarding icons and pictures of saints in their place of worship.  The Wahhabi makes it a trend to demolish any worshiping place that is decorated with pictures, icon, and shrines, whether they are Christians or Moslems…




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