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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 109

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

The Moon has 20 times more platinum and titanium than anywhere on earth. It has helium 3, a rare isotope estimated to be the future for energy. The Moon is going to be the 8th continent to earth

Il faut devenir trop bon pour l’etre assez.  Et etre accepter par un group de jeunes qui apprennent a avoir le sense de l’humour

It is estimated that many wealthy people are ready to pay $200,000 to observe earth from the stratosphere.

It is expected that the stratosphere, in a reduced gravity environment, will be used for quick transport from New York to Tokyo in just 2 hours.

There is a room in the library where books are stacked on tables and window seals. I like this arrangement. Books displayed at eye level: No ladder to peruse high up.

I counted 160 books stacked on tables and window seals. I read 70 of them. Maybe 10 more are worth my time to read and communicate their content.

Read a thousand books and your sentences will flow like a river

The genetic technology is perfect for rich people. Bebe’ sur- mesure. It does Not guarantee longer life expectancy due to road kills, climate catastrophes, mass shooting, suicide bombing, collateral damages

It is common to have babies from 3 different parents: we replace the mitochondria de la donneuse en le re-transferant a la mere.

In-vitro of spermatozoa and rejuvenated ovaries are available.

The Red-Lines in genetics are constantly shifting as technology evolves and politics are more liberal.

On commence a avoir des malheurs le moment qu’ on a cesse’ de ne penser qu’ a soi

N’ est contraint que qui le veut bien: Et on le veut bien a chaque fois

Maudit soit a jamais le reveur inutile qui mele l’ honnetete’ aux choses de l’ amour

Bemsheh 3ala mahel. Al sha2leh marghoubeh da2iman. Awkaat kteer b7eb ousal

The financial banks in Lebanon want the 2 million Syrian refugees to stay for as long as it is possible: the foreign financial aids keep the currency “stable”. This linkage to the $ is costing us an arm and a leg and hampering our economy.

The delayed, longer-term catalysts of “Arab Spring upheaval”, for comprehending and assimilating the resilient conditions, were generated from the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Toute la superiorite’ qu’a l’education sur l’ instruction: cet ascendant de l’homme du monde

Lebanese women Not being able to travel alone with their children without the father’s permission. Lebanese women not able to pass on their nationality to their children. Lebanese women not getting custody for their children after divorce. Disgusting customs: Personal status laws for different sects instead of one civil law that gives us all the same rights.

C’ est une personne qui desire sentir qu’un gendarme se pointe chaque jour (in dangerous quarters)
Quand on donne des lecon de morale, on a quelque chose a cacher: Tu retourne demain au bled

L’avant dernier checkpoint du camp d’Atmet, pres de la frontiere de Turkie, etait controle’ par L’ISIS. Ces jeunes etaient des etrangers, l’air arrogant, assure’, le verbe haut et se comportaient comme les maitres des lieux. Apres Aout 2013, les objectifs de ISIS semblaient sans limites.

50% of workforce in public sector, eating up a third of our chaotic miserable budget: Lebanon is Not yet ready for any reforms

Israel has military force, but lack necessary power to wage an all out preventive war: the political outcome is uncertain on how the operations and alliances will unfold






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