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Moslem/Arab women are unfurling their wings; (Apr. 8, 2010)

            Moslem/Arab women are already flying over family walls, city barriers, and heading toward newer horizons of freedom, individuality, and cosmic reality.  There are currently 90 million educated women in the Arab World seeking employment.  Over 60% of graduate university students are women; over 35% of university professors are women (far ahead of the USA and Western Europe with barely 20%); over 45% of physicians and the medical sciences are women.  Two out of three Arabs are below the age of 24 and increasing alarmingly.

            Women in the Arab World are still not walking steady: 15 centuries of despotism and obscurantism have left the sensation of heavy chains on the feet.  Women fall, get information, and then get up again: it is hard enjoying liberty after years of caging behavior.  During the first Iraq invasion in 1991, it was women who took to the streets expressing frustration and anger against impotent men to defend their lands and protect against “collateral damages” of smart bombs on civilians.  Men were taken aback and terrified in their silence of the power to be and despotic incarceration.

            Women have unfurled their wings and scaring off appointed imams and despots.  What!  If women are freed of their imposed traditional chains then how despots can be obeyed by men? Billions of petrodollars are invested by Saudi Arabia and many Gulf States to publishing expensive ridiculous books at low prices prescribing how a woman should behave, paint her lips and line her eyelids, how to epilate, what to wear, and the kinds of shoes are appropriate for obedient women.  Those stupid books, supposedly extracted and selected from “hadith” are meant for devout Moslem men to read and then transmit “valuable knowledge” to their women!  Actually, those books are targeting the thousands of appointed imams, financed by petrodollars, to continue their restricted teaching on “Koranic laws” and how to write the preaching sermons and target the best ways to subjugate women.

            Centuries of violence against rational Moslem philosophers aqnd Sufis are redirected against women when despots are facing serious civil unrests.  It is like “order half the population (of women) to retrench at home and the streets will be more manageable for control.”  Male youth are more fragile than ever and feeling uncertain in this modern world where material and psychological frontiers and barriers are crumbling.  Ironically, women fall in love with men expressing doubts and distress as the highest aphrodisiac for seduction.  Arab youth instinctively know why women are becoming more attractive: women are sending signals that they prefer men not exhibiting too much self confidence in their traditional behavior.

            Women have decided that they were born to be respected, to have individual rights, to vote personally, and to have the right to work in their field of expertise.  Most educated women no longer give a damn what imams are preaching to abridging their rights: no to blindly obeying men or God; no to be reduced to slaving for the comfort of men.  Saudi Arabia can build thousands more mosques around the world and hire imams to disseminate the obscurantist Wahhabit “Sunni” sect; and the USA can totally support the monarchy in Saudi Arabia and the other terrorist State of Israel but nothing would do.  Veil or no veil; hijab or no hijab, imam or no imam, shari3a or no shari3a: The genie is out of the bottle and there is no turning back.  A new dawn is rising upon the Arab World and lead by educated women.




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