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Is forcing Globalization been checked?

Note: re-edit of “Lucubration (written in 2006 and posted on October 25, 2008″

Why do you want to force Globalization on people?

Why do you want to force Nations to out leap the process of natural development?

If it takes what it takes to go through industrialization, couldn’t you let it be?

Couldn’t you set up the gauntlets for underdeveloped Nations to pass through without undue pressure?


If some Nations cannot endure the pain, humiliation and dehumanization…

Of your type of development,

Of forcing kids less than 7 years to work in the mines…

Then, let them take another perspective to life.

Let them prospect for a different future.


If there is a purpose to life

Make expressing your true feelings your purpose.


If I talk but of life and death,

What else do you want me to talk about?

Let me fall in love once

And I’ll gift you my silence


Is Freedom the right to have choices?

Is Liberty the right to have opportunities?

Are freedom and liberty the essential right to act?

For a fairer and equitable rights to all in any community?

Or should they be relegated to merely wishing publicly?


Are freedom and liberty just for the young and healthy?

And the rest of us, what should we fight for?

Maybe is it our right to be skeptical about your futile fights?


An idea becomes a consumer good

Once its charm and novelty are tolerated by adults.


What do you want to know from this world?

Science is already telling you that it shall die.


Why God created spiders?

My students said that spiders were created in order to:

Scare us, eat flies and mosquitoes,

Weave webs to protect a certain prophet from being detected in a cave

And cultivate them for their fiber to fabricate anti bullet vests…


Then, why did God create mosquitoes? So that they could be fed to spiders?

Are there any useful uses of mosquitoes for human beings?


It dawned on me that may be God wanted to send us a message:

God did not create the Universe for just Man!

But it is the power-to-be who created  God, Gods, demigods…

To subjugate the people into an abstract concept that suit their interest of control.


It is hard to be inducted a normal person.

A normal person has to evolve into a superman to acknowledge that greed is beautiful.


The greedy Lords of society have set high standards of conformity.

Standards that most modern slaves strive to achieve.

The subnormal people lack the strength to meet the quota in the production,

Of money, of kids, properties and standard of living.

The subnormal has to suffer silently, absorb his weaknesses and accept to be discarded.


Why men do wars?

Did any man win in any war?

Did any soldier or mercenary benefited from war?


It appears that most of the profits are accumulated during the preparation of wars.

So, why man has to act on his preparations and plans?

Instead of him continuing his preparations to perfection?

For example, striving to have zero civilian victims and casualties?

So many authors went to great length describing the life of insects (ants, bees, beavers…) and how they built perfect residences and how they sacrificed (from mankind notion) for the sake of continuation of their breed.  Invariably, these authors end up glorifying mankind and his “unique fluid of energy: Capacity for thinking!”

What is sacrificing once life for the survival of the community?  You think that there are pre-conditions to classifying a murder by “sacrifice”; first, the person must be fully conscious of his decision and with sane brain and reflecting power; and second, the person must have reached the decision voluntarily without undue pressures from his community, family, or his buddies.

Now, how could these authors and researchers communicate with insects to figure out that sacrifice was the purpose instead of brute massacres for some kind of survival?  How could these researchers figure out that there are no trained architects among the insects?  Just stating “instinct” of survival or gene structure does not cut it:  “Black boxes” in sciences are proof of total ignorance on the subject matters.

Governments would like you to believe that the millions of soldiers who died in senseless battles were sacrificing their blood and life for the other “citizens”.  Soldiers who were horded by force under law gimmicks were not martyrs.  Soldiers who volunteered under community pressures in order to saving the “honor and dignity” of the community are indeed “sacrificial” lambs.  Do you know of any voluntary soldier who was convinced that he will die?  Most probably, it is his co-arm companions who will die:  Statistics stupid!  When the turn of the volunteered soldier’s shit is to hit the ceiling in a battle then, it is too late to backtrack; he is pressed by his co-arm companions and captains to advance .  Otherwise, this volunteered conscript is to face a firing squad with all kinds of unjustified character deficiencies heaped upon him.

The high command is not that interested in the number of death: it is concerned with the number of injured soldiers.  High command needs to investigate how many soldiers committed self-inflicted injuries to avoiding front lines engagements.  Statistics of rate of injuries recommend serious investigations when higher than “normal”.

Thinking should be a constant exercise; most important before deciding on preemptive wars.  Unfortunately, thinking is not on the table; just maps, PowerPoint graphs, and the rate of return of multinationals for the razzias.

I was never been paid to communicate with insects; they are so tiny and thus, when they invade my comfort zone then I kill them.  All that I ask of insects is not to show up where they shouldn’t.  (That is exactly what superpowers do to redundant States.)  I blame those soft-hearted and cowered people who demand to save the blood sucking mosquitoes on the ground that they must have been created for the benefit of mankind; a benefit not yet discovered.  Consequently, we have to sacrifice our blood and comfort for the survival of mosquitos.

I am a mental for killing mosquitoes; I wet a short towel and then, fine tune and adjust my snapping maneuvers to guaranteeing a kill.  Yes, I get up from my couch just to go after tranquil mosquitoes.  I would love to be remembered in Guinness Books as the meanest mosquitos hand terminator.




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