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Titbits #99

Posted on November 22, 2018

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Dans ma jeunesse, j’etais trop timide et plutot passif: peut-être que les conversations autour de moi, dans la famille, etaient inexistentes ou plutot sans interet? Je ne savais pas comment jouer le jeu des petites conversations (small chatting) , un calin ou compliment. Plus tard, les gens crurent que j’étais un snob: J’’hibernais dans ma peau d’enfance.

An invariant in Israel politics: When Israel claims it is negotiating a peace treaty or a cease fire, it means that it is ready to launch a pre-emptive war. Israel establishment and weapon industrial complex believes that it cannot sustain a long period of peace, and actually never tried it. Pre-emptive wars on Lebanon is No longer feasible as Hezbollah managed to counter with a deterrence force

Le Chevalier? This representative of French President Macron visited Israel and relayed to Lebanon that Israel is preparing a pre-emptive war on Lebanon? The test in Gaza is Not encouraging Israel for another try on Lebanon. However, the plan of USA/Israel is to start another round of civil war in Lebanon. And Lebanon is fooling itself that it learned the lesson, but it learned nothing much but sinking its head deeper in the sand. And without funding, the army will be unable to maintain its cohesion. But with Hezbollah ready and able, there is no fear for another war with this implanted apartheid colonial State.

Stupid France still think that it can foment civil war in Syria and keep Lebanon intact from the flame roaring around it: The Trump administration is so out of touch and is planning for another round of civil war in Lebanon.

The idea of creating Israel by England around 1907, with the instigation of the US Evangelical sects, was when England realized that it needed a buffer zone to protect its interests in India through Egypt by eliminating any kind of unification of the One Near-Eastern people in the foreseeable future ( Current Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan…)

An old man in the psych group said: “The assassin is serving a life sentenceAnd it is still Not a comfort for me” And what if this prisoner would be let free within 20 years? Instead of sorrow and anger, most probably fear will set in?

The world’s billionaires made more money in 2017 than in any year in recorded history. (2020 was even more mind boggling. A UBS report says billionaires become 20% richer last year. (Mind you that their number is increasing crazily since China and India billionaires are closing the gap with the colonial powers of USA and Europe combined)

It is a Universal truth that mothers will Not “betray” their children to the police under any basis of ethics, moral or “this is the law”: They have enough loads in issues and activities to control and administer in the household that they don’t care to add a bigger problem.

If you want to learn how to express your opinions, read, take notes, reflect and write. If you want to learn the wide range of boasting and cursing (“shata2em” and “bahwaraat”), plug-in to “Arabic” and Trump-like social medias.

The EU turns its clocks back by one hour on Sunday. It may be the last time the bloc uses Daylight Saving Time, after citizens voted to abolish it earlier this year.

A lack of frequent, helpful feedback is among the top reasons people quit their jobs. Studies show that more communicative, honest cultures drive increased productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Is Feedback a social threat”? And like any threat, it’s accompanied by physiological and cognitive responses, including an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and feelings of anger, anxiety, and fear.

Making matters worse, humans are biased towards negativity—a tendency to over-index negative interactions relative to neutral or positive ones. These physiological responses can inhibit us from effectively processing any feedback that we perceive as threatening to our identities, happiness, and jobs. (Ed Batista)

Vintage Photos Celebrate Mothers Around the World

For Mother’s Day, see how moms have cared for their children for the last 100 years.

Balancing an infant on her hip. Cradling one child while holding the hand of another. Caring for a baby while finishing her work.

The mothers in these vintage images strike familiar poses that span the globe and cross cultural and geographic barriers. Their clothing and hairstyles may differ, but their actions are similar, showing that a mother’s love is universal.

Mother’s Day itself is over 100 years old and has a somewhat dark history, originally founded by Anna Jarvis to honor mourning women, remember fallen soldiers, and work for peace.

“For Jarvis it was a day where you’d go home to spend time with your mother and thank her for all that she did,” historian Katharine Antolini of West Virginia Wesleyan College told National Geographic in 2014. “It wasn’t to celebrate all mothers. It was to celebrate the best mother you’ve ever known—your mother—as a son or a daughter.”

These photos show the ways different mothers around the world have supported children—their own, their neighbors’, and even those of strangers—through the ages.

Balancing Acts: Ballerinas, mothers and kids

Sixteen years ago, photographer mom Lucy Gray decided to create a series of images that would capture the experience of working motherhood.

A chance encounter with a prima ballerina at the market led her to the world of the San Francisco Ballet and the dancers who balanced their onstage careers with their roles as mothers.

Over the course of 15 years, Gray photographed three ballerinas who had children — Katita Waldo, Tina LeBlanc and Kristin Long.

The photographer followed these women as they navigated motherhood and the professional dance world — pumping during breaks backstage, dancing while pregnant, and playing with their children after curtain call.

“I wanted to get their experiences as dancers and as mothers,” Gray told The Huffington Post.

“I wanted them to forget about me and become a near silent witness.”

Gray turned her series of intimate black and white photos into a book called Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers.

balancing acts

“What I learned was that their hallmark was dedication, and that made them effective as dancers and as mothers,” Gray said.

While the women had risked “losing it all” when they decided to bear children while working in their competitive field, the photographer said her subjects actually became better dancers when they became mothers. ”

For these three dancers, letting go of single-minded self-driven rewards and performing for their children put their vocation in perspective.”

“It was the fact of doing both simultaneously that made them better at both occupations — work and child-rearing.

This was possible because of supportive husbands who were also working but doing the lion’s share of child caring.

They all brought the children to the ballet which kept the mother’s connected through dancing seasons until they were off and could spend more intense time with their children.”

ballet mom

Gray hopes that Balancing Acts will resonate with the millions of working mothers in the U.S.

Half the work force are women, and we might accept that that is a good thing, a necessary situation, and that that does not preclude us from succeeding as mothers as well,” she said. “If we as a culture accept this reality then we might begin to support working mothers.

If there is any phrase I have come to dislike it is ‘having it all.’ Why do we tell women that if we are mothers we must give up anything else or fail at everything we do? It just isn’t true.”

The photographer also wants people to feel the joy and pleasure in her subjects’ lives as they embraced the challenge of having children while working.

“These ballerinas created babies and roles on stage, perhaps their span of experience is greater than most of ours, but that gives us a bar to aspire to. They became better dancers after they had children and were better mothers because they kept dancing.

They needed to work to support their children but they also knew that having careers kept them more interested at home. Both sides to their lives fed the other.”

Keep scrolling and watch the book trailer for a preview of some of the stunning images from Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers.

  • 1
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 2
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
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  • 4

    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 5
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 6
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 7
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 8
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 9
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 10
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 11
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 12
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 13
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
  • 14
    Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers by Lucy Gray, published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2015
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Another genocide in Deir Zur (Syria)? Again, the Turks are involved, a century later…

This long line of crucified people is not taken from a movie on Jesus Christ or Spartacus: They are Armenian mothers and girls that the Turks crucified on their long journey in the desert of Deir el Zur, in north-East Syria, on the Euphrates River, by Iraq borders.

The photo was taken by a German and it is in the Vatican archives

Deir el Zur is currently invaded by the radical Islam Jihadists (Wahhabi) who want to establish an entirely Califat Islamic State.

 ‎شبكة أخبار جرمانا| J.N.N‎’s photo.
مذبحة الارمن الكبرى 24-4-1915 والتي قضى فيها حوالي مليون ارمني</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>,هذه الصورة التقطها صحافي ألماني ومحفوظة في أرشيف الفاتيكان و في الصورة توجد أمهات أرمنيات معلقات على الصليب عاريات تم صلبهن اثناء الإبادة من قبل الجنود الأتراك. موقع الإعدام في صحراء دير الزور بسوريا, وقتها قام أهالي دير الزور باخفاء اطفال الارمن ومن استطاع الهرب من المذبحة من البالغين وكان الدرك التركي يمر ويسأل الاهالي عن الاطفال ، وكانو أهالي دير الزور ينكرون رؤيتهم ويدعون أن الاطفال أطفالهم هم حاليا عدد سكان الأرمن بمدينة دير الزور فوق 25000
Most of the inhabitant of the town of Dir Zur and its surrounding villages, about 25,000 people, are the descendants of these crucified Armenian mothers. The Turkish policemen (darak) used to pass by Deir el Zur and investigate the whereabout of the Armenian children, and the Syrian families claimed the children were theirs.
Since 1915, and over 1.5 million Armenian massacred, the current Turkish government is preparing for another genocide, and this time in Syrian lands.
Turkey is demanding that the NATO install Patriot anti-missile “iron dome” on the borders with Syria, and I wonder why this escalation?
Most probably, the Turkish government is preparing for the “after Bashar’s” regime, when the radical Moslems will start showering missiles on Armenian, Allawit,Kurdish, and Christian enclaves on the borders with Turkey?
And I wonder:

“We seem to go through our days without ever being aware of the most common fact of life: we are living on a sphere which is zipping in space at a staggering speed of 67,000 miles/hour and spinning around its axis simultaneously at a speed of about 1000 miles/hour. And somehow all this is engineered in such a way that we feel no movement at all.”

And most of the movement and activities of mankind is focusing on eliminating and killing “other minorities” for lame excuses, including species in the animal kingdom.

Are the most awe-inspiring of life’s mysteries the simplest ones?  That mankind ethical and moral standards degenerated since the prehistoric man Age?

Stop the Killing in Gaza: From Alice in

Apparently, the US and Israel needed to verify, in the field, their analysis and conclusions on “what after the Arab Spring”.  They wanted to double-check their interpretations of “what might happen if we launch a second preemptive war on Gaza”? And the results, after 100 sacrificial Palestinians killed  and 900 injured, were gloomy to the US and Israel:

First, Israel and the US realized that if it took former Moubarak 21 days to react in the 2009 war in Gaza, it only required less than two hours for Mursi of Egypt to express Egypt position of siding with the Palestinians in Gaza…

Second, Israel and US wanted to verify which regional State power will fill the vacuum after Moubarak, such as Turkey, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia…(since Syria is out of the picture at these critical periods)… And Egypt displaced all the regional powers in negotiating and resolving Gaza problems…

Third, and these tiny missiles of only 90 kilo of explosives reached Tel Aviv and beyond Tel Aviv, and Iron Dome was a disastrous fiction in countering the Palestinian missiles…

Alice in posted:

Days ago the Israeli military began a bombing rampage in Gaza. An eleven month old baby was killed, and many more are likely to die unless the US and Arab League use their leverage right now. Let’s raise our voices to stop the violence.

Sign the petition

The Israeli bombing in Gaza has already killed an 11-month old baby. People have nowhere to hide from the missiles and mortars — Gaza is a prison. 

All mothers can do is stay indoors, put mattresses against windows, and pray for their children.

Israel’s attack may be a cynical move to drum up fear, so that voters reelect Israel’s right-wing extremist government. 

The massive suffering in Gaza will only increase unless global leaders step in to stop it.

With both Israel and Hamas threatening to escalate, it’s likely to get much worse unless the US, which has massive leverage over Israel, works with the EU and the Arab League to intervene. 

The international community has the power to turn this around. 

After Hamas won Palestinian legislative elections in 2006, the US and Israel worked to delegitimize the vote and isolate Gaza from the rest of the world. Since then, Israel had initiated a ruthless blockade on food, oil, electricity, and medical treatment…

And in 2008 Israel launched a full scale military assault, using all kinds of prohibited weapons, such as phosphoric bombs that keep burning on live bodies and after they die.

Impoverished and overcrowded, Gaza’s isolation has fostered resentment and militancy.

No family, wherever they live, should live in fear of rockets or airstrikes. Gaza is already at a breaking point. The attacks by Israel — coming, not by chance, weeks before Israel’s election — are like throwing a lit match into a tinderbox. If the conflict spirals it will see thousands more die and decades more of misery under occupation.

Only immediate action by the international community, led by the United States, can stop this mess and prevent an all-out ground assault. 

Deep-seated conflicts can only be resolved through courage and determination. And politicians only display that when peace-loving citizens come together in large numbers and demand it. The Avaaz community rallied with force the last time Israel pummeled Gaza — let’s do it again now, before it’s too late. 

Click to call on them to take immediate steps to get a comprehensive ceasefire and end the blockade that’s strangling Gaza. Then share this with everyone — let’s make a noise they can’t ignore:

With hope,

Alice, Mais, Marie, Ricken, Wissam, Nick, Antonia, Pascal and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

Gaza conflict: world holds its breath for first Netanyahu war (The Week)

Egypt will no longer tolerate attacks on Palestinians: FJP (The Daily Star)

Gaza-Israel conflict adds tension to Palestine UN bid (Times Live) 

Israel killed its subcontractor in Gaza (Haaretz)




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