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I “feel I should have the same rights as many enjoy”?

Why and for what purpose?

At the clanish level, community, district, national level?

As in the community of “humans” or in the category of “Homo Sapiens“?

Suppose you have been living for many years in a town, a community. The day of municipal election has “chimed” and there are a few unusual activities around you.

You are a very valued person in that town because of a particular profession, a handyman, an artisan… that allow you to visit most houses, connect with the family members, the visitors…

And you ended up knowing more of the town and decisions taken and activities that failed to materialize… from the families, directly or indirectly.

And people are flocking to the urnes to vote, for clannish reason, monetary incentives, promises given and promises received to be extended after election…or to flaunt your importance (Rakkiz Tarboush), kind of reminding the community that you are One of them and a very valued person outside the community…

And you know that most of these voters never cared about the town, the community for all these years. They don’t know the names of the members of the council, of the mayor even.

Not a single member of the municipal council ever visited you during the tenure of the municipality and you never cared to visit any one of them or ask pertinent questions.

But you know all of the members of the council, by name and in person and you extended valuable contribution, personally, to the house, to the municipality institution…

For some reasons you are Not in the list of people “permitted” to vote. You are Not from the town, from the country, from the Caste System ruling the community, the level of education…

How would you “feel”?

Just feeling others should Not be eligible to vote because they are unaware of the candidates, the needs of the town, Not living there… and you feel you are more eligible to cast your vote…

Is this feeling a valid ground to demand your “right” to vote?

This is one of the dozens of cases where you feel that your rights were thwarted as an eligible person to be considered at par with others.

Genders rights, “Race” rights, marriage rights, civil rights, human rights…

Forward you “feeling” of robbed rights and develop your basis on your feelings, activities, values… in each case.

Local Proverbs said during municipal election in Lebanon

In this period of municipal election in Lebanon, I will end up listing about 3 dozen local proverbs:
1. Rou7 ballet al ba7r
2. Shereb 7aleeb al sbaa3
3. 7attallo el ba7ssat
4. Beyakol ra2ss al 7ayyet
5. Ya bajal ma yhezak ree7
6. Ana wa khayyeh 3ala inb 3ammeh
7. Ana wa inb 3ammeh 3ala al ghareeb

8. El maal al 7araam bi 3allem el nass 3ala al 7aram
9. 7abel al kezeb asseer
10. yalleh bayto min ezaz ma byersho2 ghayro bil 7ajar
11. eza 7abibak 3assal, ma tel7asso kello
12. 3asfour bil 2ed wala 3asharat bil shajarat
13. kadi el wlaad shana2 7alo
14. el hareebeh teltayn al marjaleh

15. Ma 7ada bi2oul 3an zayto 3eker

16. Ya tokho ya kserlo mokho

17. El erd bi 3ayn emmo ghazal

18. Ferkh al batt 3awwam

19. Yalleh 3endo mssaleh ta7t baato bten2ero

20. Lamma betrou7 el sakra btejeh el fakra

21. Yalleh talla3 al 7maar 3ala al ma2zaneh yenazlo

22. Ma teshtereh al samak bil ba7r

23. Ma 7ada faw2 rasso khaymeh

24. Bi kel 3erss elo orss

25. El nassi7a bi jamal

26. El damm ma bisseer maye

27. Ana wa ibn 3ammi 3ala al ghareeb

28. Onssor akhaak zaliman aw mazlouman

29. el Yadd elleh ma feek t3adda boussa wa ed3i 3allayya bil kasr

30. min ketret el tabbakhjiyyeh shawshatet al tabkha

31. eza badda tshatteh, ghayyamet

32. 3ala add bssatak bed ejrayk

33. 3aynno sheb3eneh

34. Nayem 3ala 7areer

35. Biyer2oss bala daff

36. Akal al bayda wal el te2sheera

37. Tanjarat wa la2at ghataha

38. Nasher ghassilo 3ala al stou7

39. Hada al shebel min zaaka el assad

40. Rou7 ballet el ba7r

41. Shereb 7aleeb al sbaa3

42. 7attallo ba7ssa

43. Rabna khala2o wa kassar al 2aleb

44. Ya jabal ma yehezak ree7

What Lebanese learned from this municipal election in Beirut?

The demographic of voters in Beirut have changed drastically in this century: rare are the original inhabitants.
Rate of voting in Beirut (20%) didn’t change from 2010 to 2016. Because 40% of the voters in Beirut have immigrated never to return, Not even to vote or visit.

To increase the rate the voting system needs to change: People working or living in Beirut should have the right to vote in Beirut.

The list of candidates of all the political parties, allied this time around and without exception, barely won the election with 41,000 votes against 30,000 votes for the secular and civil list of candidates.

Thus, the Hariri clan, headed by Sa3d Hariri and called the Moustakbal movement or Solidair of Beirut, retained this municipality since 1993 with no discontinuity and divided the city into the have and the barely surviving (Abu rakhoussa) in all aspect of facilities.

The Armenians (Tashnak) were pressured to vote for the this militia-type governing system by casting 6,000 votes and the Amal militia of Nabih Berry (Chairman of Parliament for the last 3 decades) casted 3,000 votes, and even the Islamic movements shared with 2,000 votes. posted:

Beirut’s people have spoken, and once again they’ve chosen to elect a municipal list backed by ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri and allies.

Image via

This was met with much frustration from people who had been working and rallying tirelessly for 9-months in the hopes that the grassroots movement Beirut Madinati would triumph over the mainstream faces that have dominated Lebanese politics for so long.

But that is democracy. Sometimes, the Donald Trumps of the world win, the underdog loses, and things remain the same. That’s the good and the bad of democracy – everybody, even those you disagree with, have the right to choose.

Though Beirut Madinati lost in numbers, they gave us something we haven’t seen in a long time: an actual electoral race, there was competition and transparency – they put up a good fight.

It’s also important to note that gross violations including bribery, discounting entire boxes of votes, and more are being reported.

The municipal elections were taken very seriously this year, probably unlike most years, in part because Lebanese political leadership was establishing its (dwindling) support and presence, and in part because it was the first election held in over six years after parliamentary elections were postponed (read: cancelled, deputies extending their tenure under lame excuses).

Our first vote in six years, and how did we fare? Not well.

A 20.14% voter turnout in such grim times is very telling. Has everyone in Beirut given up? Have we forgotten the trash crisis and the budgeting scandals?

The next steps for Beirut Madinati are crucial – will they disappear like so many civil movements before them?

Or will they take the responsibility that was given to them by whatever percentage of Beirut and Lebanon’s people and step up to represent them in any way they can: activism, lobbying, raising awareness, and continuing to be the beacon of hope for change.

Note: All the political parties, the 8 and 14 of March movements, joined forces in order to have their share in the cake, a cake that is already shrinking and spoiling fast. They want to keep this rotten system alive for as long as they can.

Kel al a7zaab 3am bet ross al sfouf le sha2fet al jebneh al montahiyyat al sala7iyyat

Nabil Hassan posted  6 hrs · Beirut ·

رأي شخصي بعد هالتجربة الرائعة:
1. النتائج فوز رائع لبيروت مدينتي، أكثر من 30.000 صوت بوجه جميع أحزاب السلطة يعني إنتصار كبير….
2. الإنتخابات كان فيها بهدلة كبيرة بالتنظيم أغلبها ناتج عن قلة خبرة رؤوساء الأقلام يلي ما كانوا أساتذة بل أغلبهم موظفين دولة ما تم تدريبهم بشكل وافي. أغلب المخالفات يلي يتم تداولها تقع بهذه الخانة ورغم أنه هيدا الشي مش مسموح ولكن بأغلبه غير مقصود ضد لائحة أو أخرى….
3. بنفس الوقت في بما لا يقبل الشك، محاولات واضحة للتزوير ضد بيروت مدينتي صارت بعدد من ننتائج الأقلام وتمكن فريق العمل بعد إصراره على إعادة الفرز من تصحيح أغلبها، هيدي محاولة تزوير واضحة ولا ترتبط بالنقطة أعلاه…..
4. بالسياسة خسرنا لما أستخدموا حجة الطائفة بخطر وروجوا إشاعات عن دعم حزب الله لنا ! وهيدا كان أكبر مؤثر على خيارات الناخب السني…
5. إستفدنا كثير بالصناديق من رغبة الأحزاب توصل رسائل لبعضها بنفس الوقت أغلب التصويت هو رفض لنهج وطريقة تعاطي الأحزاب وزعمائها وهذا ما يبنى عليه ….
6. الناس يلي صوتت ضدنا، واجباتننا نحترم خيارها وكثير غلط وغير واقعي وغير سليم لومها وتصويرها بالغنم وما شابه. هيدي الناس ببساطة في جزء منها مقتنع بخياره وفي جزء الأكبر منها خايف طائفياً ولا يزال يرى الحماية بالإلتزام بحزبه. هيدي ناس لازم نستقطبها وما نبعدها….
7. ولا مرة كنا ضد الأحزاب أصلاً، بس برجع بقول، لا تغيير شامل بالبلد غير لما الشباب تغير داخل حزبها وتنتفض ويرجع يصير في أحزاب جدية وعم تلعب دورها مش فرق عمل للزعماء، لكن الإنتماء الحزبي ليس تهمة والأحزاب دورها مهم…..
8. بالتكتبك نجحنا بكثير مجالات ونجحنا بخلق حالة رائعة وتعلمنا كثير لكل المعارك يلي جاية، مش ممكن تخرق أحزاب بماكنات ما عندها خبرة إنتخابية، بس خبرة مكانتنا عم تكبر وتتعزز….
9. نتائج إنتخابات بعلبك والهرمل وبريتال وزحلة والكثير من القرى تتماشى مع بيروت وتثبت أن الأحزاب ما زالت بمسارها الإنحداري والأمل كبير بالتغيير….
10. جو المتطوعين، والمندوبين، وفريق العمل والمرشحين رجع الفرح والأمل والحب والإلتزام النظيف للسياسة، شكراً لكل واحد منكم وعذراً عبى كل تقصير….
11. إصلاح القانون واجب ودعم LADE بهالمجال ضرورة قصوى بالإصلاحات التقنية وبشكل القانون، علماً انه هيك نتائج رح يكون لها أثر كبير بأي قانون قادم والخوف من تالنسبية رح يزداد وهيدا شي خطر ويجب متابعته….
المعركة طويلة وعم نتقدم خطوات سريعة أكثر ما كلنا منتوقع، مواجهة كل أحزاب السلطة بالإنتخابات وتقديم بديل جدي كان حلم بعيد وصار حقيقة وقريب وممكن، نحن أقرب من أي وقت مضى ومكملين بكل زخم وأمل وحب لهالبلد. ‫#‏بيروت_مدينتي‬، ‫#‏الأمل‬

Paved decrepit path: Half-cooked literates trailing feudal process; (May 1, 2010)

Municipal Elections in Lebanon

In my hometown, there are obtuse half-cooked literates constituting the newer classes of feudal “bosses” running for municipal election, and forming lists of candidates:  These literates may be able to read but they don’t (at best they browse their “favorite” daily); they could write a few sentences but never do. The feudal process of packaging lists of candidates goes as follows:

The “bosses” of each list, bored and in need of occasional excitements, get together in non formal setting (custom of relaxed chattering postures go nicely with entente in town’s affairs). First, the contending bosses lukewarm attempt to form joint lists, just for the sake of confirming in their famous pamphlets that they communicated and discussed town interests but unfortunately, communication failed miserably.

Under more favorable conditions, analyzing the various pamphlets could be very interesting and an essential part of the election. I discovered that the pamphlets were similar and pretty identical; kind of copy-paste of older versions.  Programs are out of the question: they don’t rhyme with feudal prerogatives. The logic is simple “why fool the voters with programs if they don’t take them seriously? The voters have learned not to take election programs with a grain of salt; even if the candidates wished to follow a program wholeheartedly.”

The process is applying the well-tested image of feudal mentality and practices:  Candidates got to be selected from the half illiterates from the various families or clans.  Yes,  a functional municipal council requires one boss; discussions and accounting must be kept totally opaque.  Once a list is complete (in our town the council is constituted of 15 members), then “eureka”: changes are on the way with the speed of a bullet train.

Now, each boss has a roster of voters and “pointage” of the leaning of each voter is undertaken.  For example, is this voter pro or con?  Does he need special attention to pay him a visit?  Is this vote to be bought and how much?  Does this voter can lean on the larger members of the family or clan?  I was not contacted one way or the other; I guess all the bosses classified me as a definite voter for one list; that I am not a reflecting individual; that I never change my minds and that no one ever change his position in a feudal town.

Now, taxis are hired and chauffeurs are dispatched to drop the famous lists of candidate to residences; the names of the lists comes with a long trail of the names of the father and grandfathers for discrimination purposes and for the older generations to reminisce on genealogy of the town. Anyway, why exacerbate matters with CVs: candidates are simple citizens and not government members? Mystery is the best tool to win the hearts and minds of voters: the less known is the character the better to win election: The more known is the figure the more warped the picture due to accumulated calumnies and belittling chats.

In my hometown, three lists of candidates are contending for the municipal council. Each bosses of lists included two female candidates.  How could they include more than two out of 15 members?  The bosses have no business with women and don’t know the varieties of women around: obviously, no professional women advisors were deemed viable in the selection process.  You hear rumors that valiant attempts to lure women in “politics” failed.  First, have women be contacted at the beginning of the process?  Second, what kinds of politics the bosses do for the benefit of the town to encourage women to participate?  Do they contact the proper sources in power and deep pocket to promote projects?  Are they in touch with foreign embassies to arranging twin coupling with foreign municipalities?  Are they planning and allocating funds to modernizing the administration?  Do they have in mind to starting a semblance of transparency in administration, project planning, discussion, and decision-making to encourage the general public to participating in town business?

I have no intention of voting: the “bosses” of the three lists took me for granted as a stupid clannish member of the community and they didn’t find it worth it of their time to contact me or include me in the process. I met with one boss of the Tayyar at a library; he was taking video of poetry recital and his son playing flute; that was a month before election time; he didn’t know me but I recognized him; we got into talking and he promised to relay my suggestions to the coming evening meeting for selecting candidates and resuming alliance discussions.  I never heard of him. My gut feeling is that he relayed my position but the code name was: “only half-cooked literate are permitted to butt in.”

No one of the candidates in the three list cared for my opinion then, why should they care for my vote?  If I ever change my mind then I might vote for the six female candidates on the three lists: The town is want of excitements.  Deep down, I wish excitements might degenerate into immolation of a couple of town people at the alters of the Gods of Ignorance and of the Absurd.  As far as I am concerned political parties in Lebanon are not valid parties:  two cheeks of the same ass; they stink.

Note:  They claim that a stupid individual is one who talks at the wrong moment.  My problem is not discriminating what is the proper timing:  I have missed so many opportunities postponing what I had to say.  I suggest to people not to clutter their brain of what timing is proper, and just talk and get talking.  I do write all the time.

States Blackmails: Elected by multinational money?  (Apr. 19, 2010)

            Frequently, politics of governments, especially in election campaign periods, is to blow sands and divert the attention of citizens from the nasty important issues in order to cover up huge financial wastes in forms of aids to multinationals that contributed to finance election campaigns.

Two examples might shed lights to the direct connections among issues meant to sidetrack citizens and the critical problems that affected societies.

            After the latest financial crash, President Sarkozy of France bailed out the French financial institutions with over 20 billions dollars with no return whatsoever to the French treasury; not even a share of the French State in these institutions. The social security was in deficit of over 22 billions dollars and the French citizens were asked to tighten their belt along with reduced health care benefits, welfare systems, and retirement rights.  The government of Sarkozy tried to obscure this striking blunder by bringing up the irrelevant issue of Moslem women wearing veils in schools and public administrations.

To put things in perspective, only 400 Moslem women among all the Moslem communities in France wore veils.  The French voters were not duped by this political gimmick and defeated hands down the party of Sarkozy in the latest municipal election.

            The same process occurred in 1988 in the USA. Vice President Bush Senior was campaigning for the Presidency to replace Ronald Reagan.  Bush Senior had extended 500 billions dollars to the saving and loans financial institutions with no return to the Federal treasury. Thus, Bush Senior took out the skeleton of “patriotism” from the closet as his campaign slogan; mainly, banning the burning of the US flags.  

To put this slogan in perspective, only seven flags were burned that year in all the USA.  Since the saving and loans had contributed massively to re-elections of 90% of the members of the House of Representatives, then this House supported the slogan of the campaign. The Supreme Court intervened and cancelled this faked and unlawful act that abridged the liberty of expression of the US citizens.

The objective political observer can discover very high correlations linking faked campaign issues and huge highway robbery of financially aiding multinationals.

            Sarkozy was defeated in the municipal election for another very serious trampling of France dignity, honor, and sovereignty. The ultra Zionist Sarkozy made it his policy to tone down all Israel’s attempts at dishonoring the status of France.  For example, in 2009 two incidents in Israel were covered up; the director of French cultural center in Naplouse (Palestine) was beaten badly by Israeli soldiers; one soldiers said “I can kill you”.  

The other incident happened in Gaza during Israel slaughter war there.  Soldiers barged in the residence of the French consul and stole expensive and luxury items. In 2008, the consulate of France in Jerusalem was detained 17 hours in abject conditions. In 2009, French Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner met Israel’s racist Foreign Affairs Lieberman and then turned a blind eye to the new construction phase of 900 apartments in Jerusalem.  This year, Kouchner bowed down to the demand of Israel not to visit Gaza. Palestinian students in Gaza with scholarships to studying in France were denied passports to leave this sad enclave.

            Sarkozy lied to the French people in 2008 when Israel invaded Gaza claiming that Israel was reacting to Hamas missiles; facts from the Israeli Foreign Affairs documents stated that Hamas had respected the deal and no missile had fallen in Israel till November when Israel launched her savage pre-emptive war on Gaza.  Sarkozy is leading the file of Western hawks encouraging bombing of Iran. Before Iran, Israel used to demand pre-requisites of bombing Egypt and then Iraq before resuming any negotiations with the Palestinians.

            Gaza is suffering the worst economical blockades.  French Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot stated: “Gaza is receiving foodstuff through tunnels: saying there is blocus of Gaza is a strong term”.  The demolished hospital in Gaza that France had extended assistance to rebuild and that Israel agreed to facilitate the task is still undone: Israel has blocked the arrival of the necessary materials.  

Lately, Sarkozy is defying the European Union laws prohibiting imports of products from Israel colonies in the West Bank; he went as far as prosecuting any French company abiding by the EU laws and instructing judges to crackdown on law abiding French enterprises.  Britain reacted mildly by discrediting the Israeli military attaché in London after the blunder of the Mossad’s assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai using European forged passports, including French passports; France Sarkozy didn’t make any waves of that incident.




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