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Fish feeding on pork? Any link with Mad Cow epidemics? Otherwise, I don’t care…

We can stop porkfish from entering our markets!  Click the link and sign:

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Fish are  secretly raised on pork. Europe just decided to allow ground up pig meat into fish feed.

Avaaz claims that “The same fish feed the EC just authorised was banned in 1997 for its connection to Mad Cow Disease, a deadly epidemic that spread around the world…”

(Mad Cow was the result of feeding the herbivorous cows bones and left-over meat mixed in the fodder. Fish can eat fish and something else. Until further experiments, I should not eat fish fattened with pork meat.)

These kind of fish will be on the Middle East dinner plates, and there won’t be any labels to let us know that the fish we are eating and feeding our families were raised on pork!
Unless we raise a massive resistance now.

The new rules allowing pig meat into fish feed take effect in weeks and the European Commission is hoping that no one will notice. If we raise a massive outcry now, our governments will have every incentive to ban porkfish from entering our markets or risk a massive scandal!

The move to allow ground up pig meat into fish is dangerous.  There is no such thing in nature as a fish eating pork, but the European Commission is under serious pressure from lobbyists who want to make fish farming cheaper.

The European Commission needs to know that they are the ones who will lose if they allow our food to become secretly contaminated with pork. Our government officials could have a scandal on their hands if they’re seen as allowing pork-fed fish into our countries. 

If we let them know we demand a ban, they have every incentive to enact one and should the entire Middle East ban the import of these fish, Europe will lose a massive market and need to reconsider its decision.

Avaaz members have come together before to protect the natural world and our food system from dangerous meddling. Over 1 million of us spoke out against genetically modified food in Europe and another million of us have taken action against mutant salmon

We only have weeks left before pig meat enters our fish. Let’s send a strong message to our government officials to keep porkfish out of our markets  to force the European Commission to reverse the decision and to keep pork out of our fish. Sign the petition and share with all your friends:

Dalia, Bissan, Marie, Rewan, Mais, Mohammad, Wissam, and the whole Avaaz team

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