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Most magical liquid glass; (Mar. 10, 2010)

A manufacturer in Germany has discovered a great application for nano-technologies.

Particles of dioxide of Silicon (sand of fine quartz) are mixed with just water or alcohol;and  the mixture produces a fine layer of liquid glass no thicker than 500 times thinner than a hair.  

No resin or other toxic substances are combined. Water or alcohol evaporates and the liquid glass layer protect against water, bacteria, dirt, heat, and moister.

Nothing can get attached to what the liquid glass covers.

As the mixture is sprayed or painted over cloths then you could dive in arctic water or walk in arid desert climate and reach destination feeling comfortable.

This liquid was sprayed on buildings such as the mausoleum of Ataturk in Turkey.  The edifices will need no further cleaning for decades.

The liquid glass can be sprayed on hospital equipments, kitchen utensils, or anything so that bacteria are out the window.

Everything slides easily on this ultra thin mixture.

I am not sure if army uniforms that are sprayed with this mixture can protect against phosphorous bombs or orange gas.

I would not rule out if this magic liquid glass is categorized as security and military material sooner than later!

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