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“Big Bertha” Gun, and Dr. Gerald Paul

The German industrial giant Krupp produced 3 giant guns by the end of WWI. The giant gun could reach target 128 km away, the bomb/missile was 3 feet long, with a power charge of 12 feet long. The missile could go up 42 km before landing.

The big gun was transported on rails and required 80 gunners to operate. Since March 23, 1918, Paris suffered three deadly hits. The military investigators could locate nothing around Paris: They didn’t figured out that such powerful guns could be made operational.

The British planes discovered the guns but were unable to disable any. One gun blew up and killed 5 gunners, and the other two were never found, not even after the war.

In 1965, a German elder woman visited Canada and wanted to get in touch with any renowned scientist to hand him documents. She was a relative of the German designer at Krupp, Fritz Rozinberger, who designed the big guns.

Dr. Gerald Paul, chief of the research team for high altitude propulsion engine at MacGill University, got hold of the detailed drawings of the gun. Dr.Paul dream was of placing orbits in space using a big gun.

The US and Canadian governments funded Dr. Paul experiment in Barbados Island where he tested the biggest gun ever: Length 36 m, caliber 424 mm. Gerald claimed that if the two government supported to test a solid fuel engine, his 200-pound gun could have reached a target at 4,000  km or go up at 250 km.

In 1968, Dr.Paul was pressured to leave Barbados and he nurtured deadly animosities against bureaucrats. He exported 50,000 shells to Israel and the USA, and was awarded an honorary US citizenship.

Gerald sold his most performing gun GC-45 to apartheid South Africa, with the blessing of the US, and the licence to fabricate them, guns that were used in Angola.

As Gerald came back to the US, a court sentenced him to a 6-month prison term for illegal arms trade. After his release from prison, Gerald returned to Canada and settled in Belgium where he opened his own company with the funding of “Poudreries Reunies de Belgique

In the early 1980’s Iraq of Saddam began a 8-year old war with Iran of Khomeini. Dr. Paul sold 200 GC-45 to Saddam Hussein; the guns were manufactured in Australia, and shipped to the Jordanian port of Aqaba.

Gerald convinced Saddam to build him the largest of guns: 150 m in length, weighting 2,100 tons and a caliber of 1,000 mm. Gerald started with a smaller version called “Little Babel”, 45 m long.

Gerald designed the two guns Majnoun (Crazy) and Faw and improved on the Scud missiles.

For the biggest gun, Gerald was importing special huge iron pipes from the European countries: The secret services knew that these pipes were not for oil pipelines, but the western countries were allied with Saddam.

Israel assassinated Dr. Paul on March 22, 1990 as he was returning to his flat on Okel Street in Brussels: He was shot 5 times in the back of the head.

Note 1: Story extracted from the Arabic version of “Mossad” by Michael Bar Zohar and Nassim Michaal.

Note 2: Israel had bombed Iraq nuclear facility “Tammouz” in 1981.

The story of Khrushchev’s 4-hour speech in 1956...

On February 25, 1956, at midnight, the delegates of all the communist States in the 20th convention were asked to vacate the hall.

Khrushchev, Secretary General, delivered a 4-hour speech to 1,400 delegates from the Soviet Union.

Khrushchev confirmed the atrocities and genocide of Joseph Stalin, revered and adored by communists even after the facts were put to light. (see note 2)

In 1936-37, Stalin undertook a “mass purification” of the Soviet communists:

1. 1.5 million communists were detained and 680,000 executed

2. Out of 1,966 delegates to the 17th convention, 848 were executed

3. Out of 138 candidates to the Central Committee, 98 were put to death.

4. The third of the Soviet army officers were charged of treason and executed…

The speech was to be kept secret. A month later, Khrushchev decided to send a copy to the secretary generals of the Communist States. The western States were feverish to obtain a copy and all the spies failed to procure a single genuine copy.

There was this Lucia Baranovsky, secretary to the Polish general secretary Edward Oshab, and she had the copy on her desk, waiting to lock it in the safe box at 4 pm.

There was this polish Jewish communist and journalist Victor Shpielman who changed his name to Victor Gravesky in order to have a better odd for higher levels in the public functions and become a successful reporter…

Victor’s family immigrated to Israel in 1949, and he visited them in 1955.

Victor paid a visit to his lover Lucia at her office and noticed the speech, and “borrowed “it for a couple of hours, with the total consent of Lucia.

Victor read Khrushchev’s speech and hopped to Israel Embassy in Warsaw. The first secretary at the Embassy, Yacob Barmour made a copy and the original was returned on time at 4 pm.

On April 13, 1956, Ziligh Katz, personal assistant to Shabak chief Amos Manour, gave his boss the copy. Israel delivered the copy to the CIA chief Alan Dulles.  The CIA sneaked the copy to The New York Times…

What were the consequences of providing a copy of the speech to be made public?

1. The lukewarm connection of Israel with the CIA was enhanced after this feat.

2. Poland and Hungary started their upheavals, to be squelched by military force

3. After Victor immigrated to Israel in 1957, he was offered two jobs: Expert of Eastern Europe at the Foreign ministry, and reporter to the public radio station “Kol Israel

4. The Soviet hired Victor to be their agent in Israel. Israel encouraged Victor to quickly accept this double agent position. Victor served the Soviet Union for 14 years. He was to receive “Lenin Medal” at his first visit to Russia, but Victor never traveled there.

5. Victor was awarded Israel secret service medal, the first ever in 2007.

He died at the age of 81. He had said: “Khrushchev changed history. I met with history for a few hours and our paths departed”

Note 1: Extracted from the Arabic version. “Mossad” by Michael Bar Zohar and Nassim Michaal.

Note 2:




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