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Zionist ideology:  Of apartheid, terror, and crimes against humanity (December 24, 2008)

Israel is the last apartheid State in existence and still going strong, boasting its rights to be a pure Jewish State and that the “Palestinians do not exist” as Golda Meir PM stated in 1967. Before I start my essay, let me offer a very restricted sample of terror activities of this Apartheid State since its inception as an implant State in the 20th century.

Deir Yasin (April, 1948): 254 civilians shot dead by the Menahem Begin’s terrorist Irgun militia that had demolished King David Hotel during the British mandate. Deir Yasin was a village that didn’t even permit combatants to pass through and had a pact of non-aggression with the neighboring Jewish settlements.

Begin wrote: “After Deir Yassin the Irgun entered Haifa as if slicing into butter” The arch terrorist Begin was later rewarded for all his terrorist activities to become a Prime Minister of the State of Israel.

Balad al-Cheikh (December, 1947): 60 Palestinian civilians shot in their homes by the official Palmach army.

Sasa (February, 1948): 60 Palestinian civilians killed and 20 houses demolished by the Palmach army.

Haifa (April, 1948): 100 Palestinian civilians fleeing the City were killed and 200 severely wounded.

Qibiya (October, 1953): 42 Palestinian civilians killed and 41 houses blown out by Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan. The village of Qibiya was in Jordan but Israel wanted revenge 4 years later because it had resisted Israel terrorists’ infiltration.

Kafr Kassem (October, 1956): 47 Palestinian peasants returning from their fields to the village were shot dead.  Colonel Melinsky told the commander Shadmi: “No sentimentality. Let God have mercy on their souls”.  Kafr Kassem was not even within the State of Israel when Israel decided to invade Sinai.

Khan Younis (November, 1956): a Palestinian camp of refugees under the UNRWA was occupied by the Israeli army; 275 civilians massacred.

Rafah (November, 1956): a refugee camp directed by UNRWA was invaded by Israel “Defense Forces”; 111 civilians massacred. 

Sabra and Chatila (refugee camps in Lebanon; September, 1982): over 2,300 civilians massacred during two nights and three days of bestial behavior never seen in modern history.

Qana (south Lebanon): 200 civilians dead and 200 severely injured in a compound run by the UN Peace keeping forces; Shimon Peres (the supposedly “peace-loving” person) was Prime Minister; the bombing was pre-meditated.

Qana again (July 2006): 40 civilians, mostly children huddled in the basement, died buried under a bombed building.

Jenine (2005; a Palestinian camp in the West Bank): 500 civilians crushed under the Merkava tanks during three days of demonic genocide.  Israel did not allow any UN investigation of the slaughter.

In 1948, the United Nations divided Palestine in two States: Israel and Palestine. Israel didn’t care: it invaded the Palestinian lands and claimed it as its own. The villages and cities of Qazaza, Jaffa, Tanoura, Tireh, Kfar Huseinia, Haifa, Abou Shusha, Saris, Biddu, Lod, Bayt Surik, and on and on all destroyed, the civilians killed and massacred, and the names of the villages changed to Hebrew names.  The irony is that all the famous Zionist terrorists were rewarded with the highest government posts; Ben Gorion PM, Golda Meir PM; Begin PM, Shamir PM, Sharon PM, Ehud Barak PM, and not counting the successive Defense Ministers such as Moshe Dayan and the sorts.

 Israel has invaded tiny Lebanon more than six times and destroyed completely its infra-structure more than eight times, for no reasons whatsoever, and displaced more than one million Lebanese citizens four times from south Lebanon.  Why?

What threat a defenseless Lebanon was to Israel if not for its resilience and complex social composition that make this State immune to accepting a virtual peace treaty?

Tiny Israel has more fighters plane of the latest versions (more than 500) than France; can tiny Israel, with no substantial economy to rely on, be able to afford such a fleet if it was not the mercenary military outpost State to the US Empire in the Middle East?

Tiny Israel, smaller than New Jersey, has more nuclear war heads than France (the same nation that provided Israel with its first central atomic capability in 1956).  Can tiny Israel with less than 5 million Jews be able to acquire such an arsenal if it was not the watchdog of the US Empire in the Middle East?

Tiny Israel, with no economy that matter, allocated more than two billion dollars to build a stupid barrier more than 800 km to separate itself from the Palestinians in order to convince its citizens that apartheid is an excellent policy.  Israel withheld needed budget to raising the standard of living of the poorer immigrants who have been struggling with their lethal mistake of coming to this forsaken land of crimes and terrors.




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