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Today’s Lucubration: Near Death Experience (January 17, 2009)


Note:  If you have read the previous detailed article then you will feel more confused in today’s lucubration. 


I will describe is series of quick slides a few testimonials of near death victims. “I see me on the border of a vast vortex”; ” I am coaxed to jump in the precipice; I am following an interminable dark tunnel with a tiny light at the end; the light grows intense but does not light the tunnel”; “I was not afraid; I felt in a state of extreme well being;  I walked like a mechanical doll”; “I am moving among stars effortlessly in empty space”; “I can hear whispers and comprehend thoughts before the nurse speaks”


Countless people have experienced the phenomena of near death but they opted not to testify so that they are not considered crazies by society.  I tend to believe that most of the seers or very sensitive people have experienced near death during sleep and were not sure of its taking place: there is no way to distinguish between an exotic, hallucinatory dream and a NDE experiences, I think.


The re-embodied survivors have much less apprehension of death than us, after re-joining the living. 

They have gone through the after life and they enjoyed it.

They are still not in a hurry and not pressured for any kind of a suicidal tendency afterward.

I think that they have plenty to do in the mean time before the next real one:

They have to keep acquiring knowledge, day in and day out.

They have to reach certain performance criteria of loving their neighbors, completely, entirely, and unadulterated.


The re-embodied survivors are possessed of newer skills:

They can divine people’s thoughts and can generate peace and calm around them.

They think that they have been promoted to a higher level of consciousness without the need to proselytize or impress upon people of their found knowledge.


Maybe millions die every day and quite a few at the same moment.

Although the entity may go through almost all the experiences of the after death,

It is striking that the process is not unanimously the same.

Might that, even in the after life and with the speed of events,

Administration is still the main limiting factor for a uniform,

Speedy and stress less process?


There are no ways of knowing at what level of body degeneration a spirit can re-embody its corps.  The new techniques of electro-encephalogram that detect brain activities cannot be used during emergencies and its installation require long time.

There are even instances where a spirit re-embodied after twenty minutes.


I think that it would be advisable to start learning and experiencing loneliness, especially if you are a politician craving for audience recognition; I think that it would be advisable to scheme and prepare for the death of your loved one at the same instant and location as yours so that the newer emotions are wholly shared.


For my part, I would not mind to undergo a temporary death when the techniques are developed with a 100% chance for success, given that I contracted a case of an incurable and imminent serious illness; I would be curious to experience the first showing of the play.


A reminder: The casualty toll in Gaza has climbed to over 1,300 dead and more than 5,400 injured.  More than 400 of the injured are dying which raise the death toll of babies to over 800 Palestinian babies “martyred”.  We still have to wait for the final count: many bodies are to be extracted from the rubbles of demolished buildings. Israel decided to cease fire, unilaterally: Israel refuses to negotiate with Hamas.  Nobody believes that Israel will ever cease fire.  What is sure is that many Israelis must be feeling very ashamed: the world community has finally discovered the true spirit of Zionism.




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