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Nazi armies Never crossed the French Maginot Lines in 1940

There is this lie, which was perpetrated by the Big Silence of French politicians and the military and believed by almost everyone, that the Nazi armies destroyed and penetrated the best defensive Maginot Lineslike slicing into butter“.

The German armies Never managed to cross the Maginot Lines, and not in any section of it.

Only 22,000 French troops on the lines defeated 240,000 Nazi troops in the Alsace and Lorraine.

About 85,000 French soldiers in the Lines vanquished over 650,000 combined German and Italian armies.

The French armies on Maginot Lines could withstand for months the repeated onslaughts without any external supplies in food, water or ammunition…

The 4 Maginot lines were dug 60 meters under ground, equipped with hospitals, plenty of supplies in every thing, air ventilation system that would filtrate any poisonous gas attacks as in WWI… 40 forts like Schoenenbourg were erected along the lines to link all the sections. Everything was underground, and you could barely notice a few iron domes…

The German had all the details and the French did not make a secret of it.

The Lines were planned to cover Belgium up north, but Belgium decided to rely on the illusory neutrality treaty for its defense.

Still, the French military had plans on how to defend the norther borders: They had enough tanks and artillery to check any German offensive, but they never received any order to counter attack.

The ensuing debacle did not affect the troops on the Maginot Lines. The troops there kept their grounds and prevented the Nazi armies from crossing the lines.

And guess what, the french troops on Maginot did not wait for an order to defend their lines, and they were not even given more than 12 days to prove their effectiveness when the new French government of Petain took power. The armistice of June 25, 1940 ordered the troops to get out and surrender to the enemy.

It was the persistent orders from the French High Command to surrender that broke the heart and spirit of the soldiers, and these soldiers were taken prisoners and they kept their silence till their death in despair and shame of how the French leaders gave up on defending their Homeland.

Andre Maginot was an officer who suffered from gas attacks in the trenches of Verdun in 1916. After the war was over, he pressured every deputy to agree on his strategic defensive line. And when he was minister of defense, Maginot started the construction of this unbelievable and titanic endeavor in 1929. He died a year later, and the military decided to increase the line to 4 lines for added protection.

The book of  Jean-Luc Seigle relate this infamy of the US military in France to deny the Black soldiers from celebrating victory. The US military locked the black soldiers in their barracks. and it was the French peasants who released them and allowed them to celebrate victory with them.

The French soldiers on Maginot lines were undefeated, and they have done their duties to defend their Fatherland.

France is still railing under this dishonor and over this infamy of not daring to tell the truth. Even De Gaule kept his silence in his Memoirs.

Note 1: An extract from the French book “By getting old, man cries” by Jean-Luc Seigle

Note 2: It is highly likely that Hitler would have not occupy Poland and force France to declare war, if Belgium decided to extend the Maginot Line along its borders with Germany




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