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Lucubration and conjectures in Cosmology

I am bombarded lately with streams of documentaries about the Universe, its creation, White Dwarfs, Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Big Bang, Expansion of the universe…

Apparently, our Sun demise is to be reduced to a White Dwarf.

Actually, these documentaries implicitly are related to our current universe we live in.

And I assume that the Big bang is meant to explains our current universe, as if there are no other existing universes (No see: Forget it)

Although I have an MS in physics and had taken courses in nuclear physics, relativity, quantum mechanics, atomic physics, and a lab in the half-lives of radioactive materials… I feel that I need to construct my own model due to the confusion in the various stories.

What set me into developing this conjecture was the existence of organic molecules in the universe.

Kind of these molecules got attached to asteroids and other solid bodies wandering around the sun and eventually crossing our atmosphere and a few of them smashing on earth and giving life.

And I wondered: “Exclusive Fusion processes could not generate organic matters. There must have existed a series of fission processes before the Big Bang, or later on among the solid bodies in the universe”

I learned how denser chemicals transform from hydrogen and helium, but I cannot fathom how organic molecule can be created by these hot fusion processes among the core of the atoms.

Here is my story:

  1. There are many universes.
  2. Two or three universes clashing to create a new universe do Not necessarily disintegrate: They still exist along side the new universe.
  3. Black Holes are representatives of the other existing universes and may play like a passage-way (worm) from this universe to the other universes. Black Holes conglomerate according to the rule of affinity of same matters from the original universe.
  4. There are no beginning or end in the creation of the universe: Just a series of cycles from mainly a dark universe (constituted mostly of dense matters) into a universe with lights (lighter matters)
  5. I might as conceive of an initial phase of denser universes that collided and created lighter masses by fission processes. The lighter masses created light by fusions processes.
  6. The expansion of our universe is meant to go and meet the other universes in order to start a new phase of creation of other universes.
  7. The origin of the universe is but a conjecture to satisfy our logical mind in forming mental model of our surrounding
  8.  There are no reasons why earth should be the only place for living organisms
  9. Other planets could have environments that sustain other various living organisms, Not necessarily identical to us.




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