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Syria. Robert Fisk’s alternative piece of intelligence: It is all oil and gas…

Robert Fisk claims in a piece published in the British daily The Independent that Bashar Assad of Syria is to finish his presidential term in 2014, two years from now. Why?

The USA, France, Germany…and other European States are fine-tuning a deal with Russia and China to permit the construction of oil and gas pipelines originating in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to cross Jordan and Syria…

Actually, what started the anger of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey against the Syrian regime was the preference of Syria to giving priority to the Iranian and Iraqi pipeline project that would cross Iraq and Syria…

Fisk would like us to believe that the European States, dependent on 60% of its energy needs on Russia (the first exporter of oil and gas in the world of about 11 million barrel a day...) is planning to cut down on this unilateral energy dependence and facilitate the export of cheaper oil and gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar…

Fisk wrote (with slight editing of a few extracts):

“President Bashar al-Assad of Syria may last far longer than his opponents believe – and with the tacit acceptance of Western leaders anxious to secure new oil routes to Europe via Syria before the fall of the regime.

According to a source intimately involved in the possible transition from Baath party power, the Americans, Russians and Europeans are also putting together an agreement that would permit Assad to remain leader of Syria for at least another two years in return for political concessions to Iran and Saudi Arabia in both Lebanon and Iraq.

For its part, Russia would be assured of its continued military base at Tartous in Syria and a relationship with whatever government in Damascus eventually emerges with the support of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Russia’s recent concession – that Assad may not be essential in any future Syrian power structure – is part of a new understanding in the West which may accept Assad’s presidency in return for an agreement that prevents a further decline into civil war.

Information from Syria suggests that Assad’s army is now “taking a beating” from armed rebels, who include Islamist as well as nationalist forces; at least 6,000 soldiers are now believed to have been murdered or killed in action since the rebellion against Assad began 17 months ago.

There are even unconfirmed reports that during any one week, up to 1,000 Syrian fighters are under training by mercenaries in Jordan at a base used by Western authorities for personnel seeking ‘anti-terrorist’ security exercises.

The US-Russian negotiations – easy to deny, and somewhat cynically hidden behind the current mutual accusations of Hillary Clinton and her Russian opposite number, Sergei Lavrov – would mean that the superpowers would acknowledge Iran’s influence over Iraq and its relationship with its Hezbollah allies in Lebanon… while Saudi Arabia and Qatar would be encouraged to guarantee Sunni Muslim rights in Lebanon and in Iraq.

Baghdad’s emergence as a centre of Shia power has caused much anguish in Saudi Arabia whose support for the Sunni minority in Iraq has hitherto led only to political division.

But the real object of talks between the world powers revolves around the West’s determination to secure oil and particularly gas from the Gulf States without relying upon supplies from Moscow.

A US source says: “Russia can turn off the spigot to Europe whenever it wants – and this gives it tremendous political power. We are talking about two fundamental oil routes to the West – one from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Jordan and Syria and the Mediterranean to Europe, another from Iran via Shiaa southern Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean and on to Europe. This is what matters. This is why they will be prepared to let Assad last for another two years, if necessary. They would be perfectly content with that. And Russia will have a place in the new Syria.”

Diplomats who are still discussing these plans should, of course, be treated with some skepticism. It is one thing to hear political leaders excoriating the Syrian regime for its abuse of human rights and massacres – quite another to realize that Western diplomats are quite prepared to put this to one side for the proverbial ‘bigger picture’ which, as usual in the Middle East, means oil and gas supplies.

They are prepared to tolerate Assad’s presence until the end of the crisis, rather than insisting his departure is the start of the end. The Americans apparently say the same. Now Russia believes that stability is more important than Assad himself.

What Assad is still hoping for, according to Arab military veterans, is a solution a-l’Algerie.

After the cancellation of democratic elections in Algeria, its army and generals – ‘le pouvoir’ to Algerians – fought a merciless war against rebels and Islamist guerrillas across the country throughout the 1990s, using torture and massacre to retain government power but leaving an estimated 200,000 dead among their own people.

Amid this crisis, the Algerian military actually sent a delegation to Damascus to learn from Hafez el-Assad’s Syrian army how it destroyed the Islamist rebellion in the city of Hama – at a cost of up to 20,000 dead – in 1982. The Algerian civil war – remarkably similar to that now afflicting Assad’s regime – displayed many of the characteristics of the current tragedy in Syria: babies with their throats cut, families slaughtered by mysterious semi-military ‘armed groups’, whole towns shelled by government forces.

And, much more interesting to Assad’s men, the West continued to support the Algerian regime with weapons and political encouragement throughout the 1990s while huffing and puffing about human rights. Algeria’s oil and gas reserves proved more important than civilian deaths – just as the Damascus regime now hopes to rely upon the West’s desire for via-Syria oil and gas to tolerate further killings.

Syrians say that Jamil Hassan, the head of Air Force intelligence in Syria is now the ‘killer’ leader for the regime – not so much Bashar’s brother Maher whose 4th Division is perhaps being given too much credit for suppressing the revolt. It has certainly failed to crush it.

The West, meanwhile has to deal with Syria’s contact man, Mohamed Nassif, perhaps Assad’s closest political adviser. The question remains, however, as to whether Bashar al-Assad really grasps the epic political importance of what is going on in his country.

Prior to the rebellion, European and Turkish leaders were astonished to hear from him that Sunni forces in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli were trying “to create a radical Moslem Sunni Salafist State” that would threaten Syria. How this extraordinary assertion – based, presumably on the tittle-tattle of an intelligence agent – could have formulated itself in Assad’s mind, remained a mystery.” End of article

It might sound pretty logical that oil and gas is the main reason for this upheaval in Syria: This established cause has been valid and demonstrated over and over in the last century…but things are different now. There are questions:

1. It is how to maintain the US dollar as the main exchange currency for oil and gas import/export that has been the main strategic goal of the US since 1973.

2. Why Russia would easily surrender its strategic energy hold on Europe by allowing Saudi oil to circumvent the hard work done in monopolizing export of oil and gas to Europe?

3. Why would Iran permit Saudi Arabia to bypass the Hormuz Straight bottle neck (50% of all world oil shipment passing through and can be easily controlled by Iran) before a comprehensive understanding on its nuclear rights and finishing the construction of its pipeline through Iraq and Syria?

4. How China can be satisfied? China has its own space station…and more than 200 million Chinese are middle class and wanting the same luxuries as the US and European standard of living…

5. What about the Syrian people urge and determination to changing the political system? As if all revolts in the Arab World cannot be successful without Saudi petro-dollar...

Note: In this June 2013, the US is operating military maneuvers in Jordan, and will leave the F16, and Patriot missile launchers in Jordan after the exercises are over… The idea is to secure a de-facto no-fly-zone on Syria southern borders

“A Taxi to Benghazi” by Marie-Lys Lubrano 

Marie-Lys Lubrano is a French girl with a camera and of about 25 years. She is doing freelance to the French magazine Marianne and she missed out on Tunisia revolt.

As she landed in Cairo, she realized that she missed out on the Egyptian revolt: Mubarak was ousted.

Marie-Lys’ girlfriend Gratiane is planning from Paris to pay a visit to Yemen in turmoil, but obtaining a visa to far away archaic Yemen will have to wait for a long time. Marie-Lys stumbles on an email claiming that an insurrection has started in Benghazi (Libya) and is trying to change Gratiane mind to reconsider and go together to cover the revolt in Libya.

Marie-Lys had no idea that east Libya is on the border with Egypt, and she thought Tripoli was the Lebanese norther port city, and she could not recall the name Qadhafi and who he was: Qadhafi actually erected his tent in 2007 in the Elyse (Paris) before meeting with President Sarkozy…

Marie-Lys is totally ignorant about geography and the Arab world, but she has a camera and is willing to ask plenty of questions and take a lot of risks on front lines battle fields…Marie-Lys’ has not yet experienced fear and how battle fields look like…

Foreign young foreign photographers and correspondents rush to cover dangerous events, not knowing that the country is in a state of war…as long as they have a freelance job…

Marie-Lys converges to the headquarter of Egypt medical association and asks to join the volunteering medical staff heading to Libya. The convoys are organized by the Moslem Brotherhood Party that has the means and the capability of putting together convoys, but a very few physicians and surgeons are members of that Islamic political party.

From Cairo to Alexandria to the border with Libya and off to Benghazi, the eastern Capital of Libya where the insurrection started 3 days ago and hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were killed and injured by Qadhafi forces, shot to kill point-blank.

The hospitals in Benghazi were crumbling with seriously injured demonstrators and the morgue were already overflowing. But the inhabitants managed to chase out Qadhafi armed loyalists that regrouped in towns west of Benghazi.

The first lesson for Marie-Lys was to differentiate between Libya regular army and the battalions of the Presidential guards, formed mostly of African mercenaries: Qadhafi kept the regular army poorly armed because he learned not to trust it.

First, Qadhafi came to power by a military coup d’etat and never relinquished power for 43 years and crushed several military attempts to depose him…

Qadhafi main power relied on his own well armed battalions (kataeb), strong with tanks and modern missiles and airforce and navy…One of the 7 sons of Qadhafi, Khamis, headed a katiba and was considered as the real bloody nemesis to the armed insurgents. You could compare Khamis with the ruthless Maher el Assad, brother of President Bashar of Syria, who head a Syrian katiba and is found everywhere, bloodily putting down upheavals in major cities like Deraa, Homs, Hama, Edleb…

You will discover that Qadhafi has eliminated the postal service 20 years ago and Libyans could not send letters inside or outside Libya and the eastern province of Benghazi was forgotten in the government “budget” for decades and surgeons were paid less than $250 per month and only tribes that were loyal to Qadhafi received stipends…and women had no idea that birth control pills existed or what is a tampon for their monthly periods.  Even the physicians were totally ignorant on birth control and women hygiene practices…

For example, a medical graduate girl of 33 of age had no idea how tampons are used and what for, and she believed that having intercourse during the period could result in certain death: She thought that this knowledge was in medical books until she recalled that it was the Koran that prohibited this practice…

It dawned on Marie-lys that Libya is in a state of war when she realized that women were nowhere to be found: Women were locked in their houses for fear of being raped if they stepped outside, kind of opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of…One surgeon begged his sister physician to visit the hospital and help with her skills, but she would not dare come out and stayed home cooking to the extended family (living a dozen in crowded two rooms) and doing laundry…

However, during mass demonstrations, it was the women who raised the most politically oriented slogans of liberty, equality, freedom, job opportunities… while the men kept shouting “Allah wa Akbar” ad nauseam

Marie-Lys insisted to joining insurgent and medical teams to the front lines and she was sheltered and cared for and kept close to the heads of the groups.  One insurgent admitted that he would have retreated many times but refrained as Marie-Lys kept pushing forward and he was not to be considered a coward by a girl…

Qadhafi counteroffensives were close to entering Benghazi when the French young philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy showed up in Benghazi and claimed that France officially recognized the transitory government CNT, taking care of the Benghazi city services…

Marie-Lys was speechless because Bernard-Henri was not a political emissary, even if he claimed to have a direct phone line with president Sakozy…Bernard-Henri and Sarkozy have demonstrated for years their antipathy to Arabs and to Islam, and Bernard-Henri missed out on the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt.

It turned out that France got engaged in insuring a “No fly Zone” over Libya and its airforce bombed the advancing columns of tanks in south Benghazi… Before France military engagement, Libyans had vacated the towns and cities in the eastern provinces and were heading toward Egypt border…

Marie-Lys followed the medical teams and ambulances to the front lines and witnessed gruesome cases of atrocities…At one point, the NATO purposely bombed advancing insurgents because the “red lines” kept shifting and the revolt had to obey the NATO military and political strategy

The insurgents were organized by professional colonels, officers and soldiers of the regular army, otherwise, the insurgents headed too often to certain slaughterhouse expeditions…

Marie-Lys kept misplacing her backpack where she kept her pills and laptop…Her brother had to travel to the borders in Egypt to bring Marie-Lys two bags of everything she lacked. The brother was weeping and was totally terrorized that his sister is insisting on remaining in Libya and he stayed on the border for another week, waiting for his sister to change her mind and go back with him to France…But he respected her wishes…and she stayed another month to witness very depressing events and glorious ones too.

For example, you had this insurgent who blew an ambulance with the team of medical personnel inside, simply because the car was turned toward the opposite direction of the front line: He thought the ambulance belonged to the loyalist Qadhafists…

Many Libyans with secure jobs and easy comfortable life-styles in the USA, England and France returned to Benghazi to join the insurrection and volunteer driving ambulances if they were not surgeons or skilled in matters needed by the war…

There was nothing much to eat in Libya: packs of juices and the French “Laughing Cow cheese” (La vache qui ri).  Now and then, the insurgents would cook pasta with tomato sauce,and Marie-Lys learned to dip her hand in the common pate and eat voraciously.

Electricity was frequently cut off and thus, no running water to drain the toilets in the small overcrowded houses. The members of the extended families had to walk 200 meters to the closest dune for relief in order to keep the stench at a manageable distance…

Marie-Lys didn’t have to spend a nickel: everything was free, including staying in hotels and meals.  A few illuminated Libyans would give her all the money in their pocket, on the ground that the Libyan dinar was worthless.

Families had no shame welcoming the photographer in their poor homes and sharing the little they had.  You witness all kinds of weird mankind brotherhood behaviors in such kind of drastic revolutionary spirit…against a loathed dictator…

Libyans who got fight training in Afghanistan were not that many in Libya when the revolt began, but you could recognize one: They are aloof with long beard, whisling as they walk amid bombs and rockets pouring around…They are not soldiers but expert in manipulating rocket launchers and RPG…

Who is the “Palpitating Heart of Arabism”?  What’s going on in Syria? Part 3

US State Secretary Clinton declared “No one is to think that we are to repeat exactly the same involvement in Syria as we did in Libya”.

This implicit threat to Syria for the latest mass upheavals is meant to encourage more “peaceful” demonstrations and test Syria’s reactions.  The purpose of that declaration is to offend the Syrian regime and push it into violent counter-offensive.

Syria has already extended many reforms in response to the uprising in Daraa, Banias, and Latiquieh.  For example, the Baath Party is no longer to be the leading party in Syria as mentioned in the Constitution.

The Emergency Law, enforced since 1963, has been canceled.

A packaged of reforms on salary increases, loosening of prison terms, taking news-people to court instead of being imprisoned first, the release of  political prisoners, laws on forming political parties to be reviewed, and more freedom of expressions…are to be sent to the Parliament for approval and ratification.  Only after the turmoil is over, and all the armed people deliver their weapons to the State…!

President Bashar Assad is expected to deliver a televised speech…Already 260 political prisoners from the various demonstrations, mostly Islamists, have been set free.

The last two weeks could be accounted as the longest and most terrifying events for the Syrian president, Bashar Assad.

External interventions could not scare the Syrian regime, but vast internal unrest is a serious different story:  Internal uprisings are to be considered very seriously, since they are not that frequent in Syria, at least in news media.

Vast internal uprisings mean that the people have broken the barrier of fear: 

The revolted citizens are willing to fight for regained dignity at the price of blood; and that exactly what many demonstrators said: “We are no longer afraid of the regime brutal tactics

That the recent demonstrators are not that afraid of the Syrian regime is not earth chattering:  Since Bashar succeeded to his father Hafez in 2000, the regime did not exhibit violent repressions, not in any scale for the media to cover.

At best, the repressions were judged mild compared to the other Arab dictatorial and absolute monarchy political systems.  Though the image of an all-encompassing internal security hold on power has been demonstrated frequently.

Young dictators who emerged from lower social classes like Qadhafi, Abdel Nasser, Abdallah Saleh of Yemen…were very promising figures of their period.

Bashar Assad is a young dictator, power inherited from the oligarchic class, and is serious about reforms for developing his country. Bashar and his wife scoured the Syrian countryside and listed about 40,000 families of the poorest in the State and allocated monthly stipend for them.

Bashar is not living in any palace, but in an apartment in Damascus.  Bashar and his wife occasionally mingle with the people …

The uprisings in Syria are qualitatively different from other Arab States:  Syria has demonstrated during this century that it is in fact the heart and mind of the Arabic concept.

Actually, Damascus was the Capital of the first Arabic/Islamic Empire (around 650 AC) and was the main bedrock for the development of the Arabic language and the dissemination of the new Empire civilization.

Syria was constantly steadfast for the dignity of Arab identity and civilization.  Syria has so far refused a peace treaty with Israel unless the Palestinian people recover their independent State…

We expect many reforms, but it would be tough for Bashar to reconsider giving away the oligarchic interests of the Assad extended family.

For example, the Syrian people might expect that a new modern Constitution be redrawn deleting the clause that “Islam is the religion of the State“.  Actually, Hafez Assad, after his successful military coup, deleted that clause in 1972, only to re-attach it as he was faced with monster protests.

I say, State should oppose protests by extending on the ground vaster civic reforms.

I say, if protest should be quelled, let it be for rotation of the highest positions of Presidency, Prime Minister, and Head of Parliament among the Sunni, Alawi, and Christian sects.

I say, if protest should be faced head on, let it be for democratic equitable election laws.

There are tacit blackout of information by most media channels, western, and Arab States for disseminating useful intelligent pieces on the uprising.

A few cable news mention over 100 killed, particularly in the southern city of Daraa, on the borders with Jordan.  The Syrian media displayed arms stocked in the Daraa mosque and denunciation of violent infiltrated elements.

Syria has grown to 20 million in population.

Amid the turmoil in the Middle-East, Syria of the “Assad/Baath party” socialist regime managed to bring a semblance of stability and security.  It maintained a steady currency and invested in decent infrastructure and schooling for all.

Invariably, oligarchic regimes ends up getting involved in widespread corruptions and considering the State Treasury as family holdings.

Most probably, the Syrian people want a moratorium on dictators, oligarchies, and absolute monarchies.

Sort of “it is okay, a decade later, for these forms of governance to return to the front scene?”  For the time being, most people are exhausted with decades of dictatorial regimes and want some fresh air to blowing away layers of technocrats that were trained to be amoral and unethical by serving the enduring power-to-be.

The steadfast and determined mass protests in the Arab States are the result of the population knowing full well the vengeful tribal mentality of their rulers:  The masses know that if they relent before the entire structure is gone, that any reprieve to the oligarchic system, means the reorganization and launching of mass arrests, summarily executions, humiliation tactics, and an open climate of terror.

Determination of the masses is the result of innate survival process:  Either they win or they are massacred.

Do you think that the Ben Ali and Mubarak would have learned the lesson of respecting their people desires and wants?

In Yemen, the people are not relinquishing their marches since the uprising started a month ago:  They know the reactions of the kinds of Abdullah Salef if he is given a breathing space.

Anyone doubt that Qadhafi would not have wiped out a third of the Libyan population if the UN postponed indefinitely any resolution for imposing a “No fly zone”?

You have an excellent demonstration of what’s happening in Bahrain:  The King has arrested all the leaders of the uprising, is readying to hire one thousand Pakistani soldiers, cut diplomatic relations with Iran and Lebanon on the basis that Hezbollah denounced the strong-arm tactics of this monarchy, and prohibited the Lebanese immigrants, legally working in Bahrain, from returning home and considering every Lebanese as enemy to their stupid monarchy, and on…

Do not be surprised when you hear news of blatant atrocities and crimes against humanity are perpetrated openly in Bahrain.

The main problem in the Arab World of dictators is not how rich the country is in natural resources, but the demographic explosion.

The process goes as follows:  Every dictator has his intimate sources of insider pieces of intelligence on the wealth of the other members of the “club of scums”.  They are jealous and want to be implicitly the number one on the list of the richest families hoarding wealth.  The leftover in the treasury has to be spent on the growing mouths to feed.  Thus, Egypt with over 80 million, the Egyptian is far hungrier than say the Syrian or Tunisians, and the odds for volatile tensions far higher.

Syria maintained a strong alliance with Iran for three decades and currently established firm alliance with Turkey.  The regimes of Mubarak of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan kept the squeeze on Syria by orders from the USA for two decades.

Syria had close ties with Libya of Qadhafi and is still supporting Qadhafi with jet pilots, until the “No Fly Zone” was established.

The Syrian regime masterfully kept diplomatic dialogue with the US  Administrations and reached many tacit agreements in cooperating with the US in Iraq, even though Syria is included in the “black list” as a “rogue State” not entirely supporting the US policies.

It is obvious that no foreign alliances can withstand the new wrath of the people for everlasting regimes of dictators, one-party regimes, and absolute monarchies.

Lebanon youth have been demonstrating for a secular political structure.  The monarchy in Morocco is witnessing mass upheavals in 40 cities.  Time for outraged is not going to subside any time soon.

Can Bashar push forward to substantial reforms?  Does he has the will and the charisma to shake off decades of lethargy in this bureaucratic regime?  The coming two weeks will inform us of “What is next to Bashar”.

What’s going on in Syria?  What is “Moratorium on dictators and absolute monarchs”?

Suddenly, since this Friday, mass upheavals are spreading in Syria; from the city of Daraa by the borders with Jordan, to Banyas, Tartous, Homs, and way to the north in the Kurdish region.  Last week, there were a couple of shy demonstrations localized in Damascus demanding the liberation of political prisoners.  Four demonstrators were killed in Daraa.

President Bashar Assad sent two official delegates to pay condolence to the bereaved families of the dead citizens in Dera3a.  As they finished their visit, the two delegates had three more casualties on hand. Worse, internal security agents rounded up a few adolescents, less than 13 of age, for painting on walls “Down with Bashar“.

The youths were tortured, finger nails pulled, and savagely beaten.  Bashar demanded the release of the youths, but they had to be hospitalized first before handing them to their families.  By the time the tortured youths were returned to their families, the revolt was in full swing.

The Syrian government blamed “infiltrators” disguised in internal security outfit who shot live ammunition on peaceful marchers.  The infiltrators also burned the headquarter of the one-party Baath regime and the court of justice in the city of Dar3a.  You have to admit that the “infiltrators” are awfully skilled:  The government security specialists have proven to be no match to infiltrators.

The President Bashar Assad had decreed last week the liberation of most prisoners, political and non political, those over 70 years, and the terminally sick…Maybe it was just a promise?

As all promises that the people have been hearing for 4 decades? I guess Bashar forgot to mention that the political system needed to be reformed and that the Assad regime, father to son, since 1971, has to make rooms for democratic succession and away from a “one-party” rule.

Syria has grown to over 20 million in population.  Amid the turmoil in the Middle-East, Syria of the Assad socialist regime managed to bring sort of stability and security: it maintained a steady currency and invested in decent infrastructure and schooling for all.

Invariably, oligarchic regimes ends up getting involved in widespread corruptions and considering the State Treasury as family holdings.

Syria is described as a “steadfast” regime against the meddling of western powers in its internal affairs and in Lebanon; and Syria is one of the last regimes bordering Israel that didn’t sign any “peace treaty” with the enemy Israel.

Obviously, Israel occupies the Golan Heights since 1967 and the USA refuses to pressure Israel to return occupied lands according to the UN resolution.

Syria waged a good war in 1973 against Israel with the coordination of Egypt, and managed to reconquer the Golan Heights, only to lose it again when Sadat of Egypt agreed on a cease-fire without the consultation with Syria and the US transporting military hardware to Israel by “an air bridge“. Since 1973, the occupied Golan Heights is one of the most peaceful region:  Syria never attempted to disturb the peace!

Syria of Hafez Assad, the father who grabbed power by a military coup in 1971, sided with Iran of Khomeini against his nemesis Saddam Hussein of Iraq (another leader of the Baath faction) in the decade long war (1980-1989).  Syria also cooperated with the US alliance and send an army to kick Saddam out of Kuwait in 1991.

In return, the US gave Syria mandated power over Lebanon that lasted till 2005, after the assassination of Rafiq Hariri PM.

Bashar succeeded to his father in 2000.  Israel unilaterally retreated from south Lebanon in 2000.  Instead of announcing a timetable for the retreat of Syrian troops from Lebanon in 2000, the new Syrian President got immersed resolving side problems and affirming his power.

The Assad regime is based on the minority Alawi sect (15% of population), a kind of Shia sect. The Alawis got most of the sensitive positions in the army and internal security system, and thus are in the hands of the extended family members.

The Syria Baath party made alliance with a few political parties for the Parliament, but there is a deep sense that the structure of this regime is fundamentally an oligarchic system.

The Syrian regime masterfully kept diplomatic dialogue with the US  Administrations and reached many tacit agreements in cooperating with the US in Iraq, even though Syria is included in the “black list” as a “rogue State” not entirely supporting the US policies.

Syria maintained a strong alliance with Iran for three decades and currently extended firm alliance with Turkey.  The regimes of Mubarak of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan kept the squeeze on Syria by orders from the USA for two decades.  Syria had close ties with Libya of Qadhafi and is still supporting Qadhafi with jet pilots, until the “No Fly Zone” was established.

Two days ago, Syria announced its support to the expeditionary Saudi forces in Bahrain on the premises that these forces were legitimate since they were demanded by the King of Bahrain!  In the meanwhile, Iran vehemently denounced these incursions into Bahrain and is against Qadhafi.  Thus, Syria flaunted Iran’s policies in the region twice in less than two days.

Syria is wooing the alliance of Egypt and Saudi Arabia in order to ward off the current mass Arab uprising everywhere.  Maybe Syria made a hasty move away from Iran before securing its internal stability with new political reforms.

It is obvious that no foreign alliances can withstand the new wrath of the people for everlasting regimes of dictators, one-party regimes, and absolute monarchies.  Lebanon youths have been demonstrating for a secular political structure.  The monarchy in Morocco is witnessing mass upheavals in 40 cities.  Time for outraged is not going to subside any time soon.

People in the Arab States are clear in their demands: “We want a Moratorium on dictators and absolute monarchs.  We want to try democratic systems for a change.  We demand a restoration of our dignity as individual citizens with full human rights…”

Note 1:  The growing squeeze on Bashar al Assad cannot be effective militarily.  The regime might be ripe to collapse financially, but its economy is self-sufficient for basic survival foodstuff.  The irony is that the regime will destroy whatever economic development it managed to install in the last three decades, just to maintain its hold on power.

Note 2: This was my first article on the Syria problems, and it was followed by a dozen other posts as the situation unfolded. Mind you that in the first phase of the uprising, the Syrian wanted to emulate the other Tahrir Squares (Liberation) in Egypt and Tunisia: Out with the dictator regime that lasted 40 years!

Who are the planners of 9/11/2001 attack? (May 13, 2010)

Yes, Ussama Ben Laden claimed that he executed the attack on the Twin Tower.  It is known that the spokesman of al Qaeda Azzam was in fact the Zionist American Jew from California named Adam Pierman.  The close relative of Al Jarrah was a Mossad agent for 25 years: the Lebanese counter-intelligence services arrested Ali Al Jarrah last year. Italian President Francisco Cossiga declared to the Italian daily Courriere de la Sierra that all intelligence services around the world know that Israel is behind the planning of the terrorist attack on the towers.

Who planned and facilitated this complex terrorist activity? I don’t know; I am just reporting another perspective, strong with facts, to a tragic event.  I am not an investigative reporter and never worked in any branch of intelligence services.  Since I assume that most of my readers did not work in intelligence services or had any access to top classified files then, it is best for us all not to take commonly disseminated news for granted as truth, even if transcribed in dailies or books.

In December 2009, Press Pakalert (Pak Alert) published a paper that offered many facts pointing to Israel involvement in planning and facilitating  the Twin Tower terrorist attack. This paper mentioned that former Mossad chief from 1952 to 1963, Esser Harrel, told Michael Evans as early as 1979 detailed plans to how the Twin Towers will be destroyed. Esser said that Twin Towers represented the phallic symbols of the USA and thus will be targeted to humiliate the male ruthless image of the USA. Evan was having dinner with Harrel and Roven Hecht, first secretary to Israel’s Menahim Began PM.

Investigations pointed to four Zionist terrorist organizations involved in the planning and the facilitation of the attack.  The first group was headed by Larry Silverstein, an American businessman Jew from New York. Silverstein secured a rent contract to the World Trade Center for 99 years in July 2001, aided by the staunch Zionist Jew Ronald Lauder who was chief secretary to New York governor George Pataki.

The Towers were infested with asbestos and cleaning up would have cost more than the rent.  Larry and his two sons failed to show up to work at the Northern Tower on 9/11.  Silverstein cashed $4.5 billion from the insurance company.  Larry is a close friend to Ariel Sharon; and Benjamin Netanyahu PM used to call Silverstein every morning.

The second terrorist Zionist group is headed by Frank Loy Loy, owner of Westfield American.  Frank was an officer in the Israeli Golani Brigade and spends three months a year in his Israeli residence.  He rented the Mall in the Northern Tower.  Frank didn’t show up to work on 9/11.  Frank was lately indicted of embezzlement with former Israel’s Olmert PM.

The third group is headed by Louis Eisenbeg; he is a jewish gangster who directed the port authority of New York and let in the explosives and necessary materials; he funded the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign.

The fourth group is headed by Ronald Lauder, owner of Este Lauder. He played an important role in the privatization of the Twin Towers during governor George Pataki.  Lauder established in Israel’s town of Hertzilia a Mossad school named Lauder school for diplomatic and strategic governance.

Who was in charge of security in the trade center? Kroll Company was. This company is owned by the two Zionists Jule and Jeremy Kroll.  The executive manager is the Zionist Gerome Hower, a specialist in biological terrorism.  Guess who was in charge of airport security? Now, It was ACTS World company that was in charge of security in the 3 airports from which the airplanes took off.

ACTS is owned by the two Zionists Ezra Harrel and Menahim Atzmon.  Atzmon was the treasurer of the Likoud party and lately was put on trial in Israel for political blackmail and embezzlement.

The Israeli Odego company was handling fast communication messages that received the warnings to targeted persons to vacate the building.  Thus, two hours prior to the first airplane crashing in the first tower, 400 Israelis working there were warned to vacate.  For example, the merchant marine Israeli company Zim was warned a week ahead of the attack to vacate its offices in the Northern Tower.

Could the former and current Israel Benjamin Netanyahu PM be the mastermind of this terrorist attack?

Before 9/11, over 140 Israelis were under investigations for spying in the USA.  A week before the attack, the leader of the attack, Mohammad al Atta and his companions, paid a visit to the Zionist Jake Abramovitch to his yacht in Florida.  Jake is a former administrator under Bush Sr.

What happened after the attack? The CIA knew that Israel was behind this attack, but the US Administration preferred to focus on a precise target, since Ben Laden claimed the attack.

All appointed judges and investigators were zionists in order to camouflage the investigation and keep it under tight control; for example, Alvin Hillerstein, Michael Mokassy, Michael Chirtoff, Kenneth Fineburg, Sheila Birnbaum, Stephen Kauffman.

During President Clinton, the US planned a war on Iraq six month before GW.Bush was elected.  Israel was pressuring Bush Junior to invade Iraq at no avail.  After the attack, the zionists Mark Grossman, Ary Flisher, Paul Wolfowitz, Doulas Feith, Richard Perl, and Eliot Abrahms were asked to wrap up the planned invasion.

Families of over one million dead and handicapped Iraqis are demanding to know “Why my family was wasted”?

Note 1: Richard Clark, chief of counter-terrorism, during Clinton and Bush Jr., declared this evening (2012) on an anniversary documentary of Sept.11 on channel ARTE:

“More than 50 people in the CIA were accumulating pieces of intelligence on Al Qaeda since Ussama Bin Laden declared war on the USA in 1997 from Peshawar. The CIA was receiving intelligence from the European States and following closely the activities of Al Qaeda in the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998) and the attack on the warship Cole in Aden and the attacks in the Philippines with sophisticated non-detectable liquid bombs…

The CIA claimed that it was working for the long-term and refused to share its information with the FBI on Al Qaeda elements who entered the USA “legally”, 13 months before Sept.11. The CIA didn’t want that the FBI to crack down on the Al Qaeda elements on the US soil, in order not to disturb its “intelligent work” and procedures…

The US army had its special intelligence center and managed to connect all the links among the Qaeda members and leaders and tried to warn the CIA of the urgency to share these information with the FBI, but the CIA made all kinds of excuses and went on tangent problems that were of no consequence in the short-term. Like the ballistic missile reduction…

The CIA had all the pieces of intelligence it  needed, and most agencies knew that something big is being planned and prepared on the US soil…”

The CIA was simply waiting for the disaster to happen…Why?

Richard Clark said that he readied drones with missile launching capability in order to annihilate the Al Qaeda main training camps and headquarters in Peshawar. The government refused any further bombing on account that the US was already involved in the bombing of Yugoslavia and keeping the “no-fly zone” over Iraq and didn’t want to project the image that the US is on the “go-ho” of destroying everything and everywhere around the world…”

Why the CIA refrained from sharing information with the FBI and other intelligence gathering agencies? Most probably to execute a ready-planned preemptive war (on Iraq) betting on the “Cow Boy” reaction of the US government to go immediately into action, in retaliation for the suffered indignity…

The CIA was in tandem with Israeli strategic ready-made plan, and Israel agents were the ones behind the facilitation and acquisition of the means for the Qaeda to put into execution the project of annihilating the Twin Towers…

Note 2:  Israel is warning the USA of coming terrorist activities because it realized that Iran is off the hook.  Israel is warning the Near East States of another pre-emptive war on account of Scud missiles that Hezbollah has supposedly received.  Most probably, Israel is sending the message that the scenario for its next war will start by smuggling Scud missiles to its agents in Lebanon to fire on selected targets in Israel with a few casualties to enhance credibility.

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