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Longer-term cause for destabilizing the Near-East region: Pipelines for Water Resources

The main water resources for the Near-East originates from Turkey, and to a lesser degree from Lebanon and the Golan Heights.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan have planning to divert part of the water through water pipelines and aqueduct.

In fact, Israel has been “stealing” water from Lebanon and the Golan Heights for over 50 years, and denying the Palestinian their share in the water.

Turkey is very rich in water estimated at 3,000 cubic-meter per person, and the two main rivers of Euphrates and Tigres have their sources in Turkey.

The Euphrates run in Syria for hundreds of miles and continue into Iraq.

The Tigres run in Iraq. The two rivers join before the Basra delta in Iraq, close to Kuwait borders.

Turkey has constructed artificial lakes and dams on the two rivers.

Turkey has !0 artificial lakes and 3 under construction. The largest is Ataturk of 49 cubic km.

Syria has 880 million cubic-meter available per person and has built 6 lakes and the largest is Tishrine (14 cubic-km) and 74% of this water comes from Turkey.

Iraq has 2,600 million cubic-meter available per person and 53% of that comes from Turkey. The largest lake on the Tigres is Saddam (11 cubic-km).

Turkey has been frequently blackmailing Syria and Iraq, using water as a weapon.

The other State in the Levant with water resources are:


1. Litani river (920 million cubic-meters per year)

2. Hasbani (150 million cubic -meter per year)

3. Al Assi (Orontes) that mostly runs in Syria and for 500 km

4. Nahr Awali

5. Nahr Ibrahim

6. Nahr Kebir Janoubi

7. Nahr Awali


1. Orontes

2. Banias (160 million Cubic-meter)

3. Dan (260 million c-m)

4. Awach

5. Barada

6. Nahr Kebir shamali

7. Nahr Afryn

8. Nahr Qweyk

9. Balikh

10. wadi Red

11. Khabour

12 Euphrates


1. Wadi el Hasa

2. Wadi Mujib

3. Nahr Zarka

4. Nahr Yarmouk (500 million c-m)


1. Nahr Kebir in West bank

2. Jordan River (560 million c-m)

3. Nahr Naaman

As of 2008, the Jewish colonies or settlements in occupied Palestine were getting 325 million c-m per citizen, while the Palestinians merely were allocated 125.

The Palestinian refugees are distributed (transferred) as of 2008:

In Jordan 2 million

In Gaza 1 million (transferred from the other regions in Palestine)

In West Bank 750,000 from other parts within Israel

In Syria 450,000

In Lebanon 415,000

Note 1: As of 2013, there are already over 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, fleeing the civil war in Syria, and 500,000 in Jordan.

Note 2: Lebanon has a confessional political system: The public servants, deputies and government ministers are allocated according to the ratios of the various religious sects. Lebanon don’t dare conduct a census and the available statistics are drawn from election periods. The number of Lebanese has been estimated to be around 4 million, and this number is not about to change.

The Moslem Shiaa represent at least 31,5% officially, but are way more numerous

The Moslem Sunni about 29%

The Christian Maronite 20%

the Other Christian sects represent 14%

The Moslem Druze 5.5%

If the Syrian refugees who are mostly Sunnis and international communities decide to makethem settle in Lebanon, Lebanon political system will have to be drastically reformed.

By the end of 2014, The Syrian refugees will be more than 50% of Lebanon population.




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