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How to gain a friend? What Charlie Chaplin said?

Charlie Chaplin once wrote:

“I have forgiven unpardonable errors. I tried to replace capable people and forget unforgettable people. I acted on impulse. I was deceived by people whom I knew were not capable, but I also deceived people.

I held someone in my arms to protect him. I laughed when I shouldn’t have. I gathered around me eternal friends. I loved and was reciprocated. I was loved, but failed to love in return. I lived of love and made eternal promises, but I broke my heart so many times. I cried listening to music and looking at photos. I could call just to listen to a voice. I fell in love by a simple smile. I was scared of losing unique persons…

I did survive. I am alive and kicking. I can’t get enough of life. You too should cling to life. What is really good is to fight, struggling with persuasion, embracing life, and living with passion. You have got to learn to be a classy loser and vanquish by daring. This world belongs to the daring. Life is too much to resume living insignificantly…” End of quote.

I have read many of these saying, somewhere, by someone, and figured out many by my own experience.

You gain a friend when this “friend” is convinced that you are listening seriously to his opinions, his stories of shortcomings…regardless if you are the emotional type or unable to physically extend gesture of compassion and understanding…Genuine laughs, genuine smiles, genuine tears…People are very intelligent in perception: Never underestimate people’s power of good perception…

The best achievement in life is acquiring sustainable friends; a few friends who recognize your limitations and are always genuinely glad when they perceive that you have been overcoming your shortcomings, that you are not the guy to give up, that you are a survival guy, and who are ever ready to extend a helping hand when they see a good try at improving your situation…

Your sustained friends have great respect for your companionship, your strait-forward opinions, and give your friendship priority in time of temporary and normal depressed cycles…




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