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Pertinent Quips; (Jan. 7, 2010)

            An Australian minister encouraged women procreation: “Make one for your husband, one for yourself, and one for the State”

            A British philosopher: “Dark Medieval Age deprived citizens of the human dimensions: The God of the Church ruled life and society. We are going through another Middle Age period: God of Technology is enthroned”

            Former Italian Andreotti PM: “If I was born in one of Lebanon’s refugee camps I would have been raised a terrorist”

            The crippled astrophysicist Stephen Hawking: “My next objective is to get into space: Richard Bronson would wheel my chair”

            Hans Blix, former nuclear proliferation inspector, said: “We have failed in the task of nuclear non-proliferation; we have to succeed in space non-proliferation plans”

            Control specialists in trade frauds should be awarded Nobel Prize in economics (Adonis49)

            Richard Nixon: “Never forget: media is your enemy; the establishment is your enemy; and professors are your enemies”

            The financial crisis crashed the statue quo: Time for major interior redecorating (Adonis49)

            Nelson Mandela: “Your victory demonstrates that there is no ground to fear changing for a better world”

            Oblivion is the nemesis to human stars and State regimes: Regimes disintegrate from the inside; foreign meddling extends a life line to regimes’ survival.  Bad propaganda is propaganda: it is always welcomed. (Adonis49)

            Goldman Sachs’ Lord Brian Griffiths “The public has to learn tolerating inequalities in the name of prosperity for all”

            Rupert Murdoch “Dailies will enjoy a long life. Survivors will reap plenty of money”

            Thank God there is an independent people’s court in England: otherwise, current Israel’s crimes against humanity would have been politically absolved (Adonis49)

            Shulamit Aloni (ex-Israel education minister): “We have no gas chambers yet: there are many methods to commit genocide”

            Igal Sarna: “Israel is the vastest psychiatric ward with no treating medical personnel”

            Scott McNeally predicted in 1995 “In a few years, electronic trade will replace many conventional commercial infrastructures”

            Arundhati Roy (novelist from India): “The movie Slumdog Millionaire delivered an authentic picture of the violence and poverty in India. This movie accuses nobody and everybody is happy. You call that a success?”

            Amadou Troure (Mali President): “Some grow cotton and reap subsidies. We grow cotton and reap deficits”

            Kadhafe of Libya: “God’s soldiers or the tse tse mosquitos protected us from colonial powers”




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